Jul 22 17:41

Greedy United Utilities water bosses pocket £180million dividend despite losing quarter of supply through leaks

Water chiefs losing a quarter of their supply through leaks are doling out the biggest shareholder windfall in a decade as customers face their first hosepipe ban in eight years.

The £180million dividend payout comes as seven million United Utilities customers across the North West of England face restrictions on the water they use in their homes from August 5.

Jul 22 17:40

Homeless... and holding down a job: Scandal of thousands of workers forced to bed down on Britain's streets each night

Just like his colleagues, Jonathan leaves home every evening to clock on for his night shift in security.

But for him, “home” is a horse box, with no electricity or water.

He sleeps on a ledge above the front seat and his loo is “Tesco or a bottle”.

Jonathan is one of a growing number of “working homeless” who bed down on the streets each night – despite holding down a job.

As rough sleeper numbers spiral, charity workers all report this new scandal which involves thousands of people yet is still largely hidden from sight.

We found chefs, engineers, construction workers and security staff living in doorways, tents, cars and vans, battling to get enough sleep and to keep themselves presentable enough to hold down their jobs.

Jul 22 17:38

Recycled packaging 'may end up in landfill', warns watchdog

The National Audit Office (NAO) says over half of the packaging reported as recycled is actually being sent abroad to be processed.

As a result, it says, the government has little idea of whether the recyclables are getting turned into new products, buried in landfill or burned.

While an illusion of success has been created by the UK’s system for recycling packaging, the NAO says, the reality may be quite different.

Jul 21 22:28

Dominic Raab: Britain will refuse to pay £39 billion divorce bill to Brussels if the EU fails to agree trade deal

Britain will refuse to pay its £39?billion divorce bill to Brussels if the European Union fails to agree a trade deal, the new Brexit Secretary pledges today.

Dominic Raab told The Sunday Telegraph that he would make the vast payment formally conditional on the EU “fulfilling its side of the bargain”.

The promise will be welcomed by leading Brexiteers after the Government said in May that there were no plans for a legally enforceable link between the bill and a future trading relationship.

Jul 21 22:17

Plane crazy! Ministry of Defence blows £10.5billion on military jets it doesn’t need which are used by Thomas Cook and Jet2 to fly TOURISTS to the Med

Three military jets – part of a fleet costing taxpayers an astonishing £10.5 billion – are being used to fly holidaymakers to sun-kissed resorts because the RAF has no use for them.

The aircraft are supposed to transport British troops to military bases around the world and refuel fighters and bombers in mid-air during combat sorties.

But a Mail on Sunday investigation can reveal that while the cash-strapped Ministry of Defence shells out tens of millions of pounds a year for the planes, holiday firms Thomas Cook and Jet2 have been using them to fly thousands of tourists to Majorca, Tenerife, New York and Florida.

Jul 21 19:02

Smart meters to charge customers more during peak times raising the prospect of inflated bills during Easter and Christmas holidays

The former head of gas and electric meter technology at the energy regulator Ofgem, Jerry Fulton, said the industry will quickly move beyond a two-tier peak and off-peak system to prices that change every 30 minutes depending on demand.

He told The Daily Telegraph: ‘I believe that the hidden agenda behind smart meters is that they will allow half-hourly charging.

‘Instead of having two charge rates – day and night – the price of energy will change every half hour, so when solar and wind generation are low and usage is high the price of electricity will rise steeply.’

Jul 21 18:56

Smart meters to save households 'just £11 a year' with roll-out likely to go over budget

"Although the entire programme has been funded by customers through higher energy bills, unlike energy suppliers themselves, they are not presently guaranteed to see the majority of the savings that do materialise," said the group’s chairman, Conservative MP Grant Shapps.


BIG also warned that suppliers were still rolling out "obsolete" first generation smart meters, which were supposed to have been succeeded by November 2016.

Meanwhile, more than half of the smart meters "go dumb" when a consumer switches provider – around 500,000 a year.

Poor mobile data signal in some areas can also cause the meters to "go dumb", the group said.

Jul 21 11:00

UK flights ‘will not be able to land in Ireland’ without post-Brexit deal

Flights from UK carriers will not be permitted to land in the Republic in the event of a hard Brexit unless a separate deal to cover aviation is struck with the UK government, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) has confirmed.

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said on Wednesday that the Government was stepping up preparations for a disorderly Brexit, and warned “planes would not fly” in the event of a hard Brexit with no withdrawal agreement struck.

Both the Republic and the UK are signatories of the Chicago Convention which provides that flights originating in one state may overfly another signatory state. In response to queries from The Irish Times, the IAA confirmed this would remain the case after Brexit.

Jul 21 10:16

New assault on Corbyn aims to ban criticism of Israel in Labour

A leading pro-Israel lawmaker is being investigated by the Labour Party for allegedly slandering Jeremy Corbyn as a “fucking anti-Semite,” The Electronic Intifada can reveal.

A Labour source said on Friday that following receipt of a third party complaint, a notice of investigation into “alleged abusive behavior” has been sent to Margaret Hodge.

But the source said that Hodge would not be suspended during the investigation.

Margaret Hodge’s office did not answer a call, and she did not immediately reply to emails requesting comment.

The news came as the Parliamentary Labour Party is once again in a state of near civil war over the manufactured “anti-Semitism crisis” this week.

Jul 21 09:56

Labour’s anti-Semitism row highlights the hypocrisy of Corbyn’s enemies, again

There is a great irony in the current row over anti-Semitism within the Labour Party. Critics of Jeremy Corbyn are frothing at the mouth with rage over his endorsement of a definition of anti-Semitism that omits controversial examples, which conflate criticism of Israel with racial discrimination against Jews. The same critics, however, have remained silent over the cosy relationship Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, enjoys with known anti-Semites. Under the new guidelines some of Netanyahu’s close buddies would in all likelihood be kicked out because of their anti-Semitic views if they were members of the party.

Jul 20 19:26

Smart meters to cut energy bills by just £11, say MPs

Customers who get smart meters installed are expected to save just £11 a year off their energy bills, a group of MPs has found.

It was originally thought that the new meters would save consumers at least £26.

In one of the most critical reports yet on the £11bn programme, the MPs also said the government was now likely to miss its own deadline.

As many as 53 million of them are due to be installed by the end of 2020.

Jul 20 16:46

Julian Assange’s Hand Over To UK May Be Imminent According To WikiLeaks

By Aaron Kesel

According to a tweet by the internationally known organization WikiLeaks, its founder’s fate may be decided within a mere few days or weeks, and Julian Assange might be handed over on a silver platter by Ecuador to the UK government. Then presumably Assange will be handed over to the U.S. government and extradited to the United States.

The head of RT, Margarita Simonyan, tweeted in Russian that her sources indicate Assange will be handed over to UK authorities...

Jul 20 15:43

Bringing justice to the Holy Land is a basic test of humanity: The UK Foreign Office still fails it

Stuart Littlewood highlights the British government’s continuing support for Israeli crimes, as exemplified by Muslim Conservative peer Tariq Ahmad who seems “to have joined the ranks of those anxious to downplay Israel's crimes and guarantee the rogue state's impunity”. >>

Jul 20 15:22

Huawei equipment is exposing British broadband and phone networks to new security risks because of 'shortcomings' in the firm's supply chain, senior GCHQ officials warn

Huawei equipment could pose a threat to national security, senior British security officials have cautioned.

Intelligence experts say they can only provide limited assurances that the Chinese company is not a risk to broadband and phone networks in the UK.

The recommendation will be made in an as-yet unpublished annual report signed off by the GCHQ spy agency, according to inside sources.

Huawei, one of the world's biggest producer of telecoms systems, is a major supplier of broadband and mobile telephone network equipment in Britain.

Jul 20 07:46

MPs vote to grant themselves anonymity if accused of expenses fraud, sexual harassment... or anything else they don't want you to know

MPs have voted to grant themselves anonymity if accused of sexual harassment or expenses fraud.

Minutes after the decision, a list of politicians under investigation vanished from Parliament's website.

One of the deleted cases was that of Labour's Keith Vaz, who is accused of bringing the House of Commons into disrepute by buying cocaine for male escorts.

Seventy-nine MPs voted against an amendment that would have ensured that the names of suspects in expenses cases would be published. The 22 who supported it accused their colleagues of a cover-up.

Jul 20 07:38

Wind turbines come to a standstill as long hot summer reduces power generated by 30%

In another sign of the much-criticised unreliability of wind power, figures show that electricity generated using wind was 30 per cent lower in the seven weeks to last Sunday compared with the same period last year.

And yesterday energy giant SSE said lack of wind was one of the key factors that caused its profits to be around £80million lower than expected during the three months since April.

A lack of wind meant electricity output from its wind farms inland and off the coast of Britain was 15 per cent lower than planned.

Jul 20 07:13

'It's madness': Fury at Home Office's £2.4m bill for 'phantom' flights to deport failed asylum seekers that are CANCELLED before taking off

The Government was accused of 'madness' today after running up a £2.4million bill for flights to deport failed asylum seekers that were cancelled.

The costs, caused by last-ditch appeals, were the highest for five years and sparked demands for an explanation as to why the system has still not been tightened up.

Problems arise when officials book seats only for legal challenges to be launched against deportation at the last minute - meaning they have to be abandoned.

Jul 19 10:39

Jeremy Corbyn called 'f****** racist and antisemite' by Labour MP Dame Margaret Hodge

Jeremy Corbyn was called a "f****** racist and an antisemite" by one of his own Jewish MPs in an extraordinary Commons bust-up.

Dame Margaret Hodge, a former minister, reportedly told her party leader he did not want "people like me" in the party.

The furious row came after Labour adopted a new code of conduct that has been heavily criticised by Jewish community leaders and dozens of the party's own MPs.

Dame Margaret has previously spoken of having lost relatives in the Holocaust and has criticised the Labour leadership's approach to tackling anti-Jewish abuse in the party.

According to the Huffington Post, she confronted Mr Corbyn behind the Speaker's chair after crunch votes on Brexit on Tuesday night.

Jul 19 08:59

Identification of Skripal suspects is 'wild speculation' - UK security minister

UK Security Minister Ben Wallace has dismissed claims police identified the suspects in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury as “wild speculation.”

The Tory minister Tweeted, in response to the Press Association post, that the report "belongs in the ill informed and wild speculation folder."

It comes after the Press Association reported on Thursday morning that police had identified the suspects behind the nerve agent attacks against former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia.

Jul 19 08:35

Despite May’s Brexit Concessions, EU Negotiator Pushes For More Irish Border Control

European Union (EU) Brexit negotiators are not keen on the Prime Minister’s customs plans for a “soft” Brexit and are set to continue hammering the UK on the issue of the Irish border at up-and-coming talks.
The bloc’s unelected bureaucrats are still intent on forcing the UK into agreeing to a “backstop” if the border cannot be kept completely open, which would cut the province off from the rest of the UK by locking it in to the bloc’s Single Market.

Sources said Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, is not convinced that Theresa May’s Chequers white paper will lead to a final agreement on customs and trade arrangements.

“No one sees this as a real landing zone, apart from the Brits,” they told The Times. “The priority is Ireland and getting the withdrawal agreement over the line for autumn.”

Jul 18 15:33

Britain's turbines are producing 40% less energy as wind 'disappears' for six weeks across the UK causing record low electricity production

Britain's wind turbines have been at a standstill for the last six weeks.

The lack of wind is being caused by a large area of high pressure sitting over the UK, which is also responsible for making the summer one of the warmest on record, the Met Office confirmed to MailOnline.

Compared to last year, the amount of electricity generated by wind turbines during the month of July has fallen by 40 per cent – despite of an increase in wind turbine infrastructure in the last 12 months.

'We've been typically doing between two to three gigawatts of wind [generation],' Rob Gross of Imperial College London, told New Scientist.

'At a windier time of the year we might be doing nine or ten.'

Jul 18 08:08

Labour under pressure from pro-Israel proxies over ‘chaotic’ definition of anti-Semitism

The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) claims that the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has treated Jews unfairly by adopting a definition of anti-Semitism which excludes criticism of the State of Israel as an example of racism. The JLM wants the definition of anti-Semitism drafted by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) to be adopted in its entirety. Labour’s NEC, however, dropped the section of this definition which claimed that “drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis” and “denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g. by claiming that the State of Israel is a racist endeavour” are examples of anti-Semitism.

Jul 18 07:05

Jesse Waters NAILS IT On NATO As Nigel Farage DESTROYS The Deep Dark State

Jul 18 06:55

How Jacob Rees-Mogg Outfoxed the Remainers and Saved Brexit

Jul 18 06:54

May's Brexit plan on knife-edge as defeat avoided by 6 votes

The government has just won a narrow victory in the House of Commons, defeating an attempt by pro-Remain Conservative MPs to force it to stick closely to the EU for trade in goods after Brexit. The amendment to the trade bill was the latest skirmish in the bitter Brexit wars that are being fought across the Conservative benches. Some now fear that the splits mean the Commons will struggle to find a majority to support any Brexit policy that Theresa May brings forward.

Jul 18 06:41

POLL: More Tories See Farage as a ‘Brexit Leader’ Than May

More of the British public view Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson as a “leader” of people who back Brexit than they do Theresa May, the Prime Minister supposedly leading the UK out of the European Union (EU).

And tellingly, the new poll revealed that more Tories see the former UK Independence Party leader as a head of the Brexit movement than their own leader.

For the survey, YouGov asked more than 4,000 people: “Who do you think comes closest to being the ‘Leader’ of those in favour of Brexit?”

Whilst 34 percent said there was no leader of Brexiteers, 15 percent picked Boris Johnson, a key figure in the Vote Leave group who recently resigned as foreign secretary over Mrs May’s “soft Brexit” plan.

In second was Mr Farage, with 13 percent regarding him as leader of the Brexiteers, who despite never being in government was arguably the most important figure in bringing about the referendum by pressuring the Tories and leading UKIP to success at the polls.

Jul 18 05:06

Exposed! How Britain’s anti-Semitism scaremongers operate

This article about the British charitable organisation, the Campaign against Anti-Semitism (CAA), and its officers, Gideon Falter and Steve Silverman, examines events in England but ought to serve as a cautionary message for Canadians and Americans. The article will delve into the corrosive methods of the CAA; review the manner in which this ultra-Zionist group "discovers" anti-Semitic "incidents"; examine their inaccurate statistical "studies" and see how they seek to intimidate political parties, venues, the press and others; and look at the court cases which the CAA has prosecuted ... In the last 18 months Britain's largest political party, the Labour Party, has suspended and expelled over a hundred of its members for expressing their views on Israel or Jewish history.

Jul 17 17:03

UK military drone operators could be ‘liable for murder prosecution,’ report suggests

UK military personnel engaging in US-led drone operations in Syria and Iraq are at risk of being “liable to prosecution for murder” due to the government not setting a "clear policy and sound legal basis," a report warns.

There is a growing concern that the UK was complicit in civilian deaths by supporting a US-led drone program that was committing unlawful acts - making British personnel open to prosecution, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) report said.

"In its current form, assistance to partners is putting the UK and its personnel at risk of criminal liability. UK use of force or assistance to partners in drone strikes outside situations of armed conflict are not protected by combatant immunity, therefore making personnel liable to prosecution for murder."

Jul 17 09:34

May Avoids Defeat By 3 Vote Margin As Even More Brexit Chaos Breaks Loose

Just over a week after Theresa May narrowly survived a revolt by Brexiteers which saw several resignations including that of Brexit minister David Davis and Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, on Monday evening May faced another cabinet rebellion, this time by Tory "remainers", when May barely scraped through Customs Union amendments with a nail-biting margin of just 3 votes, and only after 3 Labor MPs voted with the government. More from the Guardian:

The government majority was reduced to just three votes on the most controversial amendment after leading Tory remainer Anna Soubry complained that the prime minister had lost control of events by making concessions to the rightwing European Research Group of MPs.

Jul 17 08:34

Defence Secretary unveils £2billion plan for a British-made stealth plane that can fly either with a pilot or as a DRONE after the UK was cut out of a French-German fighter plan project

The Defence Secretary unveiled a £2billion plan for a British-made stealth plane today.

Gavin Williamson said the 'Tempest' concept aircraft was designed to be able either with a pilot or as a drone.

The vision for the state of the art jet comes after Britain was excluded from a French-German project for a new fighter plane.

Any new aircraft is unlikely to fly before 2035, even if it gets off the drawing board at all.

The concept aircraft has been put together by British firms including BAE Systems, Leonardo, MBDA and Rolls-Royce, which have joined together with the RAF Rapid Capabilities Office to form 'Team Tempest' to pursue the opportunity.

Jul 16 17:54

As BT hikes the price of a service that's FREE elsewhere... How to avoid its £7.50 charge and switch your email (without losing all your friends)

Those affected by the price hike are people who used to have their broadband service with BT but have since switched internet provider – taking their BT email addresses with them.

At first the telecoms giant, which uses Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds to promote its services, charged just £1.60 a month for the so-called ‘premium mail’ facility.

But two years ago the company bumped up the monthly rate to £5. Now from August customers will have to pay £7.50.

BT says customers who switch back to BT’s broadband service will get their emails for free.

Jul 16 17:47

China's £1.7bn raid for British tech talent... as another UK chip firm falls into Beijing hands

China has spent a record £1.8billion in six months buying British companies and technology as it plots to develop its own digital giants.

Companies backed by the Beijing government have launched an assault on chip makers and digital firms since the start of the year.

Yesterday another UK firm was about to fall into Chinese hands with chip- maker Telit targeted for its technology which provides cars with software that recognises road lanes and parking assistance.

The deal will see it sold for £80million to TUS International, a company controlled by a Beijing university.

Overall nearly £17billion of takeover deals were announced by Chinese companies in Europe in the first half of 2018, according to a study by law firm Baker McKenzie and research group Rhodium Group.

Jul 16 15:26

Listeria outbreak leads to another frozen sweetcorn product being re-called - after watchdogs issued a warning over 50 items due to contamination fears

The Food Standards Agency has issued another warning over frozen vegetables that may be contaminated with listeria.

Lidl's Frozen Green Grocer’s Supersweet Corn, with best before dates until July 2020, has now been recalled following a food poisoning alert.

It comes after watchdogs named 50 frozen products that have been taken off shelves over concerns they may be contaminated with listeria.

They include items sold by the country's leading supermarkets, including Tesco, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Aldi.

Jul 16 15:15

Ailing May loses ANOTHER minister to Tory Brexit war as Guto Bebb quits to vote AGAINST the PM's concession to Brexiteer rebels that critics claim has already killed off her Chequers plan

Mr Bebb resigned as a Defence Minister to defy orders and vote against an amendment to the Customs Bill which critics claim kills off the Prime Minister's own proposed Brexit deal.

In farcical scenes, Mr Bebb's rebellion helped slash the Government's majority to just three during a marathon series of votes in the Commons.

There were 14 Tory Remain rebels and the Government only won because it had the backing of three Brexiteer Labour MPs.

While Mrs May will survive the night without defeat, losing a tenth member of her top team - this time from the Remain wing - over her first detailed Brexit plan will add acute embarrassment to her political woes.

Jul 16 15:13

Ten Tories are set to go public with demands for a second EU vote, as some break rank over Theresa May's 'unworkable' Chequers deal

Ten Tory Remainers are set to go public with demands for a second vote on Britain’s membership of the European Union.

Jul 16 14:32

“Big Four” Audit Oligopoly Strikes Back at Plans to Break it Up

After a series of sudden corporate collapses, audit firms face a crisis in the UK.

Jul 16 06:09

Net closes in on Novichok assassins: Britain is 'close to identifying Russian spies' behind Salisbury attack as it's claimed nerve agent that later killed a mother-of-three 'was hidden in a PERFUME bottle she sprayed herself with'

Sarin: Lethal nerve gas that kills in minutes

Nerve agent Novichok, used in ex-spy's poisoning, is 5 times stronger than VX or sarin

Dawn Sturgess survived for days after spraying Novichok directly onto her skin?

Jul 16 05:51

Taxman will now have 'shocking' new powers to raid bank accounts with NO warning

The taxman is to be given ‘shocking’ new powers to trawl bank accounts without the holders being told.

A policy document, published quietly online this week, reveals HMRC wants to be able to keep secret investigations into whether someone is paying the right amount of tax.

Under existing rules, banks and other financial institutions are permitted to notify their customers if tax officials demand access to their bank statements and other financial information.

But as part of a bonfire of safeguards, in future the taxman will be able to draw a veil of secrecy over its investigations.

Jul 16 05:40

Have police lost control? Most Britons think criminals have no fear of the law as two thirds say they haven't seen an officer on their street in a year amid soaring crime levels

According to the exclusive survey, 57 per cent of people say officers have surrendered control of our neighbourhoods and criminals have no fear of being caught.

Amid skyrocketing levels of crime, the poll also reveals that a quarter of the population don’t feel safe at night in their local area.

And it suggests that one of the biggest factors behind the recent surge in lawlessness is a lack of ‘bobbies on the beat’. An incredible 60 per cent of the public say they haven’t seen a police officer in their street in the past year.

Jul 15 21:05

Amesbury: Novichok found in perfume bottle, says victim's brother

The nerve agent that poisoned two people in Amesbury was contained in a perfume bottle, the brother of one of the victims has said.

Matthew Rowley said his brother Charlie, who is seriously ill in hospital, told him he had picked up the perfume bottle.

Who sees a found bottle of perfume to be a talking point?

Jul 15 11:32

British public backs legalisation of cannabis so it can be sold like cigarettes and alcohol, poll reveals

51 per cent say it is time to treat the drug in the same way as other legal substances

Jul 15 09:12

Leak at Porton Down lab may be behind UK nerve-agent poisonings – Russian embassy

The embassy was asked by the media to comment on Friday’s announcement by the UK police that a small bottle they found in the home of one of the Amesbury poisoning victims contained the infamous Novichok nerve agent.

However, Russian diplomats said that they “cannot check or verify any British statements” because London “refuses to cooperate with us in any way possible” on the issue.

Jul 14 05:32

Awkward? Trump And May Remarks After Meeting And Sun Interview Watch

Difficult to watch this bull*hit propaganda, which shows total disrespect for those whom they pretend to serve.

President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Theresa May hold a press conference after a contentious NATO meeting, and after Trump criticized May over Brexit in an interview with British tabloid The Sun.

Trump admits he APOLOGIZED to Theresa May for sharp comments on Brexit and a U.S.-U.K. trade pact and calls her an 'incredible woman' for whom he has a 'lot of respect' after two days in London


(*nothing says BEX! louder then the concept of Trump apologizing for anything .Apologizing is an Obama trait , and we know how the Trump pundits reacted to that , but then , again , Trump could hand her a bouquet of roses minuets before he launches a bouquet of patriot missiles !)

Jul 13 13:47

London Mayor Slams Trump For "Normalizing" Far-Right Groups

While President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met the Queen for tea, London Mayor Sadiq Khan bashed the president in an interview and accused him of "normalizing far right groups" in an interview with Bloomberg.

Asked why Trump singles him out for criticism instead of other mayors of cities in the UK and elsewhere in Europe where there have been terror attacks, Khan said it's for Trump to explain why he singles Khan out for criticism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Mayor Khan, a word, please: as a Christian pacifist activist, who constantly exhorts her government to get what it wants through honest, moral, hard won negotiations rather than through wars, I am hardly to be considered any member of a "far right" group, and as a peace advocate, am no darling of either the Democrats or Republicans, as they are both owned by the Deep State and military industrial complex.

But what President Trump has seen and critised, on your watch as mayor of London, is your "normalizing" the escalating violence there, due to uncontrolled immigration consisting of people who don't particularly like Brits in the first place.

What you have on your hands, sir, is a "culture war" between the original, hereditary inhabitants of London, and the immigrants, which has been unduly punctuated with bloodshed, generally on the part of these immigrants.

You were elected, sir, to take care of ALL the citizens of that beautiful and extraordinary city, which is London, and you have to roll up your sleeves, and get that job done.

I visited London on a College Abroad tour in 67; but right now, with things as they are, I would have grave, and reasonable, reservations about going there now, under any circumstances.

Jul 13 10:05

Fatal Novichok dose 'came from bottle' in victim's house

Novichok that poisoned a couple in Wiltshire came from a small bottle found in the home of one of the victims, police say.

Jul 13 08:58

UK Trump Protesters Are Complete Idiots

Jul 13 05:41

Poundworld to close another 80 stores

Another 80 Poundworld stores will be closed, resulting in 1,024 job losses, the company's administrators have said.

The latest announcement means that 105 of the company's 335 stores are now earmarked for closure.

Poundworld went into administration last month after failing to cope with rising costs, fewer shoppers and greater competition.

The company's administrators, Deloitte, said talks to sell remaining parts of the business continue.

Jul 12 17:37

Trump tells Theresa May her soft Brexit plan will 'kill' any US trade deal after Britain leaves the EU, adds Boris will make a great PM and blames Sadiq Khan for terrorism in explosive start to UK visit

President Donald Trump has warned Theresa May that her soft Brexit plan would 'kill the deal' between the US and Britain on trade.

He also said the prime minister has ignored his advice on Brexit negotiations, explaining: 'I would have done it differently'.

Talking to The Sun before his trip to Britain, he said: 'If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal. I actually told Theresa May how to do it, but she didn't listen to me'.

Sources close to the president earlier warned that a lucrative transatlantic trade deal would be impossible if the UK keeps close ties with Brussels - effectively meaning Britain must choose between the US and EU.

Jul 12 14:15

‘They Bombed Trapped Civilians’: Amnesty’s Damning Report on UK, US, France Destruction in Raqqa

UK, US, and French bombs inflicted mass loss of civilian life in ISIS-held Raqqa, according Amnesty International. A new report has also accused coalition forces of bombing areas where they knew civilians were trapped.

During the four-month operation to eradicate the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) in the Syrian city of Raqqa, the US-led coalition – which includes British forces – killed hundreds of civilians and injured many more, says Amnesty International.

According to its damning report into the coalition forces, residents were trapped as fighting raged in the streets between IS militants and the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who were supported by coalition airstrikes. Escape routes for civilians were riddled with IEDs, put there by Islamic State, which also positioned snipers to shoot those trying to flee.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More US, French, and British war crimes, this time in Syria.

Jul 12 13:18

British PM Wants Trump to Confront Putin at Upcoming Summit

Since the planned Trump-Putin summit was announced, NATO nations and other US allies have been expressing serious concerns, fearing that Trump is liable to make deals to improve US-Russia relations, and undermine NATO’s recent years of hostility toward them.

While most are just complaining, British Prime Minister Theresa May took a different tack on Wednesday. She endorsed the idea of a summit, while demanding Trump use it as a chance to confront Russia over its “malign activity.”

May was in particular hopeful that Trump would highlight the British allegations of Novichuk poisoning on British soil. She also mentioned “Kremlin-linked cyber attacks,” without specifying what the Kremlin was actually accused of doing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WHAT "malign activity"?!? Would Prime Minister May care to articulate that to those people who cannot see it whatsoever, like me?!?

Porton Downs Research Labs cannot prove that the nerve agent which poisoned two Russian ex-pats in Britain, then allegedly killed another woman more recently, is actually related to Novichuk, or identify from where it came.

So Prime Minister May, let me politely suggest to you that you had better have your facts both transparent, and in order, before you urge President Trump to bring those accusations to the Summit in Helsinki on Monday.

Jul 12 08:33

Brexit CRISIS: Theresa May has DAYS to save Brexit and HERSELF as no confidence vote looms

According to the Daily Telegraph, Tory Brexiteers now claim they have 48 fellow MPs who are willing to submit letters to the chairman of the backbench 1922 Committee, triggering a confidence vote of the parliamentary party.

MP Andrew Bridgen said he was submitting his own letter of no confidence in Mrs May to the committee.

The Prime Minister ordered her reshuffled Cabinet to attend a second meeting in Newcastle on July 23 as a way of uniting her ministers with Brexit talks due to enter yet another crucial phase.

A Number 10 source told The Times the meeting was a “regional Cabinet” and not intended to be a continuation of the Brexit plan talks outlined at Chequers last Friday.

Jul 12 08:00

Former Tony Blair Spokesman: Hard to ‘Overestimate Just How Despised’ Trump Is in the UK

He added, “I suspect that you will find the protests will be big. People will not want him to feel welcome at all. I think that goes — I think that goes very, very far across the board.”

Jul 12 07:59

May's Government Collapsing in Brexit Storm: Second Referendum Looms

At times like this, the Brexit dam having burst and, with it, bursting asunder any lingering hope in the ability of Theresa May’s government to navigate the country out of the Brexit storm that has engulfed it since the 2016 EU referendum, a storm that has intensified into open civil war within the Tory Party, Irish poet W B Yeats looms large.

From his classic work, The Second Coming:

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed; and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned
The best lack all conviction; while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

Jul 12 07:44

Majority of Britons Support Trump Visit

In polling released just hours before the U.S. President is due to touch down in London, 50 per cent of Britons support Donald J. Trump’s UK visit going ahead.
In contrast, only 37 percent said that it should not go ahead, with the remaining 13 percent saying “don’t know”, according to figures collected between the 9th and 10th of July by polling firm YouGov.

However, while most of those polled still have negative personal views of the President (with 77 percent saying they had an unfavourable opinion of him), Britons’ views of the visit were described as “pragmatic”.

“Whilst he wouldn’t be Britain’s choice of US President (only 16% would have voted for him given the chance) a plurality think that the government should try to work with him (44%, vs 39% who think they shouldn’t),” youGov found.

“And the vast majority of those who think the government should be working with Donald Trump support the UK visit, regardless of their own views towards him.”

Jul 12 07:38

'Verging on criminal’: Fury at Telegraph article suggesting PM Theresa May guilty of treason

The Telegraph has drawn the ire of MPs and social media users alike over an article it published insinuating UK Prime Minister Theresa May is guilty of treason over her latest Brexit plan.

Cross-party MPs are accusing the outlet of being “shockingly irresponsible” over the article by writer Christopher Howse entitled: ‘Is Theresa May guilty of treason? Plenty of readers think so. Politicians would be wise to listen up’.

Jul 12 07:16

Hackers are caught selling codes to access AIRPORT security systems on the dark web for just £7

The stolen passwords could allow anyone to access the airport's remote desktop protocol (RDP).

This allows employees to work access airport systems outside the local network.

Had the codes fallen into the wrong hands, they could have compromised passenger safety, allowing criminals to create havoc at the airport.

For instance, if hackers had airport RDP access, it would allow them to control security cameras from anywhere in the world.

They could also potentially change the airport's heating, lighting ventilation and air conditioning systems remotely.

The airport affected has not been named and it appears the codes have now been taken offline.

Jul 11 09:35

Will the end of May come in July? Boris' Brexit bombshell threatens to sink Theresa

Boris Johnson's resignation as foreign secretary, coming hours after Brexit Secretary David Davis stepped down, has plunged Britain into a full-scale political crisis on the week Trump is due to visit. Can PM Theresa May survive?
According to the old saying (usually attributed to Lenin, but without citation), "There are decades when weeks happen and there are weeks when decades happen."

This looks like one of those weeks. And it's still only Tuesday.

For a start, and let's get our priorities right, England is appearing in its first World Cup semi-final for 28 years on Wednesday. If the Three Lions beat Croatia, which they are the favorites to do, then next Sunday England will line up in their first World Cup final since 1966, possibly – and you've got to love the irony given the Brexit squabbles – against Belgium.

Jul 11 09:34

This has just got a lot bigger than Brexit

A dramatic three days after the virtual imposition, including the use of threats almost comical in their puerile pettiness, by an embattled but stubbornly-authoritarian Theresa May of her Brexit proposals, culminated yesterday afternoon in the resignation of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, following those of Brexit Department Secretary David Davis and Minister of State Steve Baker late on Sunday evening.

May has no right to feel aggrieved. First, the Chequers proposals for a negotiating stance, about as far removed from her 2017 manifesto promises and previous negotiating pledges as chalk from cheese, were rightly labelled Remain-By-Any-Other-Name and Brexit-In-Name-Only, and lacerated by multiple commentators for their disingenuousness and lack of ambition, undue deference to Remainer intransigence and Brussels diktats alike, and even downright mendacity.

Jul 11 09:33

Davis resignation: Hubristic Number 10 overplayed its hand

The May loyalist genius – in this context I use the word genius sarcastically – who decided that it was a clever idea to ritually humiliate Cabinet Brexiteers at Chequers doesn’t look so clever now.

Around Chequers it was briefed that ministers would be fired if they dared step out of line. It was briefed – wrongly it turns out – that cards carrying the number of a taxi firm (Astons, defunct) were on the hall table. Hilariously, it was added that a new generation of Tories was ready to take the place of any old fart resigning. The implication was that the talented next generation of Tories, who May refused pointedly to promote earlier this year remember, are somehow pro-May. Er, no.

Jul 11 09:32

QUENTIN LETTS: Damn our elite and its suicidal compulsion to defy the people

These past tempestuous days in British politics have been a calamity at several levels.

There has been the loss of office for David Davis and Boris Johnson, who must both feel bruised and angry.

The British Cabinet was demeaned by some Downing Street thug (thought to be Chief Whip Julian Smith) who aggressively told ministers they could damn well order minicabs home from the Prime Minister’s country house, Chequers, if they wished to resign last Friday.

And the national negotiating position has been severely weakened by the numerous concessions so feebly offered by Number 10.

Jul 11 09:17

Brexit is now 'guerrilla war': Backbench Tory rebels give Theresa May ONE WEEK to tear up her Chequers plan before unleashing a no-confidence vote in her leadership

Theresa May is facing a relentless 'guerrilla war' to make her drop her Brexit blueprint.

Two senior Tories yesterday became the latest to quit, telling the Prime Minister her Chequers plan would damage their party and Britain.

A ringleader of the Eurosceptic revolt warned of a resignation every day until Parliament goes into recess in a fortnight.

Mrs May has been given a one-week ultimatum to conceive a new plan or else face a no-confidence vote, The Daily Telegraph reported.

The group threatening the prime minister said it has 48 MPs prepared to write to the 1922 Committee, thereby triggering a ballot on Mrs May's leadership.

Jul 11 09:17

FLASHBACK 2012 - "Sick crimes will go uninvestigated": Fears of child sex abuse "cover-up" as Theresa May rejects calls for super inquiry

Theresa May was accused of a child sex abuse cover-up today after she snubbed calls for a super-inquiry which could look at claims against top Tories.

The Home Secretary gave details of three new probes including a police watchdog review of the botched investigations into pervert DJ Jimmy Savile.

But she rejected pleas to merge the eight different inquiries launched in the wake of the Savile scandal into a single one capable of examining all links.

Jul 11 09:08

Nigel Farage Warns He’ll Return As UKIP Leader If Brexit Betrayal Isn't Reversed

Nigel Farage has remained a staunch Brexiteer and Eurosceptic despite standing down as leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP) after Britain voted to leave the EU in 2016.

UKIP’s most successful leader warned on Tuesday he’ll have “no choice” but to return to frontline British politics if the government doesn’t cease its efforts to betray Brexit.

Farage issued the warning in an article published in The Telegraph, in which he applauded Boris Johnson and David Davis for resigning from UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s cabinet over their contrasting approaches to Brexit.

Jul 11 08:22

Hate speech: Christian doctor David Mackereth in UK fired and deemed ‘unfit to work’ for crime of saying gender is determined at birth

A doctor has been fired from a top government role for suggesting gender is determined at birth. Dr David Mackereth, 55, who has worked as an NHS doctor for 26 years, was deemed to be ‘unfit to work’ after he said he would refuse to identify patients by their preferred gender.

Jul 11 08:09

Police can’t say Skripal & Amesbury cases linked, ‘no guarantee’ those responsible will be caught

Britain’s counter-terrorism chief Neil Basu says he can’t guarantee authorities will catch those responsible for the nerve agent poisoning of the Skripals and Dawn Sturgess, and is even unable to say if both incidents are linked.

Basu, who is national lead for Counter Terrorism Policing, told residents of Amesbury he would “love to be able to say that we have identified and caught the people responsible and how we are certain there are no traces of nerve agent left anywhere in Wiltshire, but the brutal reality is that I cannot offer you any reassurance or guarantee at this time."

Jul 11 08:08

Monty Python’s Cleese to leave UK due to British press - ranked bottom of EU trust league

The eccentric actor got BBC presenter Emily Maitlis to confirm that according to the extensive public opinion polling carried out by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the UK is ranked last out of 33 European countries on levels of trust in the press.

Cleese laughed when Maitlis suggested the statistics illustrated that the UK press was robust, adding: “Least trusted does not necessarily mean not true.”

Jul 10 11:55

Remainers Congratulate May’s Brexit Betrayal

Anti-Brexit Members of Parliament have lavished praise on Prime Minister Theresa May as she defended her ‘Chequers Agreement’ which would see the UK remain effectively tied to the European Union after Brexit.
During an address of the House of Commons by the Prime Minister on Monday afternoon, Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable — who called the June 23rd, 2016, vote to leave the EU “white nostalgia” — congratulated Mrs May for the White Paper which could put a post-Brexit bilateral free trade deal with the United States at stake.

“I congratulate the Prime Minister for effectively ‘killing off’ the United States/UK trade agreement by agreeing to retain EU regulatory convergence which of course the Americans cannot accept,” said the MP for Twickenham.

Jul 10 11:55

Ex-Brexit Minister Slams May: Establishment ‘Don’t Want to Leave EU’, Exit Plan Led by ‘Fear and Supplication’

Steve Baker, who resigned from the Department for Exiting the European Union shortly after Secretary of State David Davis, has slammed Theresa May’s ultra-soft Brexit plan and the Remainer establishment.

BBC presenter Jo Coburn asked the former Minister of State if it was true he had been left “out of the loop” and his department was “basically marginalised in [the negotiation] process” on the Daily Politics programme in the aftermath of Davis’s resignation.

“There’s no way of getting around it, yes,” admitted Baker.

It has been common knowledge that Remain-supporting Theresa May and her main Brexit adviser, unelected bureaucrat and Soviet Union admirer Olly Robbins, have increasingly undercut and overruled the Department for Exiting the European Union, headed by Brexit supporter David Davis until the Prime Minister’s ultra-soft Brexit plan forced him to walk away from her administration.

Jul 10 11:54

British MP, establishment journalists rush for Putin's blood after Amesbury chemical death

The death of Dawn Sturgess from what police say was exposure to Novichok has sparked a new fit of Russia-blaming, as an MP, high-profile commentators and mainstream journalists pointed the finger at Moscow.

As British police launched a murder investigation into the poisoning and death of Dawn Sturgess, 44, in Amesbury, various self-styled chemical weapons experts on Twitter have cried for Russia's blood, squarely blaming Moscow for the incident yet in the early stages of the investigation.

Mike Gapes, the Labour and Co-operative MP for Ilford South who recently got some limelight by urging British parliamentarians against providing any commentary to RT, immediately named Russia as a party responsible for Sturgess' death.

"This was a murder of a British citizen as a result of use of a chemical nerve agent produced by the Russian state," Gapes wrote on Twitter, voicing something even Theresa 'highly likely' May has yet been wary of saying.

Jul 10 11:46

Theresa May’s Complete Brexit Betrayal

Jul 10 11:40

‘You drunk?’ Twitter abuzz after UK MP says World Cup should be ‘relocated’ to punish Russia

Twitter users have wryly suggested that a British MP may have been hacked or fallen ill after she called for the remaining World Cup games to be relocated in order to punish Russia for its alleged nerve agent use.

Tory MP Sarah Wollaston, who chairs the Health & Social Care Committee, had people worrying about her own health after she tweeted on Sunday: “Time to send a clear message to Putin about chemical weapons. Relocate the remaining games of #WorldCup18 to elsewhere in Europe.”

The tweet appears to have been written in response to the news that a British woman allegedly exposed to the nerve agent Novichok last Sunday in Amesbury had died. In an earlier tweet, Wollaston declared that the chemical weapon “was deliberately deployed here in Britain by the Russian State,” echoing similar unsubstantiated claims made by British media and government officials.

Jul 10 11:40

'Give us General Election': Calls for May No Confidence Vote Amid Brexit Tatters

Following the overnight resignation of the UK Brexit Minister David Davis, British politicians and political pundits have suggested a variety of ways the UK government should deal with the emerged crisis.

Calls for a no confidence vote, a snap election, another Brexit referendum and a new independence referendum in Scotland have surfaced online on Monday.

Mr. Davis said he didn't believe in the government's vision for the EU-UK relationship, which "would be a risk at least of delivering a poor outcome," adding that Britain was "giving too much away, too easily."

The UK PM Theresa May dealt a significant blow in the light of her Brexit Minister's resignation just days after she thought he reached an agreement with her divided Cabinet. While a replacement for Davis — Dominic Raab MP — has already been announced, the damage to the PM and her leadership has been done.

Jul 10 11:39

A leader with no party: The fate of every ruler who ignores the plebs, says QUENTIN LETTS as he sees Theresa May face the fallout of a double walkout

Here in the Westminster citadel, behind the spiked railings which keep impudent plebeians at bay, Theresa May aimed for blithe imperturbability. Though a bit puffy round the eyes, she essayed droll mastery and even a smile.

There was a wobble under her left heel as she approached the Commons despatch box at one point, but her voice did not crack too much as she spoke of ‘harmonisation’ (such a Brussels word) and of the ‘unity’ (ha!) in her Cabinet’s plans for ‘an orderly Brexit’.

Orderly? Beyond Parliament Square’s bleached grass, in the world outside bullet-proof motorcades and their close-clunk doors, she had just been strafed by two explosive Cabinet resignations. Conservative volunteers were going on strike, sickened were they by her wet Brexit. The bookies were pricing her likely successors.

Only in the alternative, delusional realm of high politics, where they lose sight of democracy, could that seem ‘orderly’.

Jul 10 11:32

Gerard Batten: ‘Theresa May should resign’

Jul 10 10:00

2 Tory party vice-chairs quitting over PM May's Brexit strategy - government official

Conservative Party vice-chairs Maria Caulfield and Ben Bradley have resigned over Theresa May’s Brexit proposals outlined at Chequers on Friday.

In his resignation letter Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield, warned: "If we do not deliver Brexit in spirit as well as in name, then we are handing Jeremy Corbyn the keys to number 10.”

Meanwhile, Caulfield, the MP for Lewes since 2017 said May’s Brexit policy “will be bad for our country and bad for the party,” and echoed Bradley’s concerns it would see the Labour leader coming in as the next prime minister.

Jul 10 09:58

New health sec took £30k in donations from chairman of think tank pushing to abolish NHS

Matthew Hancock, the new Health Sec has received £30,000 in private donations, since 2010, from the chairman of IEA, a free market think tank that advocates the abolition of the NHS, raising questions of a conflict of interest.