Sep 07 10:02

Paul Joseph Watson: 20 SJWs Working At Twitter And Facebook Get to Decide What's 'Free Speech'

Paul Joseph Watson spoke out against Big Tech's censorship of Alex Jones and Infowars on Friday and said he's going to keep up the fight and "ride it until the wheels fall off."

Sep 07 08:25

Fully autonomous ‘mobile intelligent entities’ coming to the battlefields of the future

A killer robot by any other name is far more palatable to the general public. That may be part of the logic behind the Army Research Laboratory Chief Scientist Alexander Kott’s decision to refer to thinking and moving machines on the battlefield as “mobile intelligent entities.” Kott pitched the term, along with the new ARL concept of fully autonomous maneuver, at the 2nd Annual Defense News Conference yesterday, in an panel on artificial intelligence that kept circling back to underlying questions of great power competition.

“Fully autonomous maneuver is an ambitious, heretical terminology,” Kott said. “Fully autonomous is more than just mobility, it’s about decision making.”

Sep 07 08:11

FEMA and FCC to take over all U.S. cell phones and airwaves Sept. 20 in nationwide “test”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will be taking over all cell phones and airwaves in the United Staes on September 20 to “test” the Emergency Alert System and Wireless Emergency Alerts.

Sep 07 07:59

Social Media Lawyer: 'Gov'ts Saying Online Society Needs to Come Down to Earth'

The Five Eyes group has issued a memo stating that encryption was vital to the digital economy and government information. The group threatened to pursue technological, legislative and other measures to achieve lawful access to the information.

Sep 07 05:51

NYPD gave IBM access to thousands of public surveillance images that helped firm develop software that can search for people by SKIN COLOR, report claims

From 2012 to 2016, the New York City Police Department supplied IBM with thousands of surveillance images of unaware New Yorkers for the development of software that could help track down people ‘of interest,’ a shocking report claims.

IBM’s technology was designed to match stills of individuals with specific physical characteristics, including clothing color, age, gender, hair color, and even skin tone, according to The Intercept.

Sep 07 04:41

British Airways to compensate customers after 15-day data breach exposes hundreds of thousands

British Airways customers are having to cancel their credit cards after the the airline suffered a 15-day data breach, compromising some 380,000 card payments.

The total number of payments could reach up to 400,000. BA confirmed that “criminal activity” had compromised customers' names, addresses, credit card numbers, security codes and expiry dates - more than enough data to conduct fraud.

Sep 06 23:33

Voters in Mid-Term Elections Report Watching Their Ballots Mysteriously Switch to Other Candidate

A rather shocking, but not surprising report this week out of Georgia reveals the unsettling state of America’s election and voting system. Voters in Georgia are now reporting that after they confirm their votes, they watch on the screen as their ballots mysteriously switch to the opposite candidate.

Sep 06 23:27

REPORT: 90% of GOOGLE Employee Contributions Went To Dems…

The findings were astounding, but not at all surprising to those of us who have been paying attention to this issue: "Since 2004, Alphabet employees have contributed a little over 90% of their political dollars to Democratic candidates and causes," GovPredict discovered.

Sep 06 11:20

Remote Weapons Come of Age

By Mathew Maavak

During a military-related event on Aug 4, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro came close to being assassinated by a pair of drones. While Maduro escaped unscathed, the attack managed to injure seven soldiers. Various media outlets noted that this was the first known drone assassination attempt on a president. This development was, however, long in the offing.

The type of drone used in the Venezuelan attack was reportedly a DJI M600 model that can be ordered online...

Sep 06 10:10

DOJ to announce charges against North Koreans for Sony hack, Wannacry attack

The Justice Department is planning to announce charges Thursday against North Korean nationals who U.S. authorities have accused of being behind the massive hack of Sony in 2014 and the Wannacry ransomware attack lack year, sources told ABC News.

In 2014, hackers attacked Sony Pictures Entertainment, releasing a trove of emails and stealing personal data from company executives.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The SONY incident, like the DNC, was not a hack but an internal leak.

Sep 06 09:33

Tech Giants Testify to Congress as ‘Five Eyes’ Demands Access to Encrypted Data

The Five Eyes, an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, issued a memo last week urging tech companies to institute a “backdoor” into users’ encrypted information to allow governments to access such data.

"Many of the same means of encryption that are being used to protect personal, commercial and government information are also being used by criminals, including child sex offenders, terrorists and organized crime groups to frustrate investigations and avoid detection and prosecution," the Five Eyes said in a recent statement, which was issued by Australia's Department of Home Affairs.

Sep 06 09:10

The ultimate guide to finding and killing spyware and stalkerware on your smartphone

When a government agency, country, or cybercriminals decide to try and peek into our digital lives, there are generally ways to prevent them from doing so. Virtual private networks (VPNs), end-to-end encryption and using browsers that do not track user activity are all common methods.

Sometimes, however, surveillance is more difficult to detect -- and closer to home.

This guide will run through what spyware is, what the warning signs of infection are, and how to can remove such pestilence from your mobile devices.

Sep 06 09:06


Many Americans have responded to Facebook’s ongoing privacy and disinformation controversies by reducing their usage of the social media platform. Others have responded by deleting the Facebook app entirely, a new study insists.

According to a new study by the Pew Research Center, 54 percent of Facebook users ages 18 and older have adjusted their privacy settings in the wake of revelations that Facebook repeatedly failed to protect consumer data as it was shared and abused by a myriad of Facebook partners, including political analytics firm Cambridge Analytica.

The study also notes that around 42 percent of Facebook users have chosen to take a break from the social platform of several weeks or more, with a quarter of users choosing to delete the Facebook app from their phones entirely in the last year.

Sep 06 09:04


The sneaky thing about Amazon’s increased dominance in so many key aspects of our lives is that much of the perniciousness is hidden. No one’s going to tell you about all the retailers who have gotten pressured or destroyed via its tactics while you’re happily clicking “add to cart” and smiling about 2-day free shipping. In this sense, it can be best compared to the evils of factory farming. Most people just simply have no idea about the immense damage going on behind the scenes as they indulge in incredible convenience and what looks like a good deal.

Today’s post should be seen as an update to last year’s article referenced above. In the months that have followed, I’ve been consistently frustrated by the lack of interest when it comes to the dangers presented by Amazon and its richest man in the world ($165 billion as of last count) CEO Jeff Bezos. The following Twitter exchange is a good example of what I mean:

Sep 06 08:50


After testing out these bodily search features with the NYPD, IBM released some of these capabilities in a 2013 product release. Later versions of IBM’s software retained and expanded these bodily search capabilities. (IBM did not respond to a question about the current availability of its video analytics programs.)

Sep 06 07:21

Google snubbed a Senate hearing on internet meddling

WASHINGTON — Senators from both major parties tore into Google Wednesday for declining to send its top executive to a hearing on foreign internet campaigns to influence U.S. voters, an omission that one Republican senator called an “outrage.”

Sep 05 18:35

Nearly 25 percent of young adults in America have deleted the Facebook app in the past year following Cambridge Analytica scandal, study finds

A new Pew Research study surveyed users to measure their activity on the site over the past 12 months.

They found that a large portion of the population has taken an extended break from Facebook, while 26 percent have deleted the app entirely.

For the study, researchers polled 4,594 US adults between May 29th and June 11th.

Of those respondents, 54 percent said they'd changed their privacy settings, while 42 percent had taken a break from the site.

Overall, 74 percent of those respondents had taken at least one of those actions over the last 12 months.

Sep 05 10:39

Consumers Unknowingly Putting Their Digital Identities at Risk, Says New Survey

WASHINGTON, Sept. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As data breach incidents proliferate, a new AARP survey finds that an alarming number of people have failed to take the basic precautions against identity fraud. In response, the AARP Fraud Watch Network today launched a campaign to raise awareness of identity theft risks and educate consumers on how to enhance the safety of their personal information.

Sep 05 08:41

Ongoing cover-up of national security violations committed by Imran Awan & Awan Brothers who ran I.T. for DNC & Debbie Wasserman Schultz

More evidence has surfaced about the disturbing political coverup of grave national security violations committed by the Pakistani who ran House Democrats’ information technology. His name is Imran Awan and last year he was arrested on bank-fraud charges at Dulles International Airport in Washington D.C. while trying to flee to his native Pakistan. Even after getting fired by some members of Congress for stealing computers and data systems, Florida’s Debbie Wasserman Schultz, then Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair, kept him and let him have access to her emails and files as well as the password to the electronic device she used for DNC business. At one point, Awan had access to the computers of dozens of members of Congress, including those on the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees. Judicial Watch has launched an investigation and is pursuing public records.

Sep 05 08:34

The Founder of DuckDuckGo Explains Why Challenging Google Isn't Insane

Gabriel Weinberg, 36, runs DuckDuckGo, an eight-year-old search engine based near Philadelphia that is a David to Google’s Goliath. With a staff of 40 contractors and full-timers, DuckDuckGo hosts 3 billion searches a year, compared to Google’s trillion-plus. Its primary selling point is that it offers real privacy because it does not track searches or store users’ history. Weinberg, who wrote a 2014 book, Traction: A Startup Guide to Getting Customers, that suggests ways to market new companies, says DuckDuckGo’s 2015 revenues exceeded $1 million (Google’s were $74.5 billion). In this interview, which has been condensed and edited, he describes the multiple ventures he started and shuttered, the two that succeeded and the many lessons he learned along the way.

Sep 05 08:23

Rogue MEGA Chrome Extension Stole Passwords and Crypto Keys

A rogue version of file-hosting platform MEGA's Chrome extension has triggered a major security alert from the company. The variant was able to steal user credentials for sites including Amazon,, and Google's webstore, in addition to private keys to cryptocurrency wallets. MEGA is investigating how its Chrome webstore account was compromised.

Sep 05 07:52

Google Notifies Users Of Court-Ordered Data Demands In Secret FBI Investigation

Dozens of people, possibly more, have received an email from Google informing them that the internet giant responded to a court-ordered FBI demand for the release of their data, according to Motherboard, citing several people who claim to have received the email. The notice did not say whether Google had already released the requested information to the FBI.

The notice appears to be related to the case of Colton Grubbs, who has been indicted for selling a $40 remote access tool (RAT) which claims to be able to hack and control computers remotely. Last year Grubbs pleaded guilty to creating and distributing the hacking tool to thousands of people.

Sep 05 07:26

Watch Out for This FAKE Viber App Which Steals Your WhatsApp Data

Clone malware programs disguising themselves as popular applications are a growing problem, with most users unable to distinguish the fake programs from the real thing. The result is massive data theft by criminals, with some apps remaining on your phone even after you try to delete them.

Lukas Stefanko, a malware researcher at Slovakia-based It-security company ESET, has tweeted a warning about a new Android-based spyware program being peddled through a website mimicking Google Play.

Sep 05 07:08

Most popular social network website around the world

Sep 05 07:02

‘Five Eyes’ govt spy ring seeks laws to make big tech companies share encrypted messages

A global network of intelligence agencies wants easier access to your private and encrypted messages. In a barely veiled warning to tech companies, it has promised to make things tough for those that don’t comply.

After a meeting on Australia’s Gold Coast last week, ministers for the intelligence agencies of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand – known as the ‘Five Eyes’ – have shared their vision for worldwide snooping in a joint statement.

Sep 05 06:32

Artificial Intelligence: it will kill us | Jay Tuck | TEDxHamburgSalon

Sep 04 16:10

Five Eyes Governments Seek Control Of Silicon Valley Companies With Security Backdoor

By Aaron Kesel

The governments of Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand announced they intend to force encryption technology providers to provide lawful access to users’ encrypted communications...

Sep 04 10:36

Social media users freak out as Instagram and Facebook crash

WHAT would we do without social media?

Sadly, many users around the world were forced to face such a terrifying question this morning when Facebook and Instagram services went down.

Users in the US and Europe were reporting being unable to log in while Australian users also reported facing issues. But for Aussie users, both platforms appear to be up and running again.

Parts of South America, the Philippines and India also experienced the technical issues.

When people visited the site, they were met with a message that read: “Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.”

In a statement to, a Facebook spokesperson said: “Earlier today, a networking issue caused some people to have trouble accessing or posting to various Facebook services. We quickly investigated and started restoring access, and we have nearly fixed the issue for everyone. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.”

Sep 04 09:43

As Google faces data criticism, private search engine DuckDuckGo flaps its wings

DuckDuckGo, an internet search engine designed to protect consumer privacy, is surging in popularity as users become more wary of data collection practices at big tech companies like Google.

Launched 10 years ago, the company has since developed a tracking-script blocker and other privacy software — and now, they’ve raised $10m to continue building their tools.

Sep 04 07:55

Bitcoin Gold delisted from major cryptocurrency exchange after refusing to pay hack damages

Bittrex, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms, has delisted Bitcoin Gold (BTG) from its trading platform over the weekend after BTG maintainers declined to pay half of the damages Bittrex suffered during a complex multi-stage cyber-attack earlier this year.

According to a statement from the BTG team, Bittrex asked the BTG team to pay 12,372 BTG (~$256,000) as reparations for the attacks.

The BTG team declined to pay the asked sum, stating that their private assets can't be used to cover "a private company's losses from their own security failures."

Sep 04 07:40

Intelligence Officials Refuse To Do Damage Assessment Of Clinton Email Hacks Even After U.S. Agents Captured & Terminated

FACT: During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State a dramatic spike in U.S. agent captures/deaths took place in China.

FACT: To date, U.S. intelligence agencies have refused to do a damage assessment of Hillary Clinton’s hacked email server – hacks which many are convinced were carried out by the same Chinese government that then used that information to identify and eliminate deeply embedded U.S. agents in China.

FACT: The above scenario appears to confirm that Mrs. Clinton, the Obama White House, and the Obama-era Deep State, have a lot of blood on their hands.

Sep 04 05:50

Bullet proof backpacks a must for U.S. school kids now?

Parents of school kids across the United States have come to terms with the threats and dangers of school shootings and are now purchasing bulletproof backpacks for their children to feel safe in today’s classroom environment.

Sep 03 17:19

New 3D ‘human replica’ technology could take worries about fake news to new heights

New technology which will be able to generate real-life replicas of any human being — alive or dead — could take the concept of ‘fake news’ into a whole new realm.

Computer scientist Supasorn Suwajanakorn has been working on technology that needs nothing more than existing photos and videos to create 3D models of any person’s face — a model that “looks, talks and acts" just like the real thing.

Sep 03 12:47

Victory! California Passes Net Neutrality Bill

California’s net neutrality bill, S.B. 822 has received a majority of votes in the Senate and is heading to the governor’s desk. In this fight, ISPs with millions of dollars to spend lost to the voice of the majority of Americans who support net neutrality. This is a victory that can be replicated.

Sep 03 08:58

Google Tracking 70% Of Retail Purchases Thanks To Secret Deal With Mastercard

Over the past year, certain Google advertisers have been able to use a "potent new tool" which allows them to track whether ads they run online translated to sales at physical stores throughout the United States, thanks to a secret deal between the Silicon Valley tech giant and Mastercard, reports Bloomberg.

Sep 03 08:56

Microsoft gives Windows 10 a name and throws consumers a bone

'Crashy McCrashface' sadly not an option this time around

Sep 03 08:43

BREAKING: Hillary MORTIFIED After Learning ALL Her ‘Deleted’ Emails FOUND – Guess Who Has Them! 

Adam Shaw for FOX News reports, A Chinese state-owned company reportedly hacked former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email server, then inserted code that forwarded them a copy of virtually every email she sent or received after that — a revelation President Trump is demanding be investigated.

Sep 03 07:40

Flashback: Hillary Joked About Being Hacked by the Chinese

There’s no question that Hillary Clinton’s private emails were hacked. Indeed, Hillary exploited her own carelessness that allowed the hack to occur in the first place by placing the blame on Russia to add coal to the fire of the “Russian hacking” hoax.

The same was true of the DNC’s supposed hack. It should’ve been a red flag that the DNC wouldn’t allow the FBI access to their servers – and then relied on a Democrat-linked cyber-intelligence firm to conclude that it was the Russians who hacked their servers.

In the case of Hillary’s emails, we just learned that they weren’t hacked by the Russians, but the Chinese. It was a Chinese-owned company operating in Washington D.C. that hacked Hillary’s private email server, and obtained her emails. The Chinese company wrote code that was embedded in her server, and generated an instant “courtesy copy” for nearly all of her emails and forwarded them to the Chinese company, according to the sources that spoke with the Daily Caller.

Sep 02 17:21

Hollywood Studios Flag Their IMDb Listings as “Pirate” Links

A rather persistent bug in the takedown code of a major reporting agency has caused an embarrassing situation for several Hollywood studios. For quite some time now, companies including Sony Pictures Television and Columbia Pictures have been inadvertently asking Google to remove the IMDb listings of their own work.

Sep 01 10:46

Are They Telling Us What Is Coming? The Mainstream Media Boldly Declares “You Will Be Microchipped”

It is almost as if they are trying to mentally condition us to accept what is coming. Of course it is being portrayed as “cool” and “trendy”, and a lot of people will be fooled by that. But if someday “identity chips” are required for the entire population, the potential for tyranny would be off the charts.

Sep 01 09:18

Warren Buffett calls Apple’s $1,000 iPhone ‘enormously underpriced’

The world’s third-richest person, Warren Buffett, said he has increased his stake in technology giant Apple, which became the first publicly traded firm to reach $1 trillion in market value.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is Apple’s third-biggest investor, holding a stake worth about $56 billion, according to financial data and software firm FactSet. The legendary investor ties his love for the tech giant to the power of Apple’s brand and its ecosystem.

“I do not focus on the sales in the next quarter or the next year, I focus on the... hundreds, hundreds, hundreds millions of people who practically live their lives by it,” Buffet told CNBC, referring the popularity of iPhone – the company’s flagship product.

Aug 31 13:45

Poll: 61% Of Big Tech Employees Say Ban Alex Jones

Big Tech employees overwhelmingly want to see the censorship of Alex Jones expanded, according to a new survey.

Aug 31 10:10

Not so clever! Millions of new 'smart meters' are not working and experts are calling for the planned rollout of 36million MORE to be delayed

But many smart meters stop working when customers switch supplier – so they have to go back to submitting their own readings.

It means around 940,000 smart meters are installed in homes but are now, in effect, ‘dumb’ and doing nothing more than a traditional one, according to Government figures.

On top of that, 640,000 are not working because they have been put in new-build properties that have not yet been occupied, or the customer has switched to a small supplier and the Government does not have up-to-date data.

That means in total there are 1.58million meters that are not ‘operating in smart mode’, according to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

Aug 31 06:58

Trump says Google, Facebook, Amazon may be ‘antitrust situation’

President Donald Trump, stepping up his criticism of technology firms he says are favoring liberal points of view, said they may be in a “very antitrust situation” but repeatedly said he can’t comment publicly on whether they should be broken up.

Aug 31 06:55

Google 'paid millions to Mastercard to track credit card spending' to find out whether people are being successfully influenced by its online adverts

The purported multi-million dollar agreement allows the Californian search company to link the purchases of Mastercard customers to their email addresses.

These addresses are used to identify customers' online activity – and track the adverts they have seen on webpages and inside mobile apps.

Google uses this information to determine whether the adverts successfully influenced their shopping habits in the real-world.

Neither Google nor Mastercard publicly confirmed the partnership, and both companies failed to warn customers their in-store purchases would be linked to their activity online, the report states.

Aug 30 19:46

Trump Says Google, Facebook In "Very Antitrust Situation"

Responding to reports that Silicon Valley social media platforms are censoring conservatives, President Trump stepped up his criticism of technology firms - telling Bloomberg in a wide-ranging interview that they may be in a "very antitrust situation," while repeatedly censoring himself over whether or not the companies should be broken up.

“I won’t comment on the breaking up, of whether it’s that [Google] or Amazon or Facebook,” Trump said in an Oval Office interview Thursday with Bloomberg. “As you know, many people think it is a very anti-trust situation, the three of them. But I just, I won’t comment on that.”

Aug 30 19:34

Democrat Senator says banning of InfoWars only the beginning; calls for complete purge of all conservative content on the internet

Now that the attack on InfoWars has emboldened the radical Left, Democrat politicians like Sen. Chris Murphy are already calling on Big Tech to deepen their censorship efforts. Murphy, a Democrat from the deep blue state of Connecticut, recently declared on Twitter that the “survival of our democracy” depends on more censorship and suppression.

“Infowars is the tip of a giant iceberg of hate and lies that uses sites like Facebook and YouTube to tear our nation apart. These companies must do more than take down one website. The survival of our democracy depends on it,” the senator tweeted.

Aug 30 19:15


Here is the radically different (and partisan) result you get when you put “idiot” into Google and into Duck Duck Go.

Aug 30 09:32

FBI denies China hacked Hillary Clinton's server

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It was Russia, we tell you. Russia. RUSSIA!!" -- FIB


Given that the FBI never inspected Hillary's server, this is an impossible statement for them to make.

Aug 30 08:54

Hackers can spy on your computer screen just by listening to your webcam's microphone, experts warn

Scientists from University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania and Tel Aviv University observed subtle acoustic noises coming from LCD screens - specifically faint, high-pitched sounds that are generated to power the display.

The pitch will fluctuate depending on what users are looking at, as varying levels of power are needed to display pixels on a screen.

Hackers can then capture the audio being recorded by the computer's microphone, an external webcam's microphone, a webcam used in a chat service like Google Hangouts or even voice-activated smart speakers like an Amazon Echo, and use machine learning to deduce what someone is looking at.

Researchers could successfully judge a person's display activity from up to 30 feet away in some cases.

Aug 29 11:12

Facebook Engineer's Stunning Admission: "We Tear Down Posters Welcoming Trump Supporters"

On Tuesday morning, President Trump lashed out at Google, with his remarks later broadening to include Twitter and Facebook, accusing it of "rigging" search results by presenting only results "from National Left-Wing Media" and accused "Google & others are suppressing voices of Conservatives and hiding information and news that is good."

Those companies "better be careful because you can’t do that to people," Trump said later in the Oval Office. "I think that Google, and Twitter and Facebook, they are really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful. It is not fair to large portions of the population.”

Google immediately responded, condemning Trump's charge, and claiming that "Search is not used to set a political agenda and we don’t bias our results toward any political ideology."

And yet, as so often happens, in Trump's crude delivery, the politically incorrect truth was once again found.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Absoflippinglutely unbelievable, but perfectly predictable from this corporate culture!!!