Feb 07 13:04

‘We’ve Seen a Lot More Cases Recently’: Valley Fever Cases in California Soar

The number of documented cases of a potentially deadly infection caused by a fungus is on the rise in California’s Central Valley.

According to the California Department of Public Health, the number of cases of Valley Fever increased by 11 percent in 2018 compared to 2017.

Valley Fever (coccidioidomycosis) is caused by a fungus that lives in soil mostly found in Arizona and California, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports.

People can get Valley Fever by breathing in microscopic spores found in the air in areas where the fungus is present, which also include parts of Mexico, Central America and South America.

Feb 07 13:03

Risk of asteroid smashing into Earth ratcheted up by space agency

One of the World’s foremost watchdogs for monitoring the threat giant space rocks pose to our planet has upped the risk level for a recently discovered asteroid.

It’s the plot of numerous sci-fi novels and more than a few Hollywood blockbusters. Humans seemingly have a deeply ingrained fear of a big rock from space crashing into Earth and wiping out civilization, so much so that we continuously monitor thousands of objects that float around the solar system.

In its latest update the European Space Agency’s Near Earth Object Coordination Centre moved the asteroid 2018XB4, which was only discovered last year, into its top 10 potentially dangerous Near Earth Objects (NEOs).

Feb 07 12:58

Sackler scion once said 59 Oxycontin deaths in one state was 'not bad' then urged staff to increase opioid doses in patients, emails show, while records reveal his pharmaceutical company has now patented a drug to treat addiction

The heir to the Sackler billions worked to protect the company while profiting every step of the way according to a lawsuit that was unsealed just last week in the state of Massachusetts.

A complaint filed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts accused the Sackler family of not only knowing about the growing opioid epidemic that was being fueled by the painkiller Oxycontin, but pushing their sales force at Purdue Pharma to get more doctors prescribing the drug.

Once a patient had been prescribed the painkiller, executives urged staff to get those individuals on a higher dosage, thus generating more profit.

Feb 07 11:42

The Los Angeles County Typhus Outbreak Is Now Affecting City Hall

The typhus outbreak in Los Angeles County is getting worse...

For awhile now, public health officials have been telling us that the disease was mostly affecting the homeless. But that's just not the case anymore.

Last November, Liz Greenwood was diagnosed with typhus. Liz is a veteran Los Angeles City Hall official, and a Deputy City Attorney that works in City Hall East.

"It felt like somebody was driving railroad stakes through my eyes and out the back of my neck," Greenwood told the NBC4 News I-Team . "Who gets typhus? It's a medieval disease that's caused by trash."
She believes she contracted the disease from fleas in her office. Fleas are known to live on rats, and rats are known to live around the trash bins across the city.

"There are rats in City Hall and City Hall East," she added. "There are enormous rats and their tails are as long as their bodies."

Feb 07 11:21

Roscosmos, Academy of Sciences: Necessary to Prepare Lawyers for Moon Disputes

Russian Roscosmos space corporation and the Academy of Sciences think that it is time to start preparing lawyers for the territorial disputes over the Moon, their joint resolution, obtained by Sputnik, read.

This recommendation has been made following the meeting between Roscosmos and the Academy of Sciences on the development of the National program for exploration and colonization of the Moon, held in November, 2018.

“To consider it necessary… to develop a plan for legal support of the interests of Russia in potential territorial disputes and instruct specialized universities (Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia [RUDN] and others) to train a necessary number of specialists in space law,” the resolution read.

Feb 07 09:31

Panera's Socialist Pay-What-You-Want Restaurant Implodes: Students, Homeless Mob The Place

While Panera Cares billed itself as a "non-profit" restaurant designed to feed low-income people, the business model was anything but. Rather than create a charitable organization that distributes food to needy families or a discount outlet or even a $1 menu (like every other fast-food restaurant), Panera tried to create a socialist system in which meals were offered at a suggested donation price.

Feb 07 09:28

Catholic college gives out breast-flattening ‘chest binders’ to women who believe they are men

According to The Chronicle — the school's student newspaper — the center is providing the binders for free to students who want them, and each student who requests one is able to receive a new one at the start of each semester.
The paper points out that no counseling is required for students to receive a chest binder, and the center reported that "many students have utilized the program saying they feel much more comfortable in their bodies and appreciate the school having a program that makes them comfortable."

Feb 07 09:15

Science Says CBD May Help These 5 Conditions

Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Anxiety, Depression, or Alzheimer's? Scientific research says that CBD may help these conditions.

Feb 07 08:56

The FBI Says A 52-Year-Old Photographer Sexually Assaulted Dozens Of Young Models

A 52-year-old photographer drugged, sexually assaulted, and took elicit photos of young models, many of them teenagers, for years along the west coast, federal authorities said Wednesday, describing the man as a "suspected serial sexual predator" who likely victimized many other women.

Feb 07 06:23

‘Gluten Brain’: Wheat Cuts Off Blood Flow To Frontal Cortex

Wheat consumption has been linked to psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia for over 60 years, but recent research indicates the mind-altering properties of this popular food are, in part, caused by it cutting off blood flow to the frontal cortex of the brain.

Feb 07 06:22

WHO, Pharma, Gates and Government: Who’s Calling the Shots?

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report on January 16, 2019 ranking “vaccine hesitancy” as one of the top “10 Threats to Global Health in 2019,” alongside air pollution and climate change, noncommunicable diseases, global influenza pandemic, antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases such as ebola, dengue fever and HIV.

Feb 06 22:36

French & German farmers forced to destroy crops after GMOs found in Bayer/Monsanto seeds

French and German farmers have been forced to dig up thousands of hectares of rapeseed fields after authorities found an illegal GMO strain mixed in with the natural seeds they’d bought from Bayer-Monsanto.

Authorities discovered the illicit seeds in three separate batches of rapeseed seeds last fall, but the public has only just been notified. While Bayer issued a recall, by the time the farmers learned of it some of the seeds had already been planted, covering 8,000 ha in France and 3,000 ha in Germany.

Feb 06 19:17

Why CBS Refused to Air This $5 Million Medical Marijuana Ad During the Super Bowl

According to sports fans, this past Sunday’s Super Bowl was one of the most uneventful championship games in recent memory. The halftime show or the advertisements didn’t even create much excitement this year, leaving many fans disappointed.

Feb 06 19:08

KILLER VIRUS Ebola outbreak ravages Congo as second epidemic kills 484 people and experts declare ‘international emergency’

A SECOND outbreak of Ebola in Congo has already killed 484 people and health workers have warned it is an “international emergency”.

Nearly 500 people have died from the latest outbreak of the virus which was discovered in August last year with 785 people infected.

The death rate is 61 percent.

The Ebola virus has spread rapidly across the African country, sparking fears it could now spread to other countries nearby.

Writing in The Lancet this week a number of health workers said the outbreak was out of control which was the second largest outbreak of Ebola in history.

Feb 06 19:00

Twin satellites dubbed Wall-E and Eve fall silent months after flying over Mars in first-of-its-kind experiment to provide live updates of a NASA lander touching down on the red planet

NASA says it has lost contact with two tiny satellites that launched on a technology-proving mission to Mars last year.

The twin MarCO CubeSats, nicknamed Wall-E and Eve, fell silent hundreds of millions of miles away from Earth, and the space agency says it’s been more than a month since it last heard from them – and doubts it ever will again.

Feb 06 12:15

Thousands of people diagnosed with deadly fungal disease Valley Fever in California as cases soar

A life-threatening fungal illness is rapidly spreading throughout central California, health officials say.

The number of Valley Fever cases rose eight percent in 2018 from the previous year - up to more than 8,100 from more than 7,500, according to a report released by the California Department of Public Health last week.

The increase from 2016, when cases totaled around 5,700, was even more shocking - an sharp spike of 42 percent.

Kern County, which is about 133 miles from Los Angeles, was hit the hardest by far, documenting a little more than 3.000 cases - up 23 percent from 2017 and 48 percent from 2016.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Check out the map in the article that shows where the illness is.

Feb 06 10:03

Did the FDA Just Approve a Toxic New Artificial Sweetener?

The FDA is amending their food additive regulations to provide for the “safe” use of Advantame, after receiving a petition from Ajinomoto Co., Inc., a Japanese company which produces most of the world’s MSG as well as being a major supplier of aspartame. . . .

Senior Scientist Lisa Lefferts, at CSPINET (The Center for Science in the Public Interest) shares her concern that “In a key cancer study in mice, the number of mice that survived to the end of the study [of Advantame] was below the FDA’s own scientific recommendations, and is therefore inadequate to provide confidence in the safety of a chemical likely to be consumed by millions of people.”

Feb 06 09:51

Scott Adams: The SOTU, President’s Schedule, Healthcare, Conspiracy Theories

SOTU guests…Didn’t the SOTU used to be a national rally?
Doctors are now on the Interface App by WhenHub
Easy 2nd opinions, prescriptions for some things
A way to reduce healthcare costs?
Q people are still around? Q is still a thing?
Climate change current thinking update

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Feb 06 09:41


Japan’s swine fever outbreak has spread to five prefectures including Osaka, and more than 10,000 pigs will be culled as part of measures to prevent further contagion, the government said on Wednesday.

This is a different strain from the deadly African swine fever China has been battling, an agriculture ministry official said.

Pigs in central Japan’s Aichi prefecture have been found with swine fever, the first such case outside neighboring Gifu prefecture since the country’s first swine fever outbreak in 26 years was confirmed in Gifu last September.

Pigs shipped from the Aichi farm in question to pig farms in Osaka and three other prefectures were also found infected with swine fever, the ministry official said, adding some 15,000 pigs at affected farms were being culled and buried.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The price of pork, for Japanese consumers, is about to go through the roof.

Feb 06 06:52

Marijuana's Unexpected Effect on Sperm Count Revealed in Harvard Study Some surprisingly good news

There’s plenty of research showing that marijuana can improve things in the bedroom, but it’s not as clear whether it has the same effect in your pants. Studies about the effect of marijuana use on sperm count have had mixed results, at best. Guys who smoke weed, however, can take comfort in the findings of a large study published by Harvard University scientists on Tuesday. The sperm of marijuana smokers, it seems, is alright. Maybe even more than alright.


Feb 05 14:57

Outbreak Of Flea-Borne Diseases Typhus: Los Angeles Descends Into Third World Hellscape

Residents and officials in the city of Los Angeles, California are horrified that their city has descended into a third world hellscape of poverty and disease. The typhus outbreak raging through the city is a flea-borne disease often reserved for socialist and poverty-stricken dystopias such as Venezuela.

But that’s modern Los Angeles. Typhus is spread by fleas hitching a ride on rats. While the general population struggles under the weight of the government (local, state, and federal in LA’s case) and the homeless population continues to climb up, the same cannot be said for the rats that carry fleas the cause typhus. The rat population in LA is doing just fine, however, as piles of garbage dot the cityscape, making it Thanksgiving Day every day for the city’s fat, happy rodents, wrote the American Thinker.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I had family in Greater Los Angeles, which have migrated to the mid-west, and I am delighted that they have.

I hope that the local, and national health workers will be able to jump on this outbreak; not being able to do this has horrific potential consequences for the national as a whole.

Feb 05 14:06

Scott Adams: The SOTU, President’s Schedule, Healthcare, Conspiracy Theories

SOTU guests…Didn’t the SOTU used to be a national rally?
Doctors are now on the Interface App by WhenHub
Easy 2nd opinions, prescriptions for some things
A way to reduce healthcare costs?
Q people are still around? Q is still a thing?
Climate change current thinking update

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Feb 05 12:46

'It's immoral exploitation': Bernie Sanders rips into pharmaceutical company that now charges $375k for a drug that was FREE for years

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has written to a pharmaceutical company asking for a justification on its decision to charge $375,000 annually for a drug that for years has been available to patients for free.

Sanders sent the letter to Catalyst Pharmaceuticals on Monday, in which he asked it to explain both the financial and non-financial factors the company considered when it set the list price for Firdapse in December.

The drug is used to treat Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome (LEMS), a rare neuromuscular disorder, according to the letter dated February 4.

The disorder affects about one in 100,000 people in the United States.

Feb 05 12:13

Why Giving Birth To A Monarch Was A Queen’s Darkest Hour

When Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth a few years ago to the newest members of the English monarchy, public curiosity about her experience was boundless. The tabloids and papers were filled with speculation about her birthing process, her health risks, and her physical recovery. It would seem the act of delivering a child had placed her, at least momentarily, back on earth with the mere mortals who brought their children into the world in precisely the same way. And while this was likely comforting on some level, royal observers seemed to long for nothing more than a glimpse of the golden aura surrounding her moment of delivery. But sadly for them, modernity and pragmatism had robbed the mystique from the entire process, making it all rather anticlimactic. It would seem the young royals had greeted their precious new bundle much like any average citizen— in a clean and well-lit room with just a few medical attendants nearby.

Feb 05 10:28

Anti-vaxxers are as dangerous to global health as HIV, doctor declares as rates of exemptions soar in the US

A Maryland doctor has warned that vaccine skepticism could lead to a global health crisis as big as HIV.

In an op-ed for USA Today, Dr Amesh Adalja, of Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security, says people may be surprised that the World Health Organization (WHO) named anti-vaxxers one of the top 10 threats to global health in 2019.

'Surely, vaccine hesitancy - a voluntarily chosen human behavior - cannot be in the same category as HIV, a virus that has killed 35 million people,' he wrote.

Feb 05 10:12

The magnetic North Pole is hurtling towards Siberia so quickly scientists have had to release new data a year ahead of schedule to keep navigation systems working properly

Earth's magnetic North Pole has been wildly shifting towards Russia so quickly that scientists have been forced to publish an update on its actual location a year early.

The World Magnetic Model (WMM) enables compasses to point north and is used in navigation systems. Its latest update revealed the North Magnetic Pole is wandering about 34 miles a year. It crossed the international dateline in 2017 and is leaving the Canadian Arctic on its way to Siberia.

This is causing a navigational nightmare for compasses in smartphones, boats and for airport navigators as well as in some consumer electronics, and WMM was forced to update a year early in order to keep it accurate.

Feb 05 10:01

Harvard prof doesn't back down from claims that alien spacecraft may be zipping past Jupiter orbit

A distinguished Harvard University professor is not backing down from his claims that a piece of extraterrestrial spacecraft technology may be flying past the orbit of Jupiter at this moment.

Avi Loeb, one of the top astronomy professors in the world, boasting of decades of Ivy League professorships and hundreds of publicized works in respected astronomy publications, is remaining defiant that the space object – dubbed as “Oumuamua” – first noticed by Hawaiian astronomers in 2017 could be from another civilization.

“Considering an artificial origin, one possibility is that ‘Oumuamua is a lightsail, floating in interstellar space as a debris from an advanced technological equipment,” Loeb and his colleague Shmuel Bialy wrote in Astrophysical Journal Letters in November, according to the Washington Post.

Feb 05 09:59


Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s pesticide Round Up, is a perfect example, as science has been showing for decades how incredibly harmful it is for human health and the environment, yet it’s approved as ‘safe’ for use in the western world. It’s no mystery why glyphosate is illegal in the majority of countries around the world. The same goes for genetically modified foods, which is what Round Up was designed to be used on. Years ago, a lawsuit forced the FDA to divulge its files on genetically engineered foods.

“As part of the process, they portrayed the various concerns as merely the ignorant opinions of misinformed individuals – and derided them as not only unscientific, but anti-science. They then set to work to convince the public and government officials, through the dissemination of false information, that there was an overwhelming expert consensus, based on solid evidence, that GMOs were safe.” – Jane Goodall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is one of the most horrific perversions of the system that allows chemicals like glyphosate to become part of the "food chain" we eat, not to mention our children are eating.

Please, be part of the solution by educating the managers of the places you go to find food, that their parent companies may well be indicted in a class action lawsuit, for carrying this chemical, or others with the potential for causing great harm to the people who consume them.

Feb 05 09:51

Antibiotics may STOP the growth of new brain cells, concludes study

Antibiotics have been heavily scrutinized for killing off the “good bacteria” that live in your gut, but it turns out bacteria aren’t the only thing antibiotics can kill. Now, recent research has found there is an even more alarming risk that comes with taking these allegedly innocuous drugs:

Feb 04 14:35

Doctors Surprised by Scope of Adult-Onset Food Allergies

New research shows nearly 11% of U.S. adults have food allergies, more than many expected, with shellfish most common among adult-onset ones

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Feb 04 13:35

Kellogg’s Ends Animal Testing After 65 Years

The food giant Kellogg recently announced that they will be stopping the use of animal testing for their products, and officially changing their policy on the matter. The company has used animals for testing purposes for the past 65 years to establish questionable human health claims for its food products and ingredients.

Feb 04 13:33

Synthetic Shock – From Dirty Electricity to 5G

We are by nature electric; but the man-made ‘synthetic’ variety, that apes nature’s version, is not helping us to live a full and healthy life, but is rather stultifying that condition. In fact Edison, Tesla et al. were not really doing the world a favour when they invented and put to use ‘synthetic electricity’ on this planet.

Feb 04 12:31

Scott Adams: The Border “Emergency” and the SOTU, Climate Bubbles, and Hoaxed

The 1st wall committee meeting, DIDN’T include experts?
How common is it to declare a “National Emergency”?
Did you know we currently have 35 active National Emergencies?
Declare a National Emergency, Mr. President
Congress is unable to accept the advise of experts
Dumb statements:
Next President could tear down a wall, but not sensors!
All you need is a ladder to get over a wall!
CNN (this week) breaks their 3 year tradition…
…of daily Trump racist stories.
Thanks Governor Northam!
Doctors now added to Interface app by WhenHub
Both American and international doctors are available
They can prescribe, if they’re licensed in your state
Interface app experts can now schedule hours they’re available
Interface is now available on computer browsers

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Feb 04 11:39

Outrage after British Museum director says theft of Parthenon Marbles was a ‘creative act’

The British Museum is making headlines again after its director Hartwig Fischer sparked backlash for suggesting that the removal of the Elgin Marbles from Greece in the 1800s was a “creative act” and that they won’t be returned.

In an interview with the Greek daily Ta Nea, Fischer admitted that while you could be “saddened” by the fact that the famous marbles had been removed from their original environment, “this shifting is also a creative act.”

Fischer rejected the idea that Greece was the rightful owner of the Elgin Marbles, saying that the objects in the British Museum's collection “are owned by the museum’s commissioners,” and said perhaps Britain could give them to Greece on “loan” — but only if Athens recognized the museum’s ownership of them.

Feb 04 11:36

Addicted to profit? Oxycontin dynasty pushed high doses of addictive painkiller as sales earned them $4BILLION - and wanted to cash in on NARCAN while 235,000 died of overdoses, claims lawsuit

Oxycontin dynasty the Sacklers allegedly pushed high doses of the painkiller and hoped to cash in on anti-overdose drug NARCAN while 235,000 Americans died from the opoid epidemic, according to an unredacted complaint filed by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The lawsuit claims that Purdue Pharma and members of the Sackler family knew that patients on higher dosages of OxyContin for long periods were at an increased risk of serious side effects, including addiction, yet they continued to promote the high doses as they yielded the most profit.

A copy of the filing obtained by shows that from 2008 to 2016, the Sackler family added $4.2 billion to their already massive fortune in profits derived just from the sale of prescription opioids.

Feb 04 11:35

Two Men Spent 340 Days in Space. Scientists Are Still Figuring Out What They've Learned

Between March 2015 and March 2016, a man spent a total of 357 hours being poked and prodded: sacrificing blood and urine, sweating through sprints and letting others read his journals — oh, and living on the International Space Station.

The man was Scott Kelly, and with his Russian counterpart, Mikhail Kornienko, he spent a total of 340 days living in space as part of NASA's first attempt to understand how such long stints without gravity affect the human body. But while the men returned to Earth nearly three years ago, scientists are still trying to figure out what they've learned. A new paper lays out the tests built into the "One-Year Mission" of Kelly and Kornienko and contextualizes it in the context of longer spaceflight — like that which would required by a mission to Mars, lasting at least two years.

Feb 04 10:49

Exclusive: Trump EPA won't limit 2 toxic chemicals in drinking water

The Trump administration will not set a drinking water limit for two toxic chemicals that are contaminating millions of Americans' tap water, two sources familiar with the forthcoming decision told POLITICO.

The expected move is yet another sign of the administration's reluctance to aggressively deal with the chemicals, which have been used for decades in products such as Teflon-coated cookware and military firefighting foam and are present in the bloodstreams of an estimated 98 percent of Americans. And it comes less than a year after the White House and the Environmental Protection Agency faced criticism for delaying publication of a health study on the chemicals, which a White House aide had warned could trigger a "public relations nightmare."

Feb 04 08:46

Major DNA Testing Company Sharing Genetic Data With the FBI

FamilyTreeDNA, an early pioneer of the rapidly growing market for consumer genetic testing, confirmed late Thursday that it has granted the Federal Bureau of Investigation access to its vast trove of nearly 2 million genetic profiles.

Feb 04 08:14

Aspartame may be making you dumb: Study finds that the artificial sweetener disrupts your neurotransmitters

Another study proves that artificial sweeteners like aspartame are harmful to your health. The study, which was published in the African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, has revealed that aspartame damages the brain. In particular, consuming this chemical sweetener for a long time will increase oxidative stress in the brain tissue and will disrupt neurotransmitters that are important in physiological functions.

Feb 04 08:08

Winter Is Wreaking Havoc On Electric Vehicles

If there’s one thing electric vehicle owners are learning, it is that extremely cold temperatures are likely going to lead to frustration if they don’t take extra special care of their battery powered vehicles. Look at it as just another added benefit to "saving the world".

As we push through the cold that automakers are using as an excuse for poor sales this winter, customers of some companies – notably Tesla – are starting to realize that things are a little bit different with electric vehicles in the winter. Disgruntled owners of Model 3s have been widespread on social media and online forums, talking about numerous issues they’ve had with cold weather on their vehicles. People have complained about battery range draining and Model 3 door handles freezing up.

Feb 03 16:16

Revealed: How Afghanistan’s bloodiest summer is STILL claiming lives of British troops 10 years on as veterans are killing themselves in alarming numbers with the suicide rate in one army company a shocking 200 TIMES the average

The suicide rate for the men of C Company who were in Sangin in July 2009, approximately 80 soldiers in total, is more than 200 times higher than the average rate for men in the UK – 15.5 per 100,000 – which stands at its lowest level since records began.

At least three other servicemen who were with 2 Rifles in 2009 have also been found dead in the UK, as have two other young soldiers who served with 2 Rifles on its next Afghan tour. Others in the unit have carried out non-fatal self-harm.

The most recent veteran to die was father-of-two Corporal Jonny Cole, who made a number of suicide attempts before succeeding.

Feb 03 16:06

Flashback: Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, biggest ever review finds

Antidepressants can raise the risk of suicide, the biggest ever review has found, as pharmaceutical companies were accused of failing to report side-effects and even deaths linked to the drugs.

An analysis of 70 trials of the most common antidepressants - involving more than 18,000 people - found they doubled the risk of suicide and aggressive behaviour in under 18s.

Feb 03 15:51

Former UFC fighter mourns death of son who was KILLED by MMR vaccine

On January 10, 2017, Catone brought young Nicholas in to see the family’s pediatrician for a “Well Visit,” during which the infant was given both the MMR vaccine and the Hib (Haemophilus influenzae type B) vaccine. The very next day, young Nicholas went from being a happy, smiling little boy to a clearly vaccine-damaged victim of Big Pharma corruption – and he died not long after that.

Photos shared by Catone show Nicholas in his healthy state prior to getting vaccinated, as well as post-vaccine photos in which young Nicholas appears confused, traumatized, and what writer Adan Salazar describes as a countenance indicative of “neurological trauma.”

Catone directed his Facebook post to young Nicholas directly, expressing sorrow and remorse over his decision to have his son vaccinated.

“Wish i knew what i know now and we were able to put it all together,” Catone wrote.

Feb 03 12:23

Once Around the Sun! NASA's Parker Solar Probe Aces 1st Trip Around Our Star

NASA's Parker Solar Probe has completed its first loop around the sun and entered the second of 24 planned orbits.

The spacecraft launched on Aug. 12, 2018, and survived its first close flyby of the sun on Nov. 5 of last year, when it swooped within 15 million miles (24 million kilometers) of the star. As of Jan. 19, the probe has reached its farthest distance from the sun, called aphelion, before it goes in for another close pass on April 4.

The spacecraft has already delivered 17 gigabits of science data from its first orbit, NASA officials said in a statement, and will transmit its full observations from the orbit by April. [NASA's Parker Solar Probe Mission in Pictures]

Feb 03 10:03

6 Reasons to Bundle Up and Get Outside During Winter

Brrrr! Winter is here, and if it is chilly in your neck of the woods, you might be tempted to hunker down and stay indoors until Spring arrives.

Winter can really take a toll on our moods, making even the warmest personalities turn as chilly as the air outside. It’s getting dark at 5 pm now, and you might find yourself making excuses to stay inside, bundled up in cozy blankets in front of the fire.

However, staying indoors during the colder months won’t do anything to improve your mood or your health – in fact, research suggests the opposite is true.

You don’t have to spend hours outside to reap the benefits. Just a few minutes a day has been proven to improve mood and physical health.

So, bundle up and get out there!

Feb 03 09:23

Donald Trump: ‘We’ve Got to Get Out of These Endless Wars’

Huh! Except for Venezuela.

President Donald Trump detailed his position Sunday on withdrawing troops United States from Afghanistan and Syria.
“We’ve been there for 19 years, almost, we are fighting very well. We’re fighting harder than ever before. I think they’re tired and, I think everybody’s tired,” Trump said. “We got to get out of these endless wars and bring our folks back home.”

Feb 03 09:07

Trump confirms use of US military in Venezuela among ‘options’ on table

The option of sending the US military to Venezuela is on the table, while talking to President Nicolas Maduro is not, President Donald Trump said in an interview on Sunday.
While talking to CBS' Face the Nation, Trump would not expand on the prospects of military involvement in the crisis in the Latin America country besides replying that "it's an option."

Feb 03 09:03

The End is Near for Monsanto as Lawyers Everywhere Gear Up for Massive Class Action

In August of 2018 stock prices for Bayer, the company that now owns Monsanto, took a nosedive after a California judge awarded defendant DeWayne Johnson $289 million in damages. Bayer is facing a potential $800 billion in settlements for thousands of other similar cases pending against Monsanto. Since then, Bayer’s stock has continued to fall significantly.

Feb 02 10:17

Bayer-Monsanto Merger: Endangering Our Health, Food, Farms & Planet

The US Department of Justice finalized its approval of the Bayer and Monsanto merger. A new monopoly will be created over agricultural pesticides and industrial seed production, with farmers locked into industrial farming and of our health endangered

Feb 02 09:30

New U.S. Experiments Aim To Create Gene-Edited Human Embryos

A scientist in New York is conducting experiments designed to modify DNA in human embryos as a step toward someday preventing inherited diseases, NPR has learned.

For now, the work is confined to a laboratory. But the research, if successful, would mark another step toward turning CRISPR, a powerful form of gene editing, into a tool for medical treatment.

A Chinese scientist sparked international outrage in November when he announced that he had used the same technique to create the world's first gene-edited human babies. He said his goal was to protect them from infection with HIV, a claim that was criticized because there are safe, effective and far less controversial ways of achieving that goal.

Feb 02 09:30


WE ALREADY KNOW it’s chilly on the moon. A lunar night lasts 14 Earth days, and its temperatures can dip into a cold so punishing it makes the polar vortex look like a hot tub. But yesterday, China’s space agency announced that the frigidity of the lunar night is even more intense than we’d thought: The country’s Chang’e 4 spacecraft recorded an icy low of –310 degrees Fahrenheit (–190 degrees Celsius).

Consisting of a stationary lander and a six-wheeled rover named Yutu-2, Chang’e 4 landed on the far side of the moon earlier this month—a first for any spacecraft. During its first lunar night, Chang’e 4 went into hibernation, relying on internal heat sources to survive.

Feb 02 09:03

Phantom investigation? France delays report on mystery cases of babies born without arms

France's public health agency has postponed the release of a report on an investigation into the abnormal numbers of babies being born without arms in rural regions — a medical mystery which has baffled experts.
Three infants were born with no arms between June and November 2016 within a 30km radius of Vitrolles in the Bouches-du-Rhône region. That followed another cluster of cases near the area of Ain, where eight babies were born with the defect within a 17 km radius. Similar cases have also been observed in other regions of rural France.

A nationwide investigation into the phenomenon began last October and the government had promised an update by January 31, but that date was suddenly pushed back — and the parents of affected children are becoming impatient and suspicious.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am betting here on the drug glyphosate, which is the basis drug for "Round Up Weed Killer", may well prove the culprit.

And I am also betting that the French government wants to cover this up, bigtime, because of the massive amounts of both individual and class action lawsuits about how this chemical has impacted lives of those exposed to it, and that it was a French researcher, Seralini, who found the link between glyphosate and illness.

Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells, 2009

Seralini's research came out in 2009; the dates of these malformations were noted in pregnancies in 2018; my best guess is that those politicians who took money from Monsanto certainly didn't want any causation linkage be made public, because of the horrific drop one would see in demand and usage, and the potential for a class action lawsuit against both Monsanto, and the French government.

Feb 02 06:32

One Of The Biggest At-Home DNA Testing Companies Is Secretly Sharing Data With The FBI

Just one week ago, we warned that the government — helped by Congress (which adopted legislation allowing police to collect and test DNA immediately following arrests), President Trump (who signed the Rapid DNA Act into law), the courts (which have ruled that police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime), and local police agencies (which are chomping at the bit to acquire this new crime-fighting gadget) — was embarking on a diabolical campaign to create a nation of suspects predicated on a massive national DNA database.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although I would be interesting to learn some of the background of my heritage, I would not use one of these services for precisely this reason.

This represents an absolute abolition, by the Federal Government, of the 4th Amendment, which (used to, at least theoretically), prevent Americans from having to deal with unreasonable search and seizure.

And in a companion story:

Genetics firm gives law enforcement free run of profiles without users’ permission

This is, by the way, not the firm mentioned above; however, if these two rivals are doing this, one can reason that almost all the DNA testing companies are doing this.

So if you are still thinking about having DNA work done, please find out if the company doing the testing has a legitimate, "opt out" form for you to have signed, and notarized.

Feb 01 18:24

Acetaminophen found to be a potent liver toxin… and it’s the No. 1 ingredient in Tylenol

Acetaminophen is a popular over-the-counter pain reliever also sold under the brand name Tylenol. The accessibility of acetaminophen and other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) lends credence to pharma industry’s claims that these drugs are safe. But research has consistently shown that acetaminophen and other NSAIDs can be quite dangerous.

Statistics show that acetaminophen is the leading cause of liver failure in the United States. Even just taking a higher-than-recommended dose of acetaminophen for several days can be enough to cause damage to the liver. While Big Pharma may promote acetaminophen and other NSAIDS as being “harmless” drugs, there is overwhelming evidence that this is a myth.

Feb 01 13:25

TV news anchor announces over 90 out of 124 cases of measles in NY “epidemic” are vaccinated

When we report on what a news anchor states or a news source says, it’s always risky. Hence the reason we always put in the headline we are quoting from; you never know, things could change- it’s a chance all journalists take.

Case in point: we couldn’t believe our eyes today when the famous TV anchor, who used to be with CNN then CBS and now has a show on ABC to millions, posted about this story. That’s right, two-time, Emmy Award-winning Sharyl Attkisson posted this report.

Then we saw one of the oldest vaccine non-profits in the country, the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), from Washington, DC share this news as well. It had nearly 700 likes in a few minutes (it appears they shared it from the famous news anchor’s page). So we did an article about her reporting this news on her page and it went viral (no pun intended).

Feb 01 13:24

Meteor EXPLODES, shatters windows in western Cuba – after startling Florida Keys (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Just got this video from a friend in #PinardelRio who says they think the trail in the sky was left by a #meteorite, which shattered windows and made extremely loud sounds. Sounded like two #explosions. #cuba @WPLGLocal10

Feb 01 12:52

Scientists Visit a Rare New Island They Watched Grow Out of the Waves

A NASA scientist has visited a four-year-old island that satellites watched rise out of the waters — a rare opportunity to see in person a new island that lasts more than a few months.

Near the end of December 2014, scientists realized satellites were spotting a volcanic plume from territory within the nation of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean. By the end of January 2015, the eruption was over — and new land stretched between two older, small islands called Hunga Tonga and Hunga Ha'apai. (This third small island is referred to unofficially as Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha'apai.)

Dan Slayback, a scientist at NASA who focuses on using remote sensing data, watched the eruption unfurl and started plotting a way to see the new land in person. And in October, he and a team of scientists arrived. [Photos: Mars Volcano Views Revealed by Spacecraft]

Feb 01 12:45

Magnitude 6.6 Earthquake Rocks Southern Mexico, Sways Buildings 550 Miles Away in Mexico City

A strong earthquake jolted southern Mexico on Friday, rattling nerves and swaying tall buildings hundreds of miles away in the capital, but there were no reports of serious damage, injuries or deaths.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the quake had a magnitude of 6.6. It was centered about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the city of Tapachula in Chiapas state and struck at a depth of 40 miles (68 kilometers).

Chiapas civil defense official Arturo Barrientos told The Associated Press that there were no reports of serious damage and authorities were monitoring the situation.

Barrientos said cracks appeared in a wall at an elementary school in the state capital, Tuxtla Gutierrez, but the children were evacuated safely.

Feb 01 10:11

Science FACT: Mind-reading technology is now reality

It sounds like something out of a Philip K. Dick science fiction novel: a system that uses artificial intelligence to translate people’s thoughts into intelligible, recognizable speech.

Feb 01 09:58


Technocrat-minded scientists apparently see no problem in spreading gene editing technology to amateurs in order to experiment with nature. Worse, there will be no accountability or oversight.

Feb 01 09:46

Phantom investigation? France delays report on mystery cases of babies born without arms

France's public health agency has postponed the release of a report on an investigation into the abnormal numbers of babies being born without arms in rural regions — a medical mystery which has baffled experts.
Three infants were born with no arms between June and November 2016 within a 30km radius of Vitrolles in the Bouches-du-Rhône region. That followed another cluster of cases near the area of Ain, where eight babies were born with the defect within a 17km radius. Similar cases have also been observed in other regions of rural France.

Feb 01 09:35

Robert F. Kennedy Jr Explains How Big Pharma Completely Owns Congress

Those of you who have been involved in the past in the battle to protect our children from poorly made vaccines or toxic chemicals in our food or in our water know the power of these industries and how they’ve undermined every institution in our democracy that is supposed to protect little children from powerful, greedy corporations. Even the pharmaceutical companies have been able to purchase congress. They’re the largest lobbying entity in Washington D.C.. They have more lobbyists in Washington D.C. than there are congressman and senators combined. They give twice to congress what the next largest lobbying entity is, which is oil and gas… Imagine the power they exercise over both republicans and democrats. They’ve captured them (our regulatory agencies) and turned them into sock puppets. They’ve compromised the press… and they destroy the publications that publish real science. (Robert F. Kennedy Jr, from the video below)

Feb 01 09:18

This Abortion Facility Advertises It Performs Abortions At 36 Weeks

Capital Women's Services writes that it “offers late-term abortion care up to 36 weeks under certain circumstances, such as for fetal or maternal indications. All requests for late-term abortion care are handled on a case-by-case basis after consultation with our clinicians … The U.S. Supreme Court, in its classic Roe vs. Wade Decision, ruled that abortions are legal at any gestation to preserve the life or the health of the woman."

Jan 31 14:04

The Top 3 Dangers of LED Lights

Light has a greater impact on your health than you may realize