“Abraham, Martin and John”… And Bobby. Political Assassinations in America | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

“Abraham, Martin and John”… And Bobby. Political Assassinations in America

1968 is also the year that hastened the destruction of true representative democracy in America and the beginning of a quasi-police state/Deep State establishment in its place. The unwelcome truths about Bobby Kennedy’s shooting on June 5, 1968 (by an assassin or assassins other than Sirhan Sirhan (see the irrefutable evidence further below) and his death on June 6, 1968 has been annually over-shadowed by the commemoration of the World War II anniversary of D-day, June 6, 1944. And every year teachable moments are lost.

Bobby Kennedy’s political assassination had occurred just 3 months before the infamous police state repression and beatings of non-violent protestors at the Democratic Party Convention in Chicago that brutalized so many young student anti-Vietnam war protestors. The police brutality ordered by Chicago mayor Richard Daley revealed that police power politics was alive and well in both political parties. It doomed the chances of Democrat Hubert Humphrey to keep the war-mongers Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger out of the White House.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The events of 1968 laid the way for the completely Unhinged, Dystopian, Surveilled State of Amerika we see attempting to function today.

It has made war, income disparity, surveillance and the worsening of living conditions for the most fragile of its citizens, the basis of its power, no matter which political party is in power.

And in a society experiencing these kind of repressions, the center cannot hold; it is only a question of time before it falls apart.