Apr 10 08:43

Ancestry Websites Giving FBI Access to DNA Data; WikiLeaks Reveals CODIS Database Gifted To Other Countries; DHS Rolling Out Rapid DNA Nationwide

By Aaron Kesel

The FBI is abusing ancestry genealogy websites by tapping into their DNA data. What’s worse, these companies are giving up users’ data under presumed consent that is buried in their terms and conditions, according to several reports. FamilyTreeDNA is the first company known to be cooperating directly with the FBI to give its agents access to its genealogy database.

The company also seems to admonish those who opt out by suggesting that it could be a "moral responsibility" to give up private health info to the FBI...

Apr 10 08:40


A doctor who led the charge for mass prescribing of opioids in the US, and was then paid by Purdue Pharma to help drive sales of OxyContin, is to testify against the drugmaker and other companies facing a raft of lawsuits over America’s opioid epidemic.

Dr Russell Portenoy, who many experts believe did more than any other specialist to erode longstanding caution within the medical profession over prescribing opioids because of addiction fears, has agreed to cooperate with lawyers for cities and counties suing drug makers, distributors and pharmacies in return for dropping legal actions against him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Many prescribing physicians do write prescriptions for medications which have NOT been legally released to deal with the kind of medical issues with which you are dealing; but they have been approved for "off book" uses under certain circumstances.

And for many MDs, this is a very simple way of "adding value" to their practice's receivables.

Apr 10 08:34

The first EVER image of a black hole's event horizon: Scientists unveil groundbreaking observations from global virtual telescope that has now 'seen what we thought was unseeable'

Scientists have lifted the veil on the first images ever captured of a black hole’s event horizon.

In a highly-anticipated string of press conferences held simultaneously around the world on Wednesday, the team behind the Event Horizon Telescope revealed the findings from their first run of observations.

Using a ‘virtual telescope’ built from eight radio observatories positioned at different points on the globe, the international team has spent the last few years probing Sagittarius A*, the supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way, and another target called M87 in the Virgo cluster of galaxies.

While black holes are invisible by nature, the ultra-hot material swirling in their midst forms a ring of light around the perimeter that reveals the mouth of the object itself based on its silhouette. This boundary is known as the event horizon.

Apr 09 18:04

Watch: Air NZ uses 3D printer for speedy, 'world-first' seat part replacement at LAX

Air New Zealand is claiming a 3D printing world-first for a speedy seat repair before a flight left LA.

A proof-of-concept trial involved a "bumper," a part which sits behind the airline's Business Premier monitors and prevents the screen from damaging the seat when it's pushed in.

The airline ordered a digital aircraft part file from Singapore-based ST Engineering.

The digital file was immediately sent to an approved printer, operated by Moog in Los Angeles, downloaded and 3D printed before being installed within hours on an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300 aircraft ahead of its scheduled departure from LAX.

Apr 09 12:57

U.S. Day of Action Demanding Telecoms Suspend 5G Installation Since No Studies Show 5G Exposure is Safe

By B.N. Frank

It’s a shame that 5G has already been installed and continues to be installed in many American communities.  Last summer, Dr. Naomi Wolf reported about 5G being installed in New York City but only after residents and their pets became sick.

Overseas, the first 5G court case was won in Gateshead, England last year - but not until after it had been installed, residents became sick, and some women delivered stillborn babies...

Apr 09 10:45

SpaceX Delays 1st Commercial Launch of Falcon Heavy Rocket to Wednesday

SpaceX has postponed the launch of its first commercial Falcon Heavy mission from NASA's Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida to no earlier than Wednesday (April 10).

"Now targeting Falcon Heavy launch of Arabsat-6A on Wednesday, April 10 – weather forecast improves to 80% favorable," SpaceX representatives wrote in a Twitter update today (April 9). Liftoff is scheduled for 6:35 p.m. EDT (2235 GMT) from NASA's historic Pad 39A at KSC. The launch window extends for just under 2 hours.

SpaceX had been targeting a launch on Tuesday (April 9) at 6:36 p.m. EDT (2236 GMT). The weather forecast for that target was dismal, with just a 30% chance of good weather at launch time, according to 45th Weather Squadron based at the nearby Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Apr 09 10:32

The Reason Big Pharma and Big Food Want You to Think Eggs are Bad – And Why They Are Not

Diabetes type 2 has become epidemic in cultures that have embraced western processed food diets. There have been some epidemiological surveys that have managed to associate egg consumption with an increased risk of diabetes.

Those seem to be publicized more than studies that have the different conclusions. Finland has recently shown other conclusions with both a large, unbiased epidemiological study and a follow-up study that analyzed metabolic features among egg eaters.

Both concluded that those who enjoy eggs in their diet have less risk of diabetes.

Apr 09 10:21

10 Percent of All U.S. Deaths are Now Due to Medical Error

Medical advances have reduced the rate of death by heart disease, cancer, and other illnesses, allowing Americans to live much longer than previous generations. But a recent report from Johns Hopkins safety experts raises concerns about the quality of medical care people are receiving.

As reported on the Johns Hopkins website, a review of medical death rate data shows that medical errors have caused more than 250,000 deaths each year. This represents about 1 in 10 deaths—a staggering rate. Medical errors have now leapfrogged respiratory illnesses as the third leading cause of death in the country.

Apr 09 10:11

Medical TYRANNY: If you question vaccines in Australia, you could be thrown in prison for 10 YEARS

Freedom of speech has taken another major hit Down Under, as government authorities in Australia recently decreed that any medical professional who dares to express skepticism about the safety or effectiveness of vaccines will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, including a potential prison sentence of up to 10 years.

Nurses and midwives who try to explain to pregnant women that some vaccines contain neurotoxic mercury (thimerosal), for instance, or that aborted human fetal tissue is often used to manufacture vaccines, will now face the ire of Australia’s medical police state, which insists that all vaccines are 100 percent safe and effective.

The Australian government has also set up a snitch program for medical “offenders” to be reported by their “friends,” colleagues, or others who suspect that they might be in violation of this new speech code – like some kind of deep state spying and surveillance scheme contrived from the dystopian novel 1984.

Apr 09 09:55

Rapidly intensifying and large scale storm expected to develop across the Central U.S.

A rapidly intensifying and large scale storm is expected to develop across the Central U.S. by midweek featuring heavy snow, some icing, strong winds, locally heavy rainfall and severe thunderstorms. The Weather Channel named this storm Wesley. Winter storm watches have been posted from central Montana to southwest Minnesota and more are expected.

A rapidly intensifying major winter storm is expected to bring heavy snows through the Northern Rockies, heavy snows and blizzard conditions to portions of the Northern/Central Plains into the Upper Mississippi Valley Tuesday, April 9 through Thursday, April 11, 2019, NWS forecaster Oravec noted 19:29 UTC (15:29 EDT) April 8.

Apr 09 09:54

Major floods in Crete, streets turn into raging rivers, Greece

Heavy rain hit parts of Greece on April 5 and 6, 2019, causing severe flooding with up to 3 m (10 feet) high floodwaters in Crete. This is the third severe flooding event to hit the country over the past 2 months.

Heavy rain started affecting parts of Greece late April 5, turning streets into raging rivers, flooding homes and businesses, causing landslides and collapsing traffic networks. Numerous cars were swept away and homes flooded, forcing authorities to launch rescue operations.

Apr 09 09:21

Morgan Freeman Turns His 124-Acre Ranch Into Huge Honeybee Sanctuary to Save the Bees

Morgan Freeman has long been known for having a voice of gold, using his clout and vocal talents for such worthy causes as environmental conservationist group One Earth. But it has also become apparent that the beloved actor also has a heart of gold–especially now that he has devoted his ranch to helping save honeybees.

Apr 09 07:10

UPS partnering with drug giants to inject you with vaccines in your own home… pilot project a blueprint for nationwide vaccine mandates at gunpoint

Just when you thought corporate America couldn’t get more insane when it comes to medical tyranny, UPS has announced a pilot project to deliver vaccines to your home, then have you injected by “health care professionals” without you ever having to leave your living room. Merck, makers of the risky vaccine Gardasil, is reportedly partnering with UPS to carry out this door-to-door vaccine initiative.

Apr 09 03:40

Pompeo: God Sent Trump to Save Israel From Iran, but Iran Government to Blame for Iran Floods

Perhaps for Pompeo it is not Iran government “mismanagement in urban planning and in emergency preparedness” which has led to the disastrous floods — but instead its “mismanagment” in opposing Israel in the Middle East.


(*We're On A Mission From God!)

Apr 08 15:45

Crushed by a tree at 21 - the Kiwi tech behind Ossis helped him recover

When Tauranga local Jacob* was 21 years old, he was crushed under the weight of a collapsed tree.

The damage was so severe that doctors had to rebuild his hip with a complex surgical implant over the course of numerous surgeries, which ultimately gave him the ability to return to kite surfing and the other outdoor activities he had long enjoyed.

At the forefront of this evolution was a Kiwi tech firm called Ossis which specialises in the development of custom-made implants that are an exact match to the requirements of the patient. It was exactly the kind of technology Jacob's doctor felt could make a long-lasting difference to his patient.

Ossis engineers set about designing Jacob's implant using 3D tech to closely match his existing skeleton based on computer modelling of his hip anatomy. This meant that Jacob would eventually receive an implant that perfectly matched the requirements of his body.

Apr 08 15:31

Flashback, 1974: Boy Meets Girl

Part of my childhood conditioning.

Apr 08 15:24

Scott Adams: Hoaxes, AOC, Immigration, Nuclear Power

An AOC tweet embracing Gen IV development could save the planet
NO danger of meltdown with Gen IV designs
NO toxic waste created
CAN SAFELY burn existing toxic waste as its fuel
Ex-Senator Bob Kerrey, a Dem, says Dems are suffering 2 “delusions”
Secretary Nielsen fired from DHS
Trump SOP, “shake the box” till you gets variables that work
“The Bad Idea” is a Hollywood writer brainstorming technique
Kim Jong Un releases new propaganda video
Demotes the power of his nukes, raises positive sounding things

Comments at:

Apr 08 14:22

Disease Outbreaks Among Fully Vaccinated Students Show Insanity Behind Mandatory Vaccination Laws

A federal judge in New York earlier this month (March, 2019) denied the parents of 42 healthy, non-vaccinated students, the right to attend the Green Meadow Waldorf School simply because they were not vaccinated for measles, even though no cases of measles had been reported at the school.

During the same time period school officials across the country in Los Angeles sent home 50 fully vaccinated sick students at Harvard-Westlake School with the contagious whooping cough.

Apr 08 13:56

Live-streamed sarcophagus opening reveals the ancient remains of Egyptian high priest wrapped in linen and surrounded by gold, in network of tombs containing 40 MUMMIES from the 'noble elite'

A sarcophagus containing an Egyptian high priest was opened on live TV Sunday during a special two-hour broadcast by the American channel Discovery.

'Expedition Unknown: Egypt Live' aired from the site outside Minya, which is along the Nile River south of Cairo and its Giza pyramids.

Archaeologists recently discovered a network of vertical shafts at the site which led to tunnels and tombs containing 40 mummies 'believed to be part of the noble elite.'

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This was a great show! Catch a rerun.

Apr 08 11:45

Victory! Parents of Unvaccinated Children Sue Rockland County – Judge Rules in Their Favor and Ends the Ban

Two lawsuits were filed this week by parents of unvaccinated children in Rockland County, where unvaccinated children had been banned from public places, including schools and daycare centers. See our previous coverage:

Apr 08 10:16

Funding halted for Professor Chris Exley, who links vaccines to autism

A controversial British academic who claims childhood vaccines can cause autism has been blocked from raising research funds after protests by other scientists.

Professor Chris Exley, of Keele University, infuriated health experts by telling parents the aluminium in vaccines given to babies to protect them from diseases such as whooping cough, and in the human papillomavirus vaccine given to teenagers, may cause “severe and disabling” autism.

Apr 08 09:18

The skies darken as a massive 'biblical' sandstorm engulfs a city in northern India, sweeping away crops as panicked residents film from rooftops

This is the frightening moment that a giant sandstorm looms over the panicked residents of an Indian city before it sweeps away crops.

In the video, filmed yesterday in Churu, Rajasthan, northern India, the cloud of sand approaches the city from a nearby desert as residents film from rooftops.

The camera sweeps from left to right and shows the cloud stretching across the whole horizon as it gets nearer.

Apr 08 08:25


Terrence Popp is quite a character.

If you watch his Redonkulas episodes over on YouTube regularly (which I do), then you will see that he comes across as something of a roaring asshole. He is very sarcastic, very blunt, doesn't give a damn about your feelings, and takes absolutely no prisoners while he breaks down the stupidities and insanities of our modern world using maths and logic.

He has no patience whatsoever for idiots, fatties, losers, and especially feminists. (Lord, forgive me my redundancies.) And if you judge Popp purely by what you see on his YouTube channel, you will get a rather skewed and deeply inaccurate picture of the man.

Apr 08 08:20

International Space Station is teeming with bacteria and fungi that can cause diseases and could even CORRODE spacecraft, NASA scientists say

The International Space Station is teeming with bacteria and fungi that can cause diseases, a new study found.

They also form biofilms that can promote antibiotic resistance and even stop spacecraft parts from working correctly, scientists warn.

Apr 08 08:10

MEDICAL ALERT: Hospitals are releasing deadly superbug fungi into the open air, “colonizing” the population with dangerous pathogens that have a 41% – 88% fatality rate

Imagine a dystopian science-fiction future where hospital ventilation systems are pumping out a deadly superbug, right into the open atmosphere, where winds carry it to local communities and farms, infecting crops and foods with chemical-resistant fungal strains that have a reported 41% – 88% fatality rate in humans. And imagine the CDC knew about it, but refused to tell you which hospitals were infected. Local hospitals hid the fact that their own hospital rooms and intensive care units were being overrun with this fatal fungi, and that all the world’s epidemiological experts had no idea where the pathogen had come from or how to stop it.

But they all kept it a secret, because they didn’t want to “alarm” the public. And they sure didn’t want hospitals to be seen as hubs of superbug infections.

Well, imagine no more. This is real. It’s happening right now.

Apr 08 07:48

Obama is Wrong: Women Are Not Superior to Men |

Our former president should shut his squirt extractor so that man-hating feminists like Julie Bindel don't regurgitate his stupidity. Badd Popp performs a surgical takedown of an article guaranteed to make you laugh till it hurts.

Apr 08 07:29

US designates Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as terrorist organization – Trump

The US government is the biggest supporter of and cause of terrorism on Planet Earth. Trump is a dyed in the wool neocon intent on starting WW3!

US President Donald Trump has designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a “terrorist organization,” accusing the elite force of financing and promoting terrorism in the region.

Apr 08 07:23

No longer a conspiracy theory: MIT scientists confirm they possess technology to beam voices into your head

A crackpot theory no more, scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology just revealed they now possess the technology to beam voices into your head. For years, the mainstream media has been poking fun at anyone who actually believed the “powers that be” are desperately trying to usurp control over humanity — but some of the latest technological developments are clear indications that a totalitarian regime is brewing on the horizon.

Apr 08 04:21



The medical community knew that a day of reckoning was coming. For years, they were repeatedly warned that the rampant overuse of certain types of medications would result in the development of “super diseases” that we would not be able to stop, and now that day has arrived. Just like many types of bacteria, fungi have also been developing defenses against our most effective modern medicines. One in particular, a fungus known as Candida auris, is now a massive public health threat. An expert quoted by the New York Times has admitted that it is “pretty much unbeatable”, it spreads very easily, and it kills close to 50 percent of the people that it infects. In other words, we are in the early chapters of a medical horror show of our own making, and there is no way out.

Candida auris (or C. auris for short) spreads most easily among those with weakened immune systems. Infants, seniors, smokers and diabetics are among the most vulnerable.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please educate yourself on what natural methods you can use to keep yourself healthier. There are a number of responsible, logical sites which can give you places to go, and natural things to do to boost your immunity.

Apr 07 07:52

Alberta in Canada has Tried a Carbon Tax — It’s Been a Disaster

By Robert P. Murphy

The Fraser Institute in Canada recently released my study critiquing the province of Alberta’s approach to carbon pricing. My analysis for Fraser confirms what I’ve been arguing on the pages of IER for years: in the United States, conservatives and libertarians should run from any “carbon tax deal” that promises to shrink the size of government while battling climate change. No matter their promises, in practice government-imposed “carbon pricing” schemes never live up to the guidelines for “efficiency” laid down by their proponents. In this post I’ll illustrate myth vs. reality in the case of Alberta...

Apr 07 05:25

Candida Auris: The Incredibly Deadly Fungus KILLING People Across the Planet

A “mysterious and dangerous” fungal infection has emerged, and experts are warning that it is a serious global health threat.

Apr 06 12:04

Scott Adams: TDS, Chelsea Handler, New Trump 2020 Ad, AOC’s Accent, Immigration

Comments at:

President Trump is a strong father figure
Supporters find him protective, comforting, caring
Haters FEAR the qualities of a strong father figure
Chelsea Handler takes some personal responsibility for her TDS
Tells Bill Maher she sought Psychiatric help for her TDS
Whiteboard: TDS Awareness Scale
Some things are ONLY a story because of partisan pundit framing
NOT a coincidence how various media frames things
Professional persuaders guide media framing of the news
Media framing becomes their target audiences opinion
You’ve likely been given your opinions by media you follow
2020…strong economy = reelection of sitting President, historically
Tucker asks the question…
How many is the right number of immigrants to allow in?
Immigration: What are you trying to accomplish?

Apr 06 07:50

NASA says cooperation with ISRO remains intact after slamming Mission Shakti

The cooperation of NASA with ISRO remains intact, chief of the US space agency James Bridenstine has said, days after he criticised India and termed its anti-satellite weapon test a "terrible thing" for creating about 400 pieces of orbital debris.
In a letter to ISRO Chairman K Sivan, NASA Administrator Bridenstine said "based on the guidance received from the White House", he looks forward continuing to work with ISRO on a host of issues including human space flights.

Apr 06 01:10

Hospital Viruses: Fake Cancerous Nodes in CT Scans, Created by Malware, Trick Radiologists

Researchers in Israel created malware to draw attention to serious security weaknesses in medical imaging equipment and networks.

Apr 05 11:38

Government committee declares HPV vaccines should never be given to teenage boys … Media pursues total BLACKOUT on the story

A finding by the U.K.’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), that it is not advisable to administer the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine to boys, has been met with absolute outrage and a virtual media blackout. Medical professionals in that country have been so indoctrinated by pharmaceutical companies to believe that this vaccine is life-saving that, according to The Guardian, 94 percent of general practitioners and 97 percent of dentists believe that both boys and girls should receive the shot.

All British girls between the age of 12 and 13 have been offered the HPV vaccine as part of the National Health Service’s immunization program since 2008. The JCVI has been deliberating for three years about whether this program should also be extended to include boys.

Apr 05 11:37

Japan's Hayabusa2 Shoots Copper Bomb at Asteroid Ryugu to Create Artificial Crater

Update: JAXA officials announced this morning (April 5) that the impactor did indeed hit Ryugu. Mission team members are now working to confirm that a detectable crater was generated.

A Japanese spacecraft deployed a heavy, explosive-packed copper plate toward the asteroid Ryugu in an attempt to create an artificial crater last night (April 4), but it's still unclear how the dramatic operation went.

The Hayabusa2 spacecraft, which has been studying the 3,000-foot-wide (900 meters) Ryugu up close since last June, released a 4.4-lb. (2 kilograms) hunk of copper late last night, along with a camera known as DCAM3 to record this "Small Carry-on Impactor" (SCI) operation.

Apr 05 11:36


But as we well know, plastic is a double-edged sword, with massive amounts of plastic waste not only piling up in landfills, but floating in the most remote depths of our oceans and water supplies. And despite our knowledge of plastic’s harmful effects on the environment, we’ve become so reliant on plastic that there seems to be no end in sight. In fact, plastic production is growing on a yearly basis–and posing a potentially mortal threat to us all.

However, a newly-discovered type of mushroom could not only play a crucial role in slashing plastic pollution, but could have myriad other uses in addressing the environmental crises the planet faces.

Discovered in 2012 by Yale University students, Pestalotiopsis microspora is a rare species of mushroom from the Amazon rainforest that’s capable of subsisting on a diet of pure plastic, or more accurately, the main ingredient in plastic–polyurethane–before converting the human-made ingredient into purely organic matter.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

THIS is a great discovery, and kudos, Yale, for having put together the research team which found it!!

Apr 05 10:47

Scott Adams: 97% of Scientists Love Gen IV Nuclear, Theron, Mueller, Solar

President Trump’s retweet of meme mocking Joe Biden
Pete Buttigieg regrets saying “all lives matter”
Slaughter Meter’s current setting, and why
97% of climate scientists WANT Gen IV nuclear power development
Are solar alternatives viable, as scalable as Gen IV?
Charlize Theron on her dating availability…
“somebody just needs to grow a pair and step up”
Trey Gowdy says Mueller punted to Barr due to legal ambiguity
Old Nads and the Dingleberries continue attacks on POTUS
Now they’re seeking his tax returns
Might be legal, but nobody on either side thinks it legit

comments at:

Apr 05 08:03

Quack “skeptic” Stephen Barrett exposed as agent provocateur working to discredit natural medicine on Wikipedia

Over the past year, Richard Gale and his team of sleuths from the Progressive Radio Network (PRN) put many hours’ worth of legwork into digging up every detail they could find about Barrett and his fellow anti-truth cronies, as well as their ongoing collusion with Wikipedia. They then compiled what they uncovered into 24 separate investigative stories, unveiling a treasure trove of truth about Big Tech and Big Pharma’s relentless war against natural medicine.

In its piece on Barrett and Wikipedia specifically, PRN revealed that the “skeptics” have basically hijacked editorial control over all of the Wikipedia entries associated with things like chiropractic, acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), homeopathy, naturopathy, and many other forms of natural medicine, and altered them with descriptions basically pegging them as unsubstantiated “quackery.”

Apr 05 05:23

HORRIFYING Medieval Diseases Are Making a Comeback: “It’s a Public Health Crisis”

A recent report from Kaiser Health News raises serious concerns about the spread of “medieval diseases” that are resurging in some parts of the US.

“Infectious diseases — some that ravaged populations in the Middle Ages — are resurging in California and around the country, and are hitting homeless populations especially hard,” the report explains.

Apr 04 12:00

Immortality Herb Boosts Cellular Health, So You Feel Younger Longer

Many Japanese elders refer to the plant ashitaba as the immortality plant and believe it will keep you looking and feeling young. For ages, people in Japan have been using this plant as medicine to prevent illness. Now, researchers are discovering why. A flavonoid substance in ashitaba may be responsible for boosting cellular health. It does so by helping the body clear out cellular “debris” and supporting the process of autophagy.

Apr 04 11:59

Trump and Pelosi Both Cater to Private Health Insurance – Wendell Potter

Trump’s “great healthcare plan” and opposition to Medicare for All’s “socialism” and Pelosi’s defense of the ACA and opposition to single-payer are both aimed at garnering support from the private insurance industry

Apr 04 11:56

End The Autism Epidemic

Apr 04 11:31

Chrome plating on the bronze weapons of China's Terracotta Army is decorative varnish NOT a preservation technique as previously thought

The mystery of the Terracotta Army's shiny swords and spears has been solved, according to British scientists.

The world famous Terracotta Army of Xi'an consists of thousands of life-sized ceramic figures representing warriors.

Chrome plating on thousands of their bronze weapons was thought to be the earliest form of anti-rust technology - thousands of years before it arrived in the West.

But the steely grey metal formed by chance through a chemical reaction between a decorative and the low organic content of surrounding soil, the research claims.

The lacquer was used to treat wooden parts of the weapons - such as shafts, grips and scabbards.

Apr 04 10:21

Americans had to borrow 88 BILLION dollars to cover their medical bills last year

I know that the headline sounds outrageous, but it is actually true. According to a brand new report that was just released, Americans had to borrow 88 billion dollars to cover their medical bills last year. That is a truly astounding number, and it shows just how dramatically our current health care system has failed. And even though the vast majority of Americans are covered by “health insurance”, millions of us are deathly afraid to go to the hospital because of what it might cost.

Apr 04 09:53

Candy carcinogens: Petroleum-based additives are being used in popular children’s candy

A study in the journal Clinical Pediatrics examined just artificial food colors, and found these harmful chemicals in 96.3 percent of candies, 94 percent of fruit-flavored snacks and 89.7 percent of drink mixes and powders. When children’s and adult foods were examined together, 43.2 percent of all products were made with artificial colors. Fresh produce was the only food category not made with artificial colors (yes, that means meat, dairy and baked products may all contain fake color!).

Apr 04 09:29

Electric car BREAKTHROUGH - New battery has 621-miles of range on a single charge

Innolith AG, which develops rechargeable Inorganic Battery Technology, has announced the world’s first 1000 Wh/kg rechargeable battery.

It has been developed in the company’s German laboratory and would enable a range of up to 1,000km/621-miles of range on a single charge in an electric car.

According to the firm, the Innolith Energy Battery would also ‘radically reduce costs’ due to the ‘avoidance of exotic and expensive materials’ combined with the very high energy density of the system.

The company also states that the vehicles are the first non-flammable lithium-based battery for use in EVs.

Apr 04 09:22

SPACE SHOCK: Buzz Aldrin’s POO could be the key to ALIEN life

Following the Apollo missions, astronauts left their waste on the moon, to help lighten the load on the way back to Earth. During the six Apollo missions, 96 bags of human waste were left on the moon. Now some space enthusiasts are calling on those bags to be collected in order to see how the microbes and germs inside have survived or adapted.

Apr 04 08:53

Indian satellite missile test was a 'terrible thing' that created 400 pieces of debris and endangered astronauts on board the International Space Station, says NASA

NASA has told India that blowing up one of its own satellites with a ballistic missile was a 'terrible thing' that created 400 pieces of space debris.

Jim Bridenstine, head of NASA, said that some of the debris is now moving towards the International Space Station, creating a risk for astronauts on board.

Bridenstine said the explosion had created 60 pieces of debris that are large enough to track - meaning 10cm (6ins) or larger - and of those, 24 are moving into a position where they could threaten the ISS.

Apr 04 06:29

How to Use CBD Oil When You Absolutely HATE the Taste

Do you love the benefits of CBD oil but hate the flavor?

Here are 8 tastier ways to use it.