Feb 07 15:59

World War 3 WARNING: Russia, US and France launch nuclear-capable missiles HOURS APART

RUSSIA, the United States and France have test-launched nuclear-capable missiles within hours of one another as fears rise of a return to a Cold War-era arms race amid the abandonment of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

Feb 07 13:01

Macedonia set to become NATO's 30th member in move that will infuriate Russia

Macedonia has taken a big step towards joining Nato after allies signed a key document that could see the tiny Balkans country become the 30th member of the world's biggest military alliance.

Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and Macedonian Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov led the 'accession protocol' signing ceremony on Wednesday at the alliance's Brussels headquarters.

Greece had previously blocked Macedonia's Nato membership for a decade over a name dispute, but Macedonia has agreed to change its tittle to 'North Macedonia' to gain access to Nato and the EU.

Feb 07 12:19

BREXIT HELL: Brussels to tell May she'll get no help until MARCH - PM's vote DOOMED

THERESA May is expected to leave Brussels empty-handed today after a series crunch meetings with the EU’s most senior officials and politicians in her bid to break the Brexit impasse.

Feb 07 12:17

EU DECEPTION: How politicians ‘CONSPIRED to keep truth about Brussels AWAY from people'

In 2003 documentary “The Real Face of the European Union”, journalist Philip Day claimed that the politicians who took European nations into the bloc deceived their citizens and "conspired" to keep the truth hidden.

Mr Day said: “Only in 1994, Chancellor Khol’s foreign policy spokesman, speaking on behalf of the ruling party of Europe’s dominant nation, Germany, clearly revealed the true plan.

"The plan is to create a federal European superstate and, into it, will be merged up to 25 ancient European nations including our own.

"This new country called Europe will have one parliament, one government, one court of justice, one currency, one flag and one anthem.

"That has been the plan all along but those who favoured it knew that people of Europe would never accept it.

"They would never willingly surrendered their freedoms to become just a province in a vast European superstate. So what did they politicians do?

"They conspired to keep the truth from the people.”

Feb 07 11:41

Maastricht Treaty: How EU's Landmark Deal Became a Ticking Bomb 27 Years Later

While the initial success saw the bloc more than double its membership to 28 states by the time the EU officially became "of age", it was the global economic meltdown of 2009 that finally exposed the deep underlying shortcomings of the "United States of Europe" concept. In the meantime, the Arab Spring turmoil and its lasting aftershocks spilled over into Europe's ongoing migration crisis, making the United Kingdom the first EU state set to leave the bloc in 2019, allowing for critical voices within the union to grow stronger.

Feb 07 11:33

MOSCOW REVEALS: US Plans To Deploy NUCLEAR Weapons In Europe By 2020 Aimed At Russia

The United States plans to begin deploying modified nuclear weapons in Europe in the first half of 2020, said Anatoly Sidorov, UNTSC chief of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

“The US intentions are to further exacerbate the international situation is demonstrated by its advanced aviation nuclear weapons mass production program, approved at the end of 2018,” Sidorov told a news conference.

He added that “the deployment of these weapons at Belgian, Dutch, German, Italian and Turkish air bases, where about 200 previous generation unmanned aerial bombs are stored, is expected to begin in the first half of 2020.”

Feb 07 11:32

Pressure mounts for EU President Donald Tusk to apologise after the Eurocrat said there was 'a special place in hell' for 'no-plan' Brexiteers

EU chief Donald Tusk was under intense pressure to apologise last night after saying leading Eurosceptics deserve a ‘special place in Hell’.

The European Council president hurled a grenade into today’s talks with Theresa May, saying the EU was ‘not making any new offer’ to rescue her Brexit deal.

Mr Tusk, who has previously called for a second referendum, then attacked senior Brexiteers, saying: ‘I’ve been wondering what that special place in Hell looks like for those who promoted Brexit without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely.’

Incredibly, he was then caught laughing on microphone after Irish premier Leo Varadkar whispered to him that the British would give him ‘terrible trouble’ over the jibe.

Feb 07 11:24

Claim: Government to Delay Brexit by Another Two Months with ‘Grace Period’

The British government is working in private to engineer another delay to Brexit, this time a two month period pushing back the legally enshrined March 29th departure date.

Christened with another obscuring name akin to the negotiation period, transition period, and even a mooted extension to the transition period — all simply means of delaying the actual date the United Kingdom becomes free of the European Union — the new so-called “grace period” is now being discussed in “secret” meetings in Westminster by senior members of the Government.

Feb 07 11:03

Delingpole: The EU Treated Greece Like a Whipped Slave; Britain Deserves Better

As I mentioned last week, never have I seen a documentary so utterly damning of the EU project, the ruthless technocrats who run it and the complicit politicians who keep their reluctant citizens enslaved within it. Yet amazingly, it was made with these people’s full consent.

No one tricked Donald Tusk, Nicholas Sarkozy, Timothy Geithner, George Osborne, Manuel Barroso, and co into sitting down in front of a camera and revealing how self-serving and arrogant they are, how utterly contemptuous of the ordinary people they are supposed to serve. If the European Union is a conspiracy against democracy — and it is — it’s a conspiracy in plain sight in which most of the key players are more than happy to boast about their role in it.

This week’s episode focused on the brief attempt in 2010 by plucky little Greece to stand up to the EU monolith and defend its people, its traditions, and its sovereignty.

Feb 07 11:02

Dutch Football Fans Chant 'Jews Burn Best' on Holocaust Remembrance Day - Report

The alleged incident took place near the De Kuip Stadium in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on International Holocaust Remembrance Day, on 27 January.

Dutch police arrested five football fans for purportedly chanting anti-Semitic slogans upon the arrival of players from Amsterdam's Ajax Club to the De Kuip Stadium in the city of Rotterdam, according to the Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI), a Dutch watchdog on anti-Semitism.

Feb 06 18:53

JACOB REES-MOGG Donald Tusk’s ‘special place in hell for Brexiteers’ comment proves exactly why we need to leave the EU

Donald Tusk’s claim that there is a “special place in hell” for Brexiteers who wanted to quit the bloc “without a plan” shows exactly why the British people rejected the EU in the first place.

Mr Tusk’s arrogant and high-handed approach assumes the public did not make an informed decision to Leave.

He is saying that 17.4million people are stupid and got it wrong primarily because they are objecting to the system that he benefits from.

Britain is implementing the will of the people. That is democracy, but Mr Tusk represents bureaucracy so is incapable of understanding the popular mood.

Considering all the problems going on elsewhere in the bloc - like the violence in France, and the devastation caused by the euro, you would expect them to have some appreciation for the discontent that many people feel with the EU.

Instead, he makes lurid comments about people who want to look after their voters’ interests, and deliver on what they wanted.

Feb 06 18:51

BREXIT LIVE: ‘Lucifer wouldn’t welcome them!’ Now Verhofstadt MOCKS UK as EU mask slips

BREXITEERS are not even welcome in hell a top European diplomat has said as EU leaders continue to insult the 17.4 million people who voted to quit the bloc.

Guy Verhofstadt, who serves as the European Parliament’s representative in Brexit negotiations, has said the devil himself would turn Brexiters away from the gates of the underworld for fear they would “divide hell” too.

Feb 06 12:12

EU states fold like cheap tents to US demands on Venezuela, Italy one of few to stay independent

As the former British prime minister Harold Macmillan would have put it, "It's not one damned thing, it's one damned thing after another."
For the European Union, Italy has become that turbulent priest of whom they wish they could be rid, the fly in the ointment, the spanner in the works of neo-liberalism and war. If this is what they mean by "populism," it's little wonder that all roads increasingly lead to Rome.

Feb 06 10:55

Reality Check: Is Russia planning to invade Sweden or is UK media spreading more baseless hysteria?

Two of Britain’s leading newspapers have run delirious headlines this week, warning of a potential Russian assault on neutral Sweden.
“Sweden’s first new conscripts prepare to repel Russian invaders” – the Telegraph.

“First Swedish conscripts in a decade begin training to defeat a Russian invasion” – Daily Mail.

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Poor Sweden (population over 9 million) getting ready to repel an attack from big, bad Russia (population 145 million).

Feb 06 09:25

The trouble in Europe has only begun

Feb 06 09:02

Mount Olympus Drills 'Latest Sign' of US Military Expansion in Greece – Report

Last year, Washington and Athens agreed to deploy US drones to the Larissa Air Force base in Greece. The allies are currently considering deploying US F-35 fighter jets to a base in the Greek city of Volos.

Washington and Athens conducting a joint live-fire exercise at the foot of Mount Olympus in January is "the latest sign" of the US military expanding its presence in Greece, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports.

The newspaper cited Greek Brigadier General Georgios Fasoulos, who observed the exercises, as saying that the Athens-Washington alliance equally meets the interests of both sides.

Feb 06 08:56

Panzers on the Rhine: US tanks head for Eastern Europe in hollow show of force

American tanks are floating down the Rhine once again, en route to Eastern Europe as part of ‘Atlantic Resolve,’ a NATO push to force Russia into submission. Moscow shows no signs of being worried, however.

On Tuesday, the German tabloid BILD shared a photo of US tanks sailing past the famous Cologne Cathedral. The M1A1 Abrams tanks were stacked on a river barge, still in their desert camouflage paint, reportedly on the way to bases in Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland and Romania.

Feb 06 08:54

Italian MEP: “The real fascists are in Brussels”

The European elites are worried that anti-immigration parties will take over, said Lega-member of European Parliament Marco Zanni to the Hungarian daily Magyar Hirlap. “The EU elites are attacking politicians because of their stance on migration.”

The Italian politician stressed that the migration policy of the Hungarian and the Italian government is supported by the people, even if pro-immigration elites want to delegitimise these democratically elected governments.

Zanni said that Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini wants to lead those parties who want deep changes in three areas: migration, internal security and economic development. His slogan is “let’s do less together, but better”, because Salvini wants more subsidiarity and nation states to return to the EU’s center. The MEP stressed that there should be effective co-operation in some areas, like the single market.

Feb 06 08:54

Dutch delegation not welcome in Hungary – “They compared Hungary to Islamic State”

The Hungarian government will not receive the Dutch parliamentary delegation visiting Budapest to investigate the state of the rule of law in the country, a foreign ministry official told public media on Tuesday.

Tamas Menczer, state secretary for communications and international representation, said The Netherlands was not a Hungarian oversight body, and Dutch pro-migration politicians had no right to carry out an investigation in Hungary.

Feb 06 08:41

Polish Farmers Want to Resume Trade With Russia, Cut Imports From Western Europe

Several thousand farmers from different Polish regions are holding a rally outside the presidential palace in Warsaw, demanding that the government resume trade with Russia and limit imports of food products from Western Europe, a Sputnik correspondent reported on Wednesday.

Farmers demand repayment of various compensations, control over the imports of agricultural products as well as an increase of purchase prices. They are also angered by the absence of access to the Russian market.

"When the Russian market was open, I was able to buy a new tractor from 3 hectares (7.4 acres) of potatoes, while now it is impossible," one of the farmers said.

Feb 06 08:40

EU's Donald Tusk Promises 'Special Place in Hell' For Brexiteers

The European Union is first and foremost a peace project, said the President of the European Council Donald Tusk on Wednesday, adding that this is why the bloc insists on the Irish backstop.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar held a press conference with Mr. Tusk in Brussels, where both leaders addressed the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

During the presser, Tusk employed strong rhetoric when commenting on officials championing Brexit "without a plan."

"I've been wondering what that special place in hell looks like, for those who promoted Brexit, without even a sketch of a plan how to carry it out safely."

Feb 05 13:54

Russia blames NATO for dismantling INF due to plans to deploy launchers to PolandMore:

Moscow is urging NATO to avoid turning Europe into an arena of confrontation, which would certainly happen if US launchers were stationed in Poland.

NATO shoulders direct responsibility for the undoing of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty given its plans to deploy US missile defense systems to member states, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Monday.

"Unfortunately, Alliance member states have demonstrated that they are not ready for a substantive dialogue on the Mk-41 missile launchers, which are deployed to Romania and are planned to be deployed to Poland next year in breach of the INF Treaty," the statement reads. "These systems are part of NATO’s missile defenses so the Alliance is directly responsible for the destruction of the Treaty," the Russian Foreign Ministry added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Although the time frame would be in 2020 for such weapons to be placed in Poland at the moment, Russia may well feel forced to place their version
of the Mk-41 missile launchers in Kaliningrad soon, which is just 128 miles from the Polish border.

There have been reports of Russian military improvements done there last year, as this story from October, 2018, indicates:

Russian SRBM, air force and nuclear build-up in Kaliningrad, can facilitate a maneuver and transfer of the forces from Kaliningrad and to Poland and the neighboring countries.

Although this work appears to be pretty standard, in terms of facilities refurbishments, note the tone of terror in that list line, when they use the phrase "can facilitate a maneuver and transfer of the forces from Kaliningrad and to Poland and the neighboring countries.", as though this is absolutely a war preparation?!?

Feb 05 13:15

Brussels CRACKS: Brexit breakthrough nears as EU united front IMPLODES

Brussels “monster” Martin Selmayr lashed out at Brexiteers and claimed “nobody is considering” legally binding changes to the divorce deal. But German Chancellor Angela Merkel signalled she was ready to find a compromise. The EU powerhouse insisted it was time to be “creative” and said an agreement can be reached if everyone “shows good will”. Mrs Merkel said: “There are definitely options for preserving the integrity of the single market even when Northern Ireland isn’t part of it because it is part of Britain while at the same time meeting the desire to have, if possible, no border controls.

Feb 05 10:26

Juncker's aide 'The Monster' says Brussels will NOT give legal guarantees on the backstop in fresh blow to May - but Merkel insists Northern Ireland border 'riddle' CAN be solved by 'compromise'

A top aide to Jean-Claude Juncker warned today the EU would not give the legal guarantees on the Irish border backstop demanded by Brexiteers.

The EU commission's top official Martin Selmayr - whose nickname in Brussels is 'The Monster' - also delivered a thinly-veiled threat by boasting that Brussels had 'done well' to start its no deal preparations in December 2017.

But in a sign of possible splits, Angela Merkel insisted the 'riddle' of the Irish border could be solved by compromise on both sides.

The German Chancellor said she was determined to do 'everything' to avoid the UK crashing out, saying it could be done if 'everyone shows goodwill'.

The latest signals from the EU came as it emerged the PM will deliver a speech in Northern Ireland tomorrow as she scrambles to find a way through the standoff.

Feb 05 10:25

Merkel says it’s still possible to agree on Irish border with Britain

German Chancellor Angela Merkel says it is still possible for the EU and Britain to come to an agreement on how the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland will function after Brexit, adding that London needs to come forward with a proposal. During a trip to Japan on Monday, Merkel said the already-agreed Brexit withdrawal agreement can’t be renegotiated.

Feb 04 12:36

Israel’s plan for post-Brexit Britain

“If you have been puzzled by the insane campaign against British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, spearheaded by the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the Jewish Chronicle, the Campaign Against Anti-Semitism, and others, the Ynet article raises the possibility that the campaign has not actually been about ‘anti-Semitism’. It is more likely about shekels, in that Corbyn in Number 10 Downing Street could easily interfere with ‘Israel’s plans for Britain’.” >>

Feb 04 11:00


The meetings in Beijing during January 30-31 between Washington, Russia, China, France and the UK apparently failed to preserve the commitment to prohibit intermediate range nuclear weapons. Washington stuck to its determination to withdraw from the historic agreement of Reagan and Gorbachev to destroy all land-based intermediate range nuclear missiles. This US withdrawal from a nuclear weapons reduction agreement follows the George W. Bush/Cheney regime’s withdrawal from the anti-ballistic missile treaty. Indeed, since the Clinton regime, every US president has produced worsening trust between the two major nuclear powers.

No good can come of this as Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said at the Beijing meeting.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By doing this, President Trump has decided to define himself, geopolitically, as some sort of unspeakable hybrid between Darth Vader and Lord Voldemort, where "bad" competes with "worse than bad", on a moment by moment basis.

Now, what to name this evil entity; Darth Trumper? Lord Trumpdemort? Well let's try Lord Darth Trumpdemort (LDT, for short, and that should make him happy; after all, one of his BFFS in the Middle East, is known by his tag of 3 initials MBS, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman).

But all kidding aside, if there was ever a time when this country absolutely, and desperately, needed a Department of Peace, which would be tasked with providing alternatives to get, or create the outcome, the US government wants to see, without resorting to war, that time is now.

And yes, I know that with weaponry, the US has a great deal of "catching up" to do with both the Russians and Chinese.

But that having been said, what I am hearing is that sweet sound of a collective financial orgasm coming from every CEO of every weapons manufacturer in this country.

Congrats, guys, you must be feeling pretty special right now; you have subsumed this President into your "War-o-Rama Killing Machine", which will make the possibility of some kind of a just and lasting peace, nearly impossible.

And were I a betting woman, one of those ramp-ups to a coming world war, will most probably be some kind of "false flag" on American assets somewhere around the world, to be used as the justification for the resurrection of the draft in this country; that's right, you read that correctly.

So I must ask this question; will walking away from this treaty, as LDT has done, mean that having the ability to murder even more people in the space of one minute, actually make this country more safe?!?

Unfortunately, the short answer here, is "HELL, no!"

What prevents wars, is both enlightened foreign and domestic policies, and unfortunately, right at this moment in history, the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika has neither.

It was rudderless, until the Neocons got LDT completely absorbed in its philosophies and to sign off on its action plan, with a huge "To Do" list, including Iran; Africa; and whatever other country on the planet has incredible natural resources, like Venezuela, which, of course, needs a "humanitarian intervention" to make sure that its government is US-centric; that those resources will only be harvested by companies that are US centric, and that those resources ... are only sold in the American collar.

Lather; rinse; repeat. How in the name of heaven, can I make this more clear to you?!?

And the most frightening, depressing, and crazy-making aspect to all of this is, that even if the American people stood up to LDT, and said, "You're Fired!", please trust me when I say that there is already another LDT in waiting, created by the the military industrial complex and the Deep State, ready to step in to continue the agenda toward a world war.

Americans are still suffering under the delusion that when it comes to national, Presidential elections, they have a choice, when the real "choices" are those vetted and approved by the military-industrial complex; the American Deep State, and the most powerful of corporations, both here, and internationally.

Feb 04 09:01

ITALEXIT? Italy to CRASH OUT of Euro and 'rock EU to its foundations' claims economist

Mr Bootle also made a worrying prediction for the EU economy as a whole. He said: “As and when Italy finally blows up this will cause both a banking crisis that will shake the European economy and a political crisis that will rock the EU to its foundations.” It is now the third time Italy has fallen into recession in a decade. There has been a weakening of growth rates across the eurozone, which led to the EU increasing its GDP by only 0.2% in the final three months of 2018.

Feb 04 08:28

Israel, UK and Brexit

The following is a translation of the last segment of an article in Ynet yesterday on Brexit. The article explains that: the Jewish State has located itself as post Brexit Britain’s gateway to the world: “Once out of the EU, Britain will have to sign separate trade agreements with each state, and Israel will be the first.” And that: “Israel has become Britain’s strategic ally.” And, of course, “the British government totally disregard the boycott campaign against Israel. On a political level, they boycotted the boycott.”

A few years ago we learned that back in 1982 Oded Yinon devised an Israeli ‘plan for the Middle East.’ The following Ynet’s segment provides us with a glimpse into the current ‘Israel’s plan for Britain.’

Feb 04 08:25

Italy vetoed EU recognition of Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido

Rome has effectively derailed an EU statement meant to recognize Juan Guaido as Venezuela’s interim leader if President Nicolas Maduro fails to set up snap elections, a Five Star Movement source confirmed to RT.
Italy announced the veto at an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers that started on January 31 in Romania, the source said. The statement, which was supposed to be delivered by EU foreign affairs chief Federica Mogherini recognized Guaido as interim president if snap elections were not held.

Feb 04 08:25

Madrid Church Cancels Gaza Film Event Due to 'Pressure From Jewish Community'

Israel has maintained a blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007, after Hamas militants took over the enclave and replaced Palestinian Authority officials. The Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement was later launched to pressure Israel to end the blockade.

The Roman Catholic parish of San Carlos Borromeo in Madrid has been ordered to cancel the screening of an award-winning documentary on the Gaza Strip due to pressure from the Jewish community.

The film, titled "Gaza, a look into the eyes of barbarism", received the prestigious national Goya award for Best Documentary Short Film. According to the awarding body's website, the film tells a story about "Israeli aggression" in the Gaza Strip and Tel Aviv's "violation of human rights".

Its screening was scheduled for last Friday, but the parish said that the Archdiocese of Madrid told them to cancel the event.

Feb 04 08:12

Many Europeans Believe Their Values Clash With Islam - Poll

The results of the poll came out the same day the Pope travelled to the UAE with a message of peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims.

A recent survey has found that Europeans and Americans believe to a great extent that Islam is incompatible with Western values.

According to the poll, conducted last month by the British Internet-based data analysis firm YouGov, nearly half of respondents in France and Germany — 46 and 47 percent, respectively — perceive a "fundamental clash" between Islam and the values of their society.

Feb 04 08:11

Finland Wants More Migrants to Leave, Doubles 'Sweetener' Aid

Starting from January, asylum seekers leaving Finland can receive up to 5,000 euros in cash or subsidies in what the Migration Service has dubbed the "cheapest option".

As the repatriation rate has dropped, Finland has decided to double its financial aid to rejected asylum seekers voluntarily leaving the country, national broadcaster Yle reported.

To obtain the maximum sum, eligible candidates must hail from the countries with the highest proportion of asylum seekers in Finland, such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Somalia. The reward for leaving the country has been raised to 5,000 euros ($5,725).

"We want to encourage them to go home. There are thousands of people in the country with rejected asylum applications. They don't have a residence permit and supporting them is becoming expensive", Migration Service official (Migri) Tarja Rantala, who manages the voluntary return project, told Yle.

Feb 04 08:06

War Is Coming Back To The Balkans, But Why Do The West Blame Russia?

The United States signals the likelihood of a military conflict in the Balkans starting this year and accuses Russia of being ready to use ethnic dissent to prevent the absorption of Serbia and the Bosnian Serb Republic by NATO.

In the report by the US National Intelligence on potential threats to global security in 2019, in addition to Venezuela, Ukraine, Mexico, the Middle East and other sensitive global issues, the Western Balkans are also mentioned as a source of potential threat.

“The Western Balkans almost certainly will remain at some risk of low-level violence and possibly open military conflict throughout 2019. Russia will seek to exploit ethnic tensions and high levels of corruption to hinder the ability of countries in this region to move toward the EU and NATO,” the document says.

Feb 04 08:06

EU states’ recognition of Guaido is ‘direct interference’ in Venezuela’s affairs – Kremlin

Moscow slammed EU states for trying to legitimize “an attempt to usurp power” in Venezuela after a number of key European countries recognized opposition figure Juan Guaido as interim president.

“Imposing some decisions or trying to legitimize an attempt to usurp power, in our view, is both direct and indirect interference in the internal affairs of Venezuela,” Dmitry Peskov, spokesman for Russian President Vladimir Putin, told the media on Monday, while commenting on the recognition of Guaido.

Feb 02 10:55

Norwegian Firm Mulls Suing Government Over Pressure to Spy on Russia – Reports

Norwegian cement maker Olen Betong plans to sue the government over hundreds of millions of kroner in losses from secret service attempts to recruit its staff in Russia, the NRK news channel said.

"They tried to recruit or contact us on about a dozen different occasions", the company’s Murmansk office CEO Atle Berge told the NRK news channel.

Berge and another employee, Kurt Sto, said they had refused to spy for Norway when they worked at the factory in the northwestern Russian city, but Russia found out and expelled them anyway.

Feb 02 10:54

Ex-German Chancellor Says Europe Needs Russia to Withstand US, China

Europe needs Russia's potential and most importantly the country's market and natural resources in order to withstand such superpowers as China and the United States, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder told the Spiegel outlet.

"If we, as Europeans, want to survive politically and economically between [such] superpowers [as] the United States and China, we cannot do this without Russia's potential. We need the country's market and, first of all, its resources", Schroeder told the outlet in an interview released on Friday.

According to the former German chancellor, Russian President Vladimir Putin has been trying to build the kind of relations with Western countries that would be based on equality and respect, but he has been repeatedly rejected when trying to reach out to Europe.

Feb 02 10:38

‘Moral disgrace’: EU Parliament lectures world on rule of law, then destroys legality in Venezuela

It’s a moral disgrace when the EU Parliament, which lectures the world on the need to respect the rule of law, uses legal language to tell lies about the legality of the situation in Venezuela, and to destroy that legality.
Exciting news from France: Marine le Pen is the country’s new president. After the Macron regime plunged the country into political crisis, Mrs Le Pen took the oath of office on Place de la Concorde on Friday before a small crowd of gilets jaunes (yellow vests) specially assembled – with the TV cameras – for the occasion.

Feb 02 09:43

Brexit: EU rules Gibraltar is 'colony of British crown' whose sovereignty is disputed by Spain

The EU has provocatively described Gibraltar as a "colony of the British crown" whose sovereignty is disputed by Spain.

In a move branded "completely inappropriate" by the UK government, a proposed EU regulation granting Britons visa-free access to the bloc in the case of a no-deal Brexit made a distinction beween those living in Britain and those who are citizens of the British Overseas Territory.

The row highlights strains over the territory as Britain leaves the bloc and EU states swing its policies behind Spain, which British officials believe Madrid is seeking to exploit to ramp up its claim to "The Rock".

Feb 02 09:37

Attack of the Sofa Samurais

President Donald Trump and the neocon sofa samurais who surround him seem determined to pick a fight with China or Russia, or both at the same time. -- Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev just denounced the Trump administration’s nuclear policies as a gigantic mistake and threat to mankind. NATO, showing its subservience to Washington, bleated its support for US plans to deploy new medium-ranged missiles in Europe. But, in truth, Europeans are aghast at the prospect of a nuclear war fought in their backyards.

Feb 01 23:33

EU laws that cost the UK a fortune and achieve nothing

DO YOU remember the lively debate in the Houses of Parliament about new laws to regulate noise from lawnmowers? Do you recall your MP seeking your views about measures to oblige homeowners to have their properties assessed for energy efficiency? Or reading the Government's consultation on the design of desk lamps? No, I don't either.

That is because they are among hundreds of laws which have been passed in the past 20 years without any meaningful public debate in this country. They have been forced upon us by EU directives which are stitched up by the European Commission, rubberstamped by the European Parliament and then ordered to be incorporated into British law.

Now, the think tank Open Europe has totted up the cost to the UK economy of the most burdensome EU laws. It comes to a staggering £27.4billion a year.

Feb 01 13:14

EU launches mechanism to bypass US sanctions on Iran

The European Union has announced the setting up of a payment mechanism to secure trade with Iran and skirt US sanctions after Washington pulled out of the landmark nuclear deal last May.

The proposal of a financial instrument has been a key element in the EU's strategy to keep Iran from quitting the 2015 nuclear agreement, which was signed to prevent Tehran from building nuclear weapons in exchange for sanctions relief.

The new institution, named INSTEX - Instrument In Support Of Trade Exchanges - will allow trade between the EU and Iran without relying on direct financial transactions. It is a project of the governments of France, Germany and Britain and will receive the formal endorsement of all 28 EU members.

The administration of US President Donald Trump has been closely eyeing European efforts to establish the financial mechanism and warned any attempt to evade its "maximum pressure" campaign on Iran would be subject to stiff penalties.

Feb 01 13:03

Who Is the Real Threat to World Peace: Nuclear Israel with Its 400 WMD or Non- Nuclear Iran?

U.S. intelligence officials confirmed to the Senate Intelligence Committee, on Tuesday, that Iran was not developing nuclear weapons in violation of the 2015 nuclear agreement, and furthermore had no strategic plans to do so.

This report from the US intelligence community indicate that Israel’s Netanyahu and his American cohort, Donald Trump, have deliberately misinformed the world regarding Iranian nuclear capability. The state of Israel, which is estimated to have in excess of more than 400 undeclared nuclear warheads must be compared to Iran which is not a nuclear weapon state. Who, therefore, is the threat to world peace?

Feb 01 11:31

Did the ECB really end up printing?

Feb 01 09:56

Catalan govt. comes out in support of jailed leaders on eve of trial

Catalonia's President Quim Torra spoke on Monday in defense of the separatist politicians and civil society leaders a few days before they appear before Spain's Supreme Court. The 9 separatists who have been awaiting trial in Catalan jails will be transferred to the Spanish capital on Friday. They stand accused of rebellion, sedition, and misuse of public funds.

Feb 01 09:54

The 'Cartel' Is Back: EU Accuses 8 Banks Of Rigging European Government-Bond Markets

First it was the Libor-rigging cartel, then the FX exchange-rate manipulation cartel, now, European regulators have moved on to prosecuting "anti-competitive" practices in euro-denominated sovereign bond markets.

One month after the European antitrust regulators charged Deutsche Bank, Credit Agricole and Credit Suisse of being a part of a 'bond trading cartel', regulators are bringing a separate case against eight unidentified European banks alleging that they conspired to rigging euro-denominated sovereign bond markets.

Reuters reported Thursday that the European Union’s antitrust authority has charged the banks with operating the cartel behind 2007 and 2012.

Jan 31 11:47

EU Popular Parties Using Pressure Against Maduro as Own Political Tool - Prof

Spain, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK have demanded to recognize Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido as the head of the crisis-torn country if the new elections are not announced in Venezuela until the end of this week.

The EU's ultimatum was vehemently rejected by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro who slammed the European calls as an infringement on Venezuela’s sovereignty.

In general, the European Union has expressed its support for dialogue between the Venezuelan parties and has suggested an International Contact Group be set up in order to settle the crisis in the Latin American country. Sputnik has discussed the issue with Hugo Perez Hernaiz, Associate Professor of Sociology at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.

Jan 31 11:41

Finance Expert on How France & Italy May Bring Down European Community, Euro

The failure of France and Italy to lead their economies out of the crisis may bring down the European Community and the euro, Fabien Chalandon, a French private investor, banker, and writer told Sputnik. He explained how the impoverishment of the lower part of the middle class had given a boost to the rise of populism in Europe.

Sputnik: While Eurosceptic parties came out on top in Italy, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May have found themselves in dire straits. Meanwhile, Angela Merkel announced that she would step down in 2021 as chancellor. What's your take on the changes going on within the Big Four of Europe? What are the major causes behind this shift? Can we compare the ongoing changes to what happened to Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain?

Jan 31 11:30

EU Parliament Boss: Efforts to Prevent Mass Migration From Africa a ‘Betrayal of Europe’

Italian efforts to block migrant boats from Africa is a “betrayal” of Europe and of its citizens, EU Parliament boss Antonio Tajani has alleged, insisting Brussels must put in place a permanent mechanism which would spread third world migrants throughout the bloc.
Ahead of a visit to the Aosta Valley, a region of Italy home to a number of ski resorts, the ‘centre-right’ politician branded it “unacceptable” that EU nations had chosen to “turn away from what is happening in the Mediterranean”.

“In so doing, they betray the European project and citizens’ expectations. Immediately approve the accord on mandatory distribution voted by the European Parliament,” stated Tajani, according to reports from the news wire service, ANSA, on Tuesday.

The Italian’s remarks came as open borders-backing NGOs were attempting to increase pressure on Rome to open the country’s ports to a Sea Watch vessel carrying a batch of 47 migrants it picked up off the coast of Libya last week.

Jan 31 11:11

'This is what the EU does - no deal until the last moment': May plays hardball with the EU and will not fly to Europe until next week as Juncker flatly dismisses her new plan

Theresa May played hardball with the EU today as she put off travelling to Brussels until next week after Jean-Claude Juncker insisted the Brexit deal was the 'best possible' and could not be renegotiated.

Cabinet ministers dismissed the EU's scramble to reject Mrs May's demands on Brexit today as 'just what the EU does'.

European Commission president Mr Juncker and negotiator Michel Barnier led the 'noise' from Europe and warned last night's showdown votes in the Commons 'do not change' the divorce terms.

British ministers stayed cool in the face of the rush to condemn last night's showdown votes in Parliament that handed Mrs May a mandate to renegotiate the backstop plan for the Irish border.

They told MailOnline the EU 'never makes any kind of deal until the last moment' and today's 'blank denials' were just 'noise'.

In response, the Prime Minister is expected to hold off face-to-face talks for days as she undertakes a frantic round of phone diplomacy.

Jan 31 10:31

'I'm onto something' Nigel Farage reveals moment EU leaders gave away TRUE Brexit feelings

Nigel Farage pointed out the "odd” reaction he received from Jean-Claude Juncker, Michel Barnier and Guy Verhofstadt in European Parliament on Wednesday, after giving a speech on why no-deal Brexit is the “only constructive” way forward. Mr Farage pointed out how none of the EU leaders “shook their heads” or “gave any forms of abuse”, but instead just “sat there and stared”. Speaking on his LBC radio show, Mr Farage speculated: “The odd thing was that Juncker, Barnier, there sitting within feet of me, Verhofstadt opposite me, none of them actually shook their heads, none of them gave me any forms of abuse at all. They all just sat there and stared, and that made me think maybe I’m onto something.

Jan 31 10:30

EU parliament urges member states to recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s interim president

The European Parliament voted to recognize opposition leader Juan Guaido as the legitimate interim president of Venezuela and urged EU leaders to do the same.

The resolution, voted on Thursday, called on the EU leadership to adopt “a strong, unified stance,” and recognize Guaido as the “only legitimate” interim president of the South American nation until new elections are held to “restore democracy.”

The MEPs also pledged “full support” for Venezuela’s opposition-controlled parliament, the National Assembly, urging the EU states to “accredit” the envoys appointed by the opposition.

The document was adopted with 439 votes to 104, with 88 MEPs abstaining.

Jan 31 10:29

Britain Calls for EU Sanctions on Venezuelan President Maduro - Reports

Earlier in the day, the European Parliament announced it is planning to consider a draft resolution on recognising self-proclaimed interim president of Venezuela Juan Guaido as head of the Latin American country.

"Targeted sanctions against the kleptocrats who have enriched themselves on the back of the rest of the population who are very poor, that is something I think can be effective", UK Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Jeremy Hunt stated Thursday during an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers in Romania, according to Guardian.

Jan 31 09:57

Brexit: BBC could move base to Brussels

Belgian officials are lobbying for a BBC move to Brussels after Brexit, the director-general has revealed.

Lord Tony Hall said there were also efforts to set up a base for the broadcaster in Amsterdam dependent on the outcome of Brexit negotiations.

The director-general said it would be a means to maintain channels on the continent, which would require licences in the European Union to continue being broadcast.

Lord Hall said he hoped BBC operations can all remain in the UK and no decision had been made ahead of the Brexit deadline of 29 March.

He also said any BBC presence across the Channel would be minimal and constitute just a “handful” of staff.

Jan 31 09:44

Poland to Stop Soros Taking Over Second Biggest Radio Station

Soros is helping publisher Agora SA in their take-over bid for Radio Zet, in an effort to stop Fratria, a publisher of a pro-government weekly Sieci, according to portal.

Poland is following the example of Hungary, where an anti-Soros campaign ended in the Hungarian-born billionaire’s foundation leaving the country.

Jan 31 09:40

Nigel Farage unveils George Soros corruption with EU

Jan 31 09:36

Twitter shows no mercy as Germany mixes up Irish & Ivorian flags in Brexit tweet

Côte d’Ivoire has unexpectedly found itself in the heat of the Brexit row when the German Foreign Office mixed up its flag with that of Ireland in a tweet. The staff had to use plenty of wit to reply to the comments that followed.

“Germany and the entire EU will stand by Ireland on the backstop,” the English-language handle of the ministry tweeted, quoting FM Heiko Maas. The official was referring to the EU-backed condition of the troubled Brexit deal, which the British MPs threw away from the text in a Tuesday vote.

Jan 30 11:05

Trump Scores Major Victory As "Delinquent" NATO Members Boost Contributions By $100 Billion

NATO states have agreed to increase their defense spending by $100 billion over two years after President Trump went on a fiery tirade last July - calling on "delinquent" countries to boost their contributions by 2% to 4% of GDP. According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, the alliance heard Trump's call "loud and clear" and that member nations are "stepping up," according to the Telegraph.

In conciliatory comments apparently designed to smooth over repeated public criticism of other alliance members by the US leader, Mr Stoltenberg said member states had agreed to add $100 billion to defence budgets over the next two years.

Mr Trump has repeatedly complained that other members of Nato do not meet their spending commitments, including a blistering tirade at the NATO summit in Brussels in July in which called other member governments "delinquent." -Telegraph

Jan 30 10:14

MPs vote in favor of Brexit ‘Brady amendment,’ eliminating Irish backstop

The British Parliament has voted in favor of the ‘Brady amendment’ to Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal. The amendment removes the contentious Irish backstop from the deal, setting May up for a clash with the EU.
The amendment passed by 317 votes to 301. MPs also voted 318 to 301 in favor of a symbolic amendment rejecting a no deal Brexit.

“There is a limited appetite for change in the EU, and negotiating it won’t be easy,” May said after the vote.

Jan 30 10:11

‘I’m Catalan and in prison’: Twitter erupts after EU bigwig Verhofstadt’s ‘I am European’ mantra

Guy Verhofstadt, Belgium’s staunch pro-EU politician, tried to hail the pan-European cause on Twitter, claiming that multiple identities don’t clash in the continent, provoking the ire of Europeans and Catalans in particular.
“I am from Gent, I am Flemish, I live in Belgium and I am European,” he says in a video he uploaded to Twitter. “There is no contradictions at all! There is no war of identities in Europe!”

Verhofstadt, a key Brexit negotiator in the European Parliament and an over-the-top EU supporter, wrote that Europeans should feel free to choose multiple identities and “be proud of all of them.”

Jan 30 01:54

'Outrageous': EU votes to reduce NZ export rights

The European Union's parliament has taken a decisive step towards unilaterally reducing New Zealand's rights to export specified quantities of tariff-free sheepmeat, beef and dairy products to the trading bloc if and when Brexit occurs.

The move has been slammed as "outrageous" by former trade negotiator Charles Finny in a Tweet and "disappointing" by the Dairy Companies Association of New Zealand.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the proposed moves risk compounding "growing international economic uncertainty and rising trade tensions".

Jan 29 09:05

'Not married? Fall in love with someone who doesn't have the right to stay here': Aid group rescuing people in the Med appears to suggest supporters MARRY illegal immigrants

A German rescue agency has come under fire for appearing to suggest that people marry migrants to give them the right to live in Europe.
Dresden-based migrant relief organisation 'Mission Lifeline' posted a controversial tweet on Wednesday last week asking single people to partner up with those 'who do not have the right to stay here'.
'You're not married yet? Maybe you could fall in love with someone who doesn't have the right to stay here? Could happen, right? Stay open,' the agency tweeted to its 19,000-strong following.

Jan 28 11:01

NATO, Russia Again Fail to Agree on Nuclear Treaty Dispute

A meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Brussels ended Friday failing to agree on the continued dispute surrounding the Intermediate Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, leaving the matter unresolved. US officials indicate they’ll withdraw from INF in the next two weeks.

The entire issue surrounding the INF is a claimed Russian violation based on a new missile system and US speculation about the missile’s hypothetical maximum range. NATO backed the US claims of a violation, and there’s really been no progress since.

Russia has offered some access to the missiles, including putting one on display publicly in Moscow for foreign military attaches and foreign journalists to review. The US insisted that this wouldn’t be enough.

The US says they will ditch the treaty if Russia doesn’t end the violation, and at this point that’s only doable by totally disarming their short-range ballistic missiles in the next week, something they clearly won’t do.

Jan 28 11:00

Belgian Elites Supine Before Anti-Russian Political Forces

Two weeks ago, I wrote about the surprising pro-détente feelings of Belgium’s French-speaking social elite who openly criticize the anti-Russian policies being pursued by the government here, in line with the EU consensus. My comments were based on conversations I had with a good many participants in a Russia-themed gala dinner at the country’s most prestigious gentlemen’s club in downtown Brussels. The fact that such a dinner could be held and that its more than 160 seats were sold out speaks for itself.

For the record, my interlocutors were retired senior officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, administrators working for the royal family, successful entrepreneurs in the financial services industry and a number of barons and lesser members of Belgian noble families.

Jan 28 10:07

MEPs scramble to BACK Britain, demanding GENEROUS no-deal Brexit aviation terms

The European Parliament group working on no-deal contingency plans have urged the EU Commission to rethink the bloc’s aviation ownership rules and scrap an automatic cap on flights between the UK and EU. The EU Parliament’s transport committee has set out amendments to EU law that will allow “limited” air traffic with the UK to be maintained, even in the event of a hard Brexit. The amendment says the EU Commission “may grant a temporary exemption from the ownership requirement” until the end of March 2020 if airlines have the valid operating licences and is less than half-owned by UK nationals.

Jan 28 09:49

‘George Soros-type seance’: Orban mocks EU opposition to Hungary’s anti-migrant law

The decision by the European Commission to target Hungary’s anti-migrant law is just political theatre aimed at appeasing billionaire and political activist George Soros, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has suggested.
Launched against controversial legislation which criminalizes organizing and facilitating illegal migration into the country, the EU proceedings are a “George Soros-type seance, an election rally, a campaign event,” Orban said in an interview with Hungary’s national radio station.

He accused Frans Timmermans, who is currently the first Vice-President of the European Commission, of being “Soros’ man,” adding that the Hungarian-American businessman – reviled by Orban – is “now open about wanting to take over European institutions.”

Jan 28 09:49

Denmark Separates Itself From Germany With 70 Km Border Fence (PHOTO, VIDEO)

After months of debate and scepticism, a new fence in the middle of Europe has started to become reality. The fence largely follows the Danish-German border and is slated for completion in record time.

The construction of a new border fence between Germany and continental Denmark has started, Danish Radio reported.

The fence, which aims to keep German wild boars off Denmark's territory, has been railroaded through by the Scandinavian country's powerful pork lobby. It will be 1.5 metres high and go 50 centimetres into the ground, costing circa DKK 80 million ($12 million). The Danish pork industry will fork out DKK 30 million ($4.5 million) of the cost.

The border wall aims to prevent African swine fever from entering Denmark. Should the deadly disease ever find a way into the Scandinavian country, its pork exports would stop immediately. Danish pig exports account for DKK 11 billion annually ($1.7 billion)

Jan 28 09:26

EU negotiators in Brussels in talks to thrash out a way to get Theresa May's Brexit deal over the line and extend Article 50 leaving date

EU negotiators have spent the past week locked behind closed doors in Brussels trying to thrash out a way to get Mrs May’s deal ‘over the line’ – without compromising their dogged insistence on a Northern Ireland ‘backstop’.

The Mail on Sunday understands that they have received detailed legal advice about the expected request from London to extend Article 50 beyond the planned Brexit Day on March 29 – including work on whether it is possible to circumvent the need for the UK to put MEPs up for election to the new European Parliament when it is formed on July 1.

A Brussels source said: ‘We want to help Mrs May but we need a stronger indication from your MPs about where we go from here and what they want.

Jan 28 09:17

AfD leader Bundestag speech on Yellow Vests, the war on diesel +UN Global Compact, English subtitles

Jan 28 09:16

Kent Ekeroth (SD): "Sweden Was a Paradise, Then You Came". Speech and Debate on Immigration.

Jan 27 08:40

Zakharova Mocks ‘8 Day Snap Election Deadline’ For Venezuela – But There’s More

Statements by the authorities of Germany, France and Spain on the conditions of recognizing the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president of the country are the same – (that Maduro has eight days to conduct a snap election) – said the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova.

“Statements are made not only identical, but even at the same time,” the diplomat wrote on her Facebook.

She also joked that Germany, France and Spain “look like a choir.”

Jan 26 12:19

European, US Politicians and Scholars Denounce US Pressure Over Nord Stream 2

Sputnik has discussed the increasing US pressure on EU states, particularly Germany, over the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that is poised to deliver Russian natural gas to Europe with European and American scholars and politicians in light of threatening letters by the US envoy in Berlin to European firms involved in the project.

Earlier in January, European companies participating in the venture aimed at building a new route for Russian gas to bypass Ukraine, reportedly received threatening letters from the US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell. He warned the firms about how their involvement in the project incurs the risk of sanctions.

Jan 26 11:14

‘They are taking us for a ride’: Italian PM slams France & Germany’s ‘hypocritical’ role in EU

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte called out France and Germany in a hard-hitting interview Friday, fired up over the countries’ efforts to land Berlin a seat on the UN Security Council.

“Did Germany lose or win WWII?” Conte asked rhetorically, emphasizing, in his typical no holds barred style, that the seat had been intended for the EU as a whole.