Dec 28 08:10

'The Euro is a suicide pact' Economist Prof. Steve Keen on Brexit and the European Central Bank

Dec 27 13:43

What's Really Going Down in Paris?

Dec 27 11:04

Russia warns Ukraine and NATO against sending ships through the Kerch Strait

Moscow called on Ukraine and its Western partners to abandon the new attempt to send naval ships through the Kerch Strait.

At a press briefing, the spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, called the possible passage of Ukrainian ships through the Kerch Strait "a reckless initiative", RIA Novosti reports.

Zakharova also noted that the "Western supervisors" of Kyiv should come up with a way of "reasoning with the ruling regime" in Ukraine in order to make them abandon the steps that could lead to escalation in the region.

According to Zakharova, the Russian Foreign Ministry believes that Ukraine’s plans to make a new attempt to send warships through the Kerch Strait are nothing more than a "provocation" in which Kyiv plans to involve NATO and the OSCE.

"Apparently, the recent incident with Ukrainian sailors, who became hostages of the aggressive policy of Kyiv authorities, did not teach anyone anything," Zakharova added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russian Foreign Minister Spokeswoman's Zakharova's voice is the voice of sweet reason here.

It appears that the US, NATO, and Ukraine, are hell-bent on causing a disturbance here, over Russia's response to Ukrainian military having not followed protocol about informing Russia that these ships were on their way ahead of time.

And further incidents in Kerch Strait, by Ukrainian, US, or NATO craft, may well be interpreted, and rightly so, as an act of war by Russia.

I am hoping (and praying) that the adults in the room in Brussels, Kiev, and DC, will have the horse-sense to back off here; the consequences of not doing so, may well lead to a world war.

I perceive that Putin is a cautious man, and will not take the first step toward a potential war; but there is a point past which he, and the Russian government, cannot be pushed without having to retaliate.

I hope that those clamoring for such an incident to happen, are absolutely, dead certain, of precisely where that point would be, in such a scenario, because I am absolutely not sure.

Dec 27 09:50


More than two years ago I wrote a comment with the title “When the Israel lobby rings twice”, but today it doesn’t quite fit anymore. In fact, the lobby has infiltrated German public life. They sit in almost all forums, parties, organizations. And in the media they are constantly on the lookout and consult editorial offices and broadcasters, so that everything goes according to their wishes and criticism of Israel is immediately stopped and the critics are silenced. The influence of this lobby and its demands are unprecedented. Why did the Merkel-Gro/Ko hide until today that during the last German-Israeli government consultations Prime Minister Netanyahu handed over a paper to Chancellor Merkel urging the German government to stop support for non-governmental organizations that allegedly “promote anti-Israeli activities”? We know only too well what this means and who.

Dec 27 09:39

Europeans will have to fork out billions more to fund the EU Budget if there is a No Deal Brexit and Britain does not pay £39billion divorce bill, the bloc's finance chief warns

A no deal Brexit could leave Europeans having to fork out billions more to plug the gaping hole in the EU's budget, the bloc's finance chief has warned.

Gunther Oettinger said the remaining 27 member states will face a hefty bill if the UK does not pay the £39billion divorce bill it has promised.

And he warned that Germany alone could have to cough up hundreds of millions of euros more to fund the shortfall.

Dec 27 08:19

Project Fear: Brexit Under Threat

The only way to effectively control a population without resorting to violence is to keep them subdued through fear, and this is exactly what is happening to the people of the U.K. as they try to get their democratic rights enacted.

On June 23, 2016, the British people took part in the largest ever democratic exercise in the nation’s history: They voted to leave the confines of the European Union and all of its institutions. The people voted, and the politicians acted. Unfortunately, the Westminster parliamentarians acted in none but their own interest.

Dec 27 08:08

Sweden CRISIS: EU state preparing for chaos in 2019 as mainstream parties shun populists

Dec 27 07:49

Fraud probe opens into EU police mission for West Bank

Is it possible to have a relaxing holiday if you are being investigated for fraud?

The European Union’s policing operation in the occupied West Bank faces exactly that challenge. A few days before many of its personnel left for a Christmas break, some less than welcome visitors came to see their new Ramallah headquarters.

Representing an anti-fraud office called OLAF, the visitors conducted a search, quizzed some staff and took various documents and electronic equipment away for further inspection.

The investigation has been unreported until now. Yet it is not the first time that the EU’s policing operation has been under suspicion.

In December 2016, the Union’s diplomatic service opened a probe into claims of nepotism and harassment at the operation’s headquarters.

Dec 27 07:46

We do not want a mixed population and therefore we are protecting our borders and oppose migration – Hungarian PM

Hungary was a loser in the 20th century but it is determined to be a winner in the 21st, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a Christmas interview published in daily Magyar Idok on Monday.

“There will be elections in 2019 but we are looking to 2030. Thanks to eight years of joint efforts, we are at the start of a new era and I am convinced that not only have we set off on an upward path but we will reach our goal,”

Dec 26 08:38


A man opened fire at a restaurant in central Brussels with a Kalashnikov, according to media reports.

The district has been placed on lockdown as authorities heighten their investigation, Britain’s Express reports:

Witnesses said they saw a Kalashnikov assault rifle used in the shooting, which took place in Avenue Louise, a luxury shopping street. The shooter fired three shots through the window of the restaurant in the Belgian capital, before fleeing at about 9 am GMT. Police have not yet ruled out terror as the motive for the attack, but said it was not believed to have been a terrorist attack. The motive remains unclear, police said.

No one was hurt in the incident, they added.

Dec 26 07:27

Europe will be stable and successful only if it remains European – Hungarian PM

Europe will be stable and successful only if it remains European, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in an interview with Austrian news portal published on Sunday.

Commenting on next year’s European Parliamentary elections, he said this will be the first time that the nations of Europe vote on a common issue.

Migration is an issue that concerns the entire continent and it will be in the focus of the election campaign everywhere, Orban said.

He expressed hope that those people will have the stronger voice who want to preserve and protect their national identity and Christian traditions. It would be good for Europe to have a common voice stating that Europe belongs to Europeans, he said.

Dec 26 07:26

‘Mary, has someone else emptied their sack into you?’ Jesus nativity sketch on Swedish TV draws ire

A producer has been forced to apologize after Swedish TV lost any customary cultural sensitivities and broadcast a profane primetime Christmas sketch, featuring a jealous Joseph interrogating Mary over the paternity of baby Jesus.
The live sketch, broadcast on Sunday, starts with the host earnestly urging the audience to “remember why we celebrate Christmas.”

The feed then cuts to Joseph asking the heavily-pregnant Virgin Mary if someone else has been “playing the daddy” and “emptied their sack” into her. As the flurry of sexual euphemisms continues and a rubber doll Jesus is "born", the Three Wise Men also enter, only to be asked by Joseph if they have been sleeping with his wife. The scene ends with Joseph asking in another single-entendre, “Who left the locomotive in the degreasing room?”

Dec 26 07:25

NATO seeks to misrepresent deal on military presence in N. Kosovo – Serbian president

NATO seeks to misrepresent the 2013 Brussels Agreement’s provisions concerning the presence of the Kosovo military in the northern part of the region, Serbian President Aleksander Vucic said on Tuesday. “Kosovo’s Regional Operational Support Unit (ROSU) may only enter the northern part of Kosovo if NATO forces allow it and the Serb community gives its consent… If NATO wants to violate the agreement, then it is a different matter,” he told the Pink TV channel. According to Vucic, NATO is trying “to forget the second part of the agreement.”

Dec 26 07:12

How Desire for Border Control in the West Saw Globalization Concede

Since its onset, the European migration crisis has reshaped the way governments handle border control, while promises to put a halter upon mass migration have won elections and broken up political unions.

In the political realm, the approach of EU member states to dealing with illegal migrants on their shores and frontiers have varied significantly — from Angela Merkel's "open door policy" to Viktor Orban's "Europe is under invasion" perspective.

The German Chancellor has largely relied on the concept of a united Europe and sought to distribute refugees among all 28 EU member states and eventually eliminate the causes of the refugee inflow.

Dec 26 07:08

Jean-Claude drunker

The atmosphere in Brussels has become, of late, reminiscent of the late Brezhnev era. We have a political system run by a bureaucratic apparatus which — just like the former USSR — serves to conceal important evidence. Especially when it comes to the health of its supreme leader, Jean-Claude Juncker.

At the Nato summit gala dinner last week, videos emerged showing Juncker unable to climb the few steps leading to the podium. He hesitates at the bottom before being grabbed by the very sturdy Ukrainian Petro Poroshenko. He is then held up during the ceremony. Afterwards Juncker — who is only 63, hardly an old man — staggers and wobbles away, propped up by Mark Rutte and António Costa, prime ministers of the Netherlands and Portugal. When asked about the incident, Juncker said that he suffered from sporadic ‘sciatica’. This remains the official explanation.

Dec 26 07:07

Bundestag Member: Nord Stream 2 Project to Result in EU-Russia Interdependence

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project will lead to mutual dependence of Russia and Europe rather than make the bloc unilaterally reliant on Russian energy supplies, Jurgen Trittin, a Greens lawmaker and member of the Bundestag's foreign affairs committee, said on Tuesday.

"The main argument [alleging] that they [European countries] will depend on Russia is wrong. The gas pipeline will lead to interdependence, because ties between a producer and a consumer are very strong," Trittin told Der Spiegel magazine, when asked whether the Nord Stream 2 project could be regarded as a threat to the security interests of Central and Eastern Europe.

Trittin stressed that a producer, as a rule, is even more dependent on its consumer since the latter has other sources of energy supplies.

Dec 26 07:05

Swedish National TV Under Fire for 'Hushing Up' Details of Hikers' Brutal Murder

Not only did the state broadcaster run an article claiming that the bestial murder of two Scandinavian girls in Morocco "had nothing to do with Islam", but it also put the emphasis on the fact that sharing the graphic video of the killing is illegal, while downplaying the sheer brutality of the murder itself, many viewers complained.

Swedish national broadcaster SVT has come under a storm of criticism for its coverage of the double murder of Louisa Vesterager Jespersen (24) and Maren Ueland (28) by Islamists in Morocco.

Many viewers complained that the state broadcaster was more concerned by the video of the killing being spread than the grisly murders themselves. While one of the victims was decapitated alive in the style of Daesh* executions, SVT didn't mention the beheading at all, instead merely reporting about "neck wounds".

The clip is so brutal that many people who have watched it admit to it having a deep impact and regret having ever played it.

Dec 25 10:26

The Fusion Doctrine, For a Totalitarian Take Over. Militarization and “Privatization of the State”

It has become increasingly apparent throughout the past decade that the nation state, and the traditional notion that it represents a culturally cohesive citizen’s platform, is no longer a valid supposition.

An increasingly significant number of citizens now feel that there is no trust-worthy party to turn to at election time; whereas those who continue to place their faith in one or other party, allow themselves to be swayed by the ubiquitous nature of state propaganda – and not by their better instincts. This propaganda is corporation infused and is tied-into the deliberate promotion of an increasingly “me, me” agenda. Materialistically inclined consumers and many of those reacting to the dog eat dog political agenda of the day, appear to believe that any sort of resistance to the dominant trend is pointless, preferring to think only about their own needs and wishes and how to get the best out of a bad situation.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please do a reality check for any blog you may visit, and ask yourself; is this simply corporate propaganda, or is there a basis for considering it true?!?

In order to survive in the 21st century, one has to become a 24/7 awareist, understanding immediately if what you are seeing or hearing is the truth, or corporate propaganda, to support an agenda (like the US's call for endless war).

Dec 25 09:46

After a hard BREXIT the EU, not the UK, may be suffering from the break up

Dec 25 09:41

Juncker's dreams of United States of EU ENDED - 'This puts integration OFF THE TABLE!'

The European Commission will struggle to promote plans for further integration among European Union member states because of the rise of populist movement across the bloc. Prof Alan Winters forecast the bloc will face "a hard time" as countries like Hungary and Italy solidify their defiant stance against decisions taken in Brussels. The British economist also suggested the EU will focus on protecting the single market from the aftermath of Brexit.

Dec 25 09:38


Two of my section came dashing into the billet during the morning and said, ‘What do you know, the Jerries are out on the top; they’re walking about, they’re dishing out drinks and cigarettes – there’s no fighting going on!

At Christmas 1914, an event occurred that was not repeated again during the First World War. An unofficial, spontaneous truce took place along some parts of the Western Front. It often started with a ceasefire as Christmas Day approached. German Army officer Walther Stennes recalled how, initially, this caused some concern.

On Christmas Eve at noon, fire ceased completely – on both fronts. Of course it was unusual that the opposite side also ceased fire. Then my officer controlling the sentries came in and said ‘Do you expect a surprise attack? Because it’s very unusual the situation.’ I said, ‘No I don’t think so. But anyhow everyone is awake, no one is sleeping and the sentries are still on duty. So I think it’s alright.’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something to contemplate, as we look at the endless wars the American Deep State and Military Industrial complex have planned for us.

Dec 25 09:31

Man Opens Fire With Kalashnikov at Restaurant in Brussels and Flees

According to media reports, a man fired three shots into a window of a restaurant in central Brussels before quickly fleeing the scene.

A witness reported that the man had a Kalashnikov assault rifle. No one was reportedly injured in the incident. The shooter was targeting La Parisienne restaurant on Avenue Louise.

According to a spokesperson for the prosecutor's office, Ine Van Wymersch, it was not believed to be a terrorist attack. The motive of the attack is unclear.

"A witness saw a man shoot with a Kalashnikov-style weapon in the direction of the window of a restaurant on Avenue Louise", Ine Van Wymersch said.

Dec 25 09:24

Edinburgh radio station Sputnik is Kremlin stooge, says MSP

Russians who live in Scotland and engage in “information warfare” to destabilise Britain should face having their assets seized, according to a leading MSP.

There is mounting suspicion that the Kremlin sponsored last month’s cyber attack on the Institute for Statecraft (IFS), a think-tank set up to counter Russia’s disinformation war and funded to the tune of more than £2m by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Russia’s English-speaking news channel RT (formerly known as Russia Today) and Sputnik, an internet radio station based in Edinburgh, were among the first to report details of the hack, which was mounted on November 5. It has fuelled suspicion that Russia was behind the hack and used its media outlets to amplify its impact.

Dec 25 09:18

‘McCarthyism on steroids’: Scottish MP demands Sputnik journos’ assets to be seized

Dec 24 10:14

Game Changer: French Police to Join Yellow Vests After Finding Out Gov’t is Ripping Them Off Too

As the “gilets jaunes” or “yellow vests” protests continue to take place across France, the government has been slowly acquiescing to the demands of citizens.

Dec 24 08:25

Swedish Journalist Gets to Keep Job After People Smuggling Conviction

Swedish journalist Fredrik Önnevall, an employee of public broadcaster SVT, has been convicted of human trafficking after bringing a migrant to Sweden but will still get to keep his job.

Önnevall, along with members of his crew, was found guilty this week in Sweden’s supreme court of people smuggling, Nyheter Idag reports.

While on assignment for the broadcaster in Greece in 2014, he smuggled a 15-year-old Syrian boy across multiple European countries and into Sweden.

Dec 23 10:27

Yellow vest protests spread to seventh country in ‘revolutionary Europe’

Yellow Vests have now spread to Portugal! A few hundred “yellow vest” protesters took to the streets throughout Portugal on Friday in an attempt to stop traffic, inspired by the French revolutionary “gilets jaunes”.

There were roughly 100 protesters crossing with police at a central square in Lisbon with other access roads blocked in the northern city of Braga earlier.

Dec 23 10:00

Springtime of Peoples: Europe Is in a Revolt and It's Wonderful

The emptiest, dumbest platitude of our time, uttered both by establishment stiffs like the Archbishop of Canterbury and by self-styled radical leftists, is that the 1930s have made a comeback. Treating that dark decade as if it were a sentient force, a still-extant thing, observers from both the worried bourgeoisie and the edgy left insist the Thirties have staggered back to life and have much of the West in their reanimated deathly grip. Looking at Brexit, the European turn against social democracy, the rise of populist parties, and the spread of ‘yellow vest’ revolts, the opinion-forming set sees fascism everywhere, rising zombie-like from its grave, laying to waste the progressive gains of recent decades.

Dec 23 09:58

Police draw guns on Yellow Vests as violent demonstrations hit France for sixth Saturday in a row and car crash victim becomes tenth person to die in chaos…while protests again spread to Brussels

A tenth person has died during the Yellow Vest protests in France as demonstrations resumed today, with police pulling their guns on activists amid fierce clashes in central Paris.

A 36-year-old motorist, who has not been identified publicly, died when his car collided with a lorry at a road block erected by protesters in Perpignan last night, in the south of the country.

A local police spokesman said: 'The victim was with a group of demonstrators when the accident happened just before midnight on Friday. An enquiry has been launched.'

Protesters also gathered around a tollbooth on a French motorway on Saturday causing huge queues of vehicles and long delays.

Meanwhile Brussels faced renewed demonstrations after a month of mass protests which have seen at least 400 people detained following clashes with police.

Dec 23 09:57

‘Creation of Kosovo army is illegal & dangerous move that can lead to war’

If Pristina decides to push the army into northern Kosovo, which is mostly populated by Serbs, Serbia will have to act to protect its people, filmmaker Boris Malagurski told RT.

As the UN Security Council was debating Kosovo’s move to transform its security forces into a professional military on Monday, Russia and Serbia decried the act as being without any legal basis.

“The EU reaction to the decision by Pristina cannot be described as [anything] other than toothless. This irresponsible policy has crossed the line,” Russia’s ambassador to the UN Vassily Nebenzya said after the UNSC meeting.

Dec 23 09:38

EU MADNESS: Juncker says World War 2 could have been AVOIDED if EU had been formed in time

CHIEF eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker has claimed early formation of the European Union would have averted World War 2 during a speech at the closing ceremony of Germany’s last coal mine.

Dec 22 13:04

EU MADNESS: Juncker says World War 2 could have been AVOIDED if EU had been formed in time

Mr Juncker, the European Commission president, relived a quote from an influential leader of one of the original movements for the creation of a unified European state – Richard Nikolaus Eijiro, Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi. Speaking at Prosper Haniel, Germany’s last coal mine, Mr Juncker said if Europeans had learned from the ideals of the International Paneuropean Union, World War 2 may have been avoided. Mr Juncker said: “Count of Coudenhove-Kalergi said in an impressive essay, so impressive that hardly anyone knows him anymore, he said, ‘We in Europe, if we want to avoid war between the European nations, we have to take coal and steel from the national hands and combine them on the European level.’

Dec 22 13:00

Afghan migrant rapes 78-year-old mentally disabled woman – She now lives in misery

A 26-year old Afghan migrant has been sentenced to five years in jail for raping an elderly woman in Belgium, newspaper HLN reports.

In April this year, the man entered a care facility for people with disabilities and raped a 78-year-old woman.

The woman, who has the mental capacity of a 3-year-old child, was found on her bed. She was in pain and her trousers were backwards.

Dec 22 12:59

Danish Minister for Migration: “Somalis go home and rebuild your country”

Danish authorities have concluded that the situation in some parts of Somalia is safe, and that Somalis no longer have valid grounds for asylum.

Following a review of the situation in Somalia, which began in 2017, residence permits will therefore be withdrawn for no less than 1,000 Somalis. “It is time for them to go home now,” Denmark states.

“If you no longer need our protection and your life and your health are no longer at risk in your homeland, you must of course return home and build up your country of origin”, says Minister for Migration Inger Støjberg, according to DR.

Dec 22 11:55

NATO To Up Funding Of Ukrainian Military, Antagonize Russia

KIEV, Ukraine – Several NATO countries have decided to allocate additional investments to the trust funds through which Ukraine receives military assistance.

This information was confirmed by the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Ivanna Klimpush-Tsintsadze, after the meeting of the Ukraine-NATO Commission at the level of ambassadors, reports Ukrinform agency .

“Several countries even announced today that they add additional resources to our programs, or to trust funds,” he said.

In particular, according to the policy, Norway has already announced the decision to provide additional 140,000 euros for the professional development program of NATO. In addition, the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic also signed a decree on the allocation of additional funds to the logistics trust fund.

Germany also confirmed that it would make an additional contribution to the trust fund for the medical rehabilitation of Ukrainian military personnel, added the deputy prime minister.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I did a little bit of research on this, and the information is very interesting, regarding NATO'S and the US's involvement with Ukraine, both financially, and militarily.

NATO has 7 "Trust Funds" for Ukraine, which means it can most likely move money very quickly, from one to another, for any reason NATO HIGH COMMAND sees fit: One has to wonder just what the names of these funds mean, as opposed to what these funds are really used for.

NATO-Ukraine Trust Funds

We know that over the past year, President Trump has approved several rather large sales of US military weapons to Ukraine.

President Trump Approves Lethal Weapons Sales to Ukraine

1 Mar 2018: U.S. steps up military assistance to Ukraine with plan to sell 210 anti-tank missiles

3 September, 2018:

October 25, 2018: Today, NATO begins a huge military exercise. Here’s what you need to know.

13 November, 2018:Ukraine looks west with air exercises, and high level discussions.

Look at the dates, and look how the timing of this aid/training seems to be escalating. There seems to be a very strong sense of tensions between Russia and Ukraine escalating, massively, at this point, most probably fanned on by NATO and the US government.

And now, right on cue, we have the Sea of Azov Incident: 26 November 2018: Russia's Sea of

And what did Poroshenko ask NATO to do, toward the last of November?!?29 November,2018: Ukraine President asks NATO to sen d ships to Sea of Azov

And here's where the situation is, as of the last of the last couple of days:

US to boost financing for Ukraine Navy after "Russian Attack" "The United States will provide an additional $10 million in military financing to Ukraine to bolster its navy after Russia captured three Ukrainian vessels at sea last month, in a "dangerous escalation," the State Department said on Friday."

And today, we have the following article, from bbc:

Gavin Williamson: UK ship in Ukraine 'sends message to Russia

And another article from the Kiev Post: Russian Fighter jets land in Crimea, amid Ukraine Tensions

And, in the World According to Google: "Under a 2003 treaty, Russia has the right to inspect any vessel sailing to or from the Sea of Azov. Ukraine has accused Russia of abusing that right. Ukraine has also opposed a Russian-constructed bridge that crosses the Kerch strait and connects Russia and Crimea.Nov 27, 2018"

Folks, something wicked this way comes, between Ukraine (and NATO and the US) and Russia, most probably in the very near future. And look at the characterisation of how Russia responded, as a "Russian Attack", when it was the Ukraine ships which refused to honor protocol, although they had been asked to several times by the Russians.

And I have to wonder how many American soldiers, leaving either Syria, or hopefully, soon, Afghanistan, will be re-deployed to Kiev.

Dec 22 09:35

Why Italy Could Join the UK in the Race Out of the EU

By John Phelan

Few in the United States might know it if they watch the news, but in recent weeks France has been rocked by some of its most serious civil unrest since 1968. In a country as famous for its civil unrest as for its cuisine, this is a big story.

From France…

What started out as protests against an unpopular fuel tax—part of France’s attempts to fight climate change—grew in scale and morphed into demonstrations against the state of the French economy in general....

Dec 22 09:11

Psychoanalysing NATO: The Diagnosis

Authored by Patrick Armstrong via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

In previous essays I argued that NATO tries to distract our attention from its crimes by accusing Russia of those crimes: this is "projection". NATO manipulates its audience into thinking the unreal is real: this is "gaslighting". NATO sees what it expects to see – Moscow's statements that they will respond to medium range missiles emplaced next door are re-jigged as the "threats" which justify NATO's earlier act: this is "confirmation bias". And, finally, NATO thinks Russia is so weak it's doomed and so strong that it is destroying the tranquility of NATO Land: this is a sort of geopolitical "schizophrenia". (I must acknowledge Bryan MacDonald's marvelous neologism of Russophrenia - a condition where the sufferer believes Russia is both about to collapse, and take over the world.)

Dec 22 09:00

The New French Revolution?

Dec 22 07:53

Russia to target any US missiles deployed in Europe after INF treaty terminated — Kremlin

Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier spoke of possibility of a nuclear war following the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF)

If the United States deploys its missile systems in Europe after terminating the INF Treaty, Russia will have to aim its own missiles at those systems, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said in a Channel One broadcast on Thursday night.

Russia not seeking arms race, but a balance of power — Putin
The presidential spokesman was asked to comment on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s words about the possibility of a nuclear war following the US withdrawal from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump, I would politely, but strongly, caution you that the Russians mean precisely what they say.

Right now, I am reminded of that archetypal dream, where one is observing two trains, headed toward each other, and you can see what the result will be, which is a spectacular crash, with horrific fatalities, but are unable to get the attention of the engineers driving both trains.

War is a brilliant money maker, for those with stockpiles of bandages and bombs, and who can charge usurious prices for those items, as well as money to lend to governments to pursue their wars; but war is a pretty lousy way of conducting foreign policy.

In fact, I would characterise war as the abject failure of honorable,, moral diplomacy, with which governments should be achieving their political, and financial, objectives.

I would therefore, strongly suggest to President Trump, now that he has announced that US troops are leaving Syria, that he very much consider the possibility of meeting with Putin, and very soon.

The time is, unfortunately, running out for a positive outcome on this issue, and I hope that both Trump and Putin have the moral character to come to a reasonable resolution on this.

Dec 21 10:03

US Withdrawal from Syria Ineffective in Regional Developments

TEHRAN (FNA)- Washington is not playing a role in developments in Syria, and as a result the US’ possible withdrawal of troops from the Arab country will have no impact on relevant political equations, said a renowned Iranian analyst of the regional developments.

The US is currently having 3,000 troops on ground in Syria, and according to their military system, 1,000 out of them are combat forces and 2,000 others are logistics personnel,” said regional affairs analyst Saadollah Zareyee on Thursday.

His remarks came after some American news outlets relayed earlier that the US President Trump has ordered full withdrawal of Washington’s military from Syria.

Zareyee added that the US is currently having the minimum size of military presence in Syria in comparison with other players on the ground, highlighting that all American troops are stationed in Eastern borders of the Arab country at eight bases with the largest base in the North of Raqqa.

“The US is not on firm ground in Syria as it has no local ally in there. ..." >>>

(*so don't let the door . hit you in the ...)

Dec 20 09:45

Swedish Politician Says It’s “Crucial” For Young Swedes To Learn Arabic if They’re to be Successful

Swedish Moderate Party leader Ulf Kristersson insists that it’s “crucial” for young Swedes to learn Arabic if they are to be successful in the future.

During a speech at Haymarket Hotel in Stockholm, Kristersson said that in order to assure Sweden’s “competitiveness in the increasingly globalised economy,” it’s crucial for the long term success of Swedish students “to master not only English, school-level French and school-level German, but also Arabic and Chinese.”

Some may take Kristersson’s remarks as another sign that Sweden, which has accepted large numbers of migrants from the Middle East in recent years, is becoming increasingly Islamic.

For hundreds of years, Finnish was the second most spoken language in the Scandinavian country but was recently overtaken by Arabic as Sweden’s largest minority language.

Dec 20 09:05

"The EU offers Brits Halloween at Christmas!"

OK so we’ve had the worst-case scenario for leaving the EU given to us by numerous outlets ranging from the Bank of England to the spoiled prepubescent acting momentum supporter and everyone in-between.

So, I am now going to tell you the worst-case scenario of remaining in the EU based on actual known factors and figures, sourced from the public records of the UK Government, the EU Parliament, The Bank of England, the CBI, Migration watch, The Stock exchanges around the world, the IMF, and the UN.

So those of you who think that this little rant is a tin foil hat moment by myself think again and go and fully research and cross reference what I am about to tell you and remember this is worst-case scenario that could happen unless I clearly point out where it will happen by either a date or other factor.

Dec 20 08:53

Juncker warns of no deal 'catastrophe' amid fears of grounded British flights and the worst border chaos 'since wartime' as EU reveals its plans for Brexit doomsday

Brussels today threatened to curb British flights and kick out UK ex-pats if there is no Brexit deal.

As the bitter standoff deepened, the EU released details of its plans for what happens if negotiations fail.

According to the plans, British airlines would be allowed to operate flights between the UK and the continent.

However, they would be barred from flying between EU airports, or operating services from Europe to the US.

EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker said a disorderly British exit would be a 'catastrophe', while one EU official warned of the worst border disruption 'since wartime'.

Dec 20 08:52

France Says to Stay in Syria after US Troops Ordered Home

France will maintain its participation in the coalition purportedly fighting Daesh terrorists in Syria, government officials said Thursday after US President Donald Trump surprised Washington's allies by ordering American troops home.....

Dec 20 07:54

Did the Riksbank of Sweden just panic?

Dec 19 09:59

US confirms pullout from INF treaty, Moscow will respond if missiles placed in Europe – deputy FM

Washington has confirmed its decision to withdraw from the INF treaty is final, Russia’s deputy foreign minister said, adding that Moscow will 'take measures' if American missiles that threaten its security are placed in Europe.

“Washington publicly announced its plans to withdraw from the treaty (the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces) already in October. Through the high-level bilateral channels it was confirmed to us that this decision was final and wasn’t an attempt to initiate dialogue,” Sergey Ryabkov told the Kommersant newspaper.

Dec 19 08:29

'REAL people voted!' FURIOUS backlash as Gina Miller claims referendum ignored real people

A PROMINENT campaigner for a second referendum received a powerful backlash when she voiced her objectives on a national TV show.

Gina Miller appeared on France 24 as a proponent of a ‘people’s vote’ explaining that, in the event of a second referendum, the vote would need to be “about the lives of real people.” But many people were not happy and took to the internet to vent their fury. One YouTube user said: “Real people did vote already and real people were given a choice about the future of Britain and real people want to save their nation and their sovereignty.”

Dec 19 08:27

Verhofstadt sparks furious row with MPs - 'DON'T tell Britain what to do!'

Tory Brexiteer MP Steve Double lashed out at the European Parliament’s Brexit negotiator telling him “its not your job to tell UK MPs what to do”. Mr Double warned the Brussels chief it will be “as much the responsibility of the EU” if Britain leaves without a deal because it had backed the UK into an “untenable position”. He tweeted: “Dear Mr Verhofstast (sic). It's not your job to tell UK MPs what to do in representing our constituents. No one here is glorifying no deal but neither are we afraid.

Dec 19 08:07

Have British Spies Been Hacking the EU?

For those who cannot get past the Telegraph paywall, the gist is that that the European Union has accused the British intelligence agencies of hacking the EU’s side of the Brexit negotiations. Apparently, some highly sensitive and negative EU slides about British Prime Minister Theresa May’s plan for Brexit, the Chequers Plan, had landed in the lap of the British government, which then lobbied the EU to suppress publication.

Of course, this could be a genuine leak from the Brussels sieve, as British sources are claiming (well, they would say that, wouldn’t they?). However, it is plausible that this is the work of the spies, either by recruiting a paid-up agent well placed within the Brussels bureaucracy, or through electronic surveillance.

Dec 19 07:48

NO DEAL? NO WORRIES The European Union has more to lose from a No Deal Brexit than a well-prepared UK

While negotiating a deal with the EU is preferable, the No Deal scenarios of food shortages and lack of medicines, put forward by Project Fear doom-mongers, are preposterous

Dec 19 07:37

Lithuanian Parl't Votes to Buy Floating LNG Terminal After 2024 - Ministry

Lithuanian lawmakers on Tuesday voted to buy a floating liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal after 2024 as part of the Baltic country's efforts to ensure its energy security, the Lithuanian Energy Ministry said in a statement.

"Today, the parliament approved the [Energy Ministry's] proposal to secure long-term LNG imports by acquiring a floating LNG terminal after 2024," the statement read.

Dec 19 07:34

'Look at What the Chaos is': EU Implosion is 'a Real Scenario' - Journalist

Mark Rutte, the Dutch Prime Minister, marked the beginning of the ‘People's Party for Freedom and Democracy’ campaign for the Provincial State elections by publishing an open letter addressed to the Dutch people on all national newspapers. What did he write to his fellow citizens?

Sputnik has discussed the issue with journalist Joost Niemoller.

Sputnik: What is pushing Mark Rutte to make this appeal at the moment?

Joost Niemoller: That’s a good question because he doesn’t say it. This has come out of nowhere, it’s an advertisement in a newspaper, and he doesn’t give any reason for it.

Even his own party, the VVD [People's Party for Freedom and Democracy], isn’t mentioned in the whole advertisement. It’s like it is a total spontaneous outburst of feeling, and he wants to communicate it with the Dutch people.

Dec 19 07:32

Either the EU ditches neoliberalism or its people will ditch the EU

We live in a world fashioned by Washington, and as 2019 approaches the dire consequences remain woefully evident.

In 1948 US State Department mandarin George Kennan – the man credited with devising the policy of containment vis-à-vis the Soviet Union at the end of WWII, – laid bare the focus of US foreign policy in the postwar period:

“We have about 50 percent of the world’s wealth, but only 6.3 percent of its population…Our real task in the coming period is to devise a pattern or relationships which will permit us to maintain this position of disparity. To do so, we will have to dispense with all sentimentality and daydreamings…We are going to have to deal in straight power concepts.”

The “pattern of relationships” advocated by Kennan is embodied in the panoply of international institutions that have governed our world and dominated the planet’s economic, geopolitical, and military architecture in the seven decades since.

Dec 18 17:25

Belgium's PM Charles Michel Resigns After Facing Huge Backlash For Signing UN Migration Pact

Belgian prime minister Charles Michel resigned on Tuesday after facing massive backlash by nationalists for signing onto the UN Migration Pact, also known as the UN Suicide Pact.

Dec 18 15:51

Dispute over migration brings down Belgian government

Belgium’s Francophone liberal prime minister Charles Michel has resigned in the wake of a bitter falling out with his erstwhile Flemish coalition partner. He told MPs he would offer his resignation to the king after socialists and greens tabled a motion of no-confidence in his minority government on Tuesday .

Mr Michel has being trying to put together a working majority in parliament since the right-wing nationalist New Flemish Alliance (NVA) walked out nine days ago.

Dec 18 11:00

VOX Party Could Gain Seats in Spanish Parliament for 1st Time in 40 Years - Poll

Spain's VOX party is projected to win 12 seats in the country's parliament if the vote were held on Monday, thus becoming the first right-wing party to make it to the parliament in 40 years, a poll by research and communication consultancy GAD3 showed.

VOX, which was created in 2013, already won 12 seats in the Andalusian regional parliament during the elections held on December 2. This situation can lead to the formation of the right-centrist government in the region, that will challenge the position of the Spanish Socialist Worker's Party, which holds power for 40 years already.

Dec 18 11:00

Italian Prime Minister Reiterates Need to Lift Russia Sanctions - Moscow

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte reaffirmed his commitment to the idea that sanctions against Russia should not be tightened, but lifted, Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov told Sputnik on Monday.

"Our Italian colleagues, in particular the Italian Prime Minister, are principally stand for lifting sanctions [against Russia] as soon as possible," Manturov said after his meeting with the Italian official.

Manturov added that he had thanked Conte for such a firm position, which he had repeatedly demonstrated, including at the meeting of the European Council.

Dec 18 10:30

All of Europe’s Powerful Countries Are Effectively Leaderless, EU Adrift -  Russia’s Top Anchor (Dmitry Kiselyov)

Kiselyov is excellent again here, nailing the truth about how decrepit Europe is these days.

He thinks the political chaos the worst “since the times of WWII”. Merkel, Macron, and May are all in serious trouble, and unable to lead.

Dec 18 10:25


The UK has negotiated an agreement to stay in the Common Transit Convention (CTC) even if there is no Brexit deal between the two sides. This means that goods can continue to be transported freely between the UK and the EEA with customs declarations and import duties only being paid when the goods arrive at their final destination. It is particularly important for the Republic of Ireland which transports the majority of its exports to the EU across the UK “land bridge”.

Dec 18 09:54

"Wake Up!" Italian MEP REDPILLS EU Lawmakers

Dec 18 09:31


President Juncker will be able to afford a many more boozy lunches in 2019. As a result of a Christmas pay rise, from January bureaucrats in the EU will be paid more than €20,000 a month, Commissioners will be paid €26,600 a month, and President Juncker will be paid a whopping €32,700 a month.

Dec 18 09:28

Polish President Duda signs bill reinstating Supreme Court judges

Polish President Andrzej Duda has signed legislation reinstating Supreme Court judges who were forced into early retirement despite the EU condemning their removal as a violation of democratic standards.

Dec 18 06:09

Moldova’s integration to NATO to be revised after elections, vows president

Attempts by the current Moldovan government to cozy up to NATO are illegal, because this violates the country’s constitution, Moldovan President Igor Dodon told Izvestia. He noted that all agreements aimed at Chisinau’s integration into the alliance had to be revised after the upcoming parliamentary elections. "Of course, there were attempts on the part of the current government to deepen cooperation with NATO. I strongly oppose these initiatives. We need to strengthen our neutrality status. That’s why an agreement with Romania and other accords on military cooperation contradict the constitution and should be cancelled after the parliamentary elections," he stressed. NATO is trying to drag as many former Soviet states into the alliance as possible under the pretense of its "open door policy" (enshrined in Article 10 of the alliance’s founding document), First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council’s (upper house) Foreign Affairs Committee Vladimir Dzhabarov told the paper.

Dec 17 15:23

Belgian Government Gasses Its Own People At Protest Against UN Migration Pact

The Belgian government gassed its own people on Sunday at a 5,000-strong rally protesting against the government signing the UN Migration Pact, also known as the "UN Suicide Pact," against the will of the public.

Dec 17 12:27

US pushes for Kosovo army, while NATO raises doubts

On Monday, the UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting at Serbia’s request following the decision by Kosovo’s parliament to create a regular army based on the Kosovo Security Force (KSF). The United States has endorsed this move, while the NATO Secretary-General has branded it as untimely. As for Russia and Serbia, they both condemned the plan, Kommersant writes. Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic is convinced that Kosovo’s steps have been encouraged by the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany. Moscow backed Belgrade’s stance, warning that the creation of a Kosovo army could trigger severe consequences for security in the Balkans. A source close to the Kosovo leadership told Kommersant that Pristina would not have decided to take this crucial step without Washington’s support. However, diplomatic sources in the region are urging everyone not to lose their cool over this decision by Kosovo, stressing that the creation of this army could take at least ten years.

Dec 17 11:25

Kent Ekeroth (SD): "Sweden Was a Paradise, Then You Came". Speech and Debate on Immigration.